Signs of Nature

There are so many ways to interpret your world. Clues can be found within every word used by your mind. Numbers have codes within them that when interpreted correctly can assist you to make wise decisions. The planets hold their form by utilizing the forces of Nature and many people have delved into the interpretation using Astrology to uncover bits of information that is available for everyone.

Because everything is energy, everything vibrates with particular frequency codes or information. Science likes to break it down, but we suggest that you keep your focus on the WHOLE of life, for everything communicates in your world, EVERYTHING.

Would you not like to be informed by your consciousness of everything that would aid you in co-creating what you desire? Why would you want to limit your knowledge? Who has decreed that understanding the world of consciousness is ‘bad’? “Seek and you shall find” is a scripture encouraging you to do just that – to seek out what you need in order to fulfill your desire.

We would like to also encourage you to overcome your false beliefs of fear, because fear will only keep you in the darkness. Come into the LIGHT of knowledge and wisdom. Your Soul knows all things. This spiritual aspect of yourself is connected to Source energy, ALL THAT IS. Click To Tweet Within your Soul’s blueprint is the reason why you have chosen to incarnate here on Earth at this time. 99% of your role will have something to do with bringing Earth and its inhabitants back into balance. We know this because this is the aim of nearly every living Being at this time. We all desire to save planet Earth from the destruction created by man’s ego-mind foolhardy ideas that cause separation from the unity of The ALL.

Come back into ONENESS now. Utilize all of the information available to you by learning how to interpret the signs of Nature. Open your hearts to feel what is best for bringing balance and unity back to planet Earth. It is in your hands to clean up your mess.

~ The Ancient Ones



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This message was channeled by Stacey Stephens, Healing Channel for The Ancient Ones.