Soul Authority

Soul Authority

Authority can only be for one’s Self. Everything else is false authority. It is impossible for anyone to have real authority over you, making you do anything. It is always by consent that a person allows someone to make a demand of them.

The ego may think that it is in command of one’s life, but truly it is the Soul that decides whether to continue in an incarnation if it seems to lose its focus. Our Soul is our essence; it is the real substance of our being. Our bodies and ego-minds are just tools for our Soul’s incarnation.

As a person comes to realize their true identity, they automatically follow a higher calling from within. This higher purpose comes from our Soul. Soul authority is the awareness of our full responsibility of each and every choice we make. If we follow the directives of society, the world created by egos, it is because our Soul has temporarily lost its sovereignty.

Victimhood does not exist. It is a concept believed in and perpetuated by the ego-mind. In reality, there is no such thing. Everyone is at choice, always. Even newborns have chosen to come to Earth during this time of distress. Each Soul is aware of the challenges that come with becoming an incarnated human being.

When a person can bring themselves to acknowledge their sole responsibility for all of their decisions, they open the way for their Soul’s authority to guide them through their life. Click To Tweet With their Soul in charge, they are most likely to live a much more fulfilling and joyful life, filled with purpose and belonging.

Our Souls know the interconnectedness of all life. And, the truth that everything is permissible and forgivable. Empowerment replaces victimhood, and proactive choice takes the place of weak compliance. Act now to awaken your dignity as a divine being, filled with life-force energy, capable of co-creating a world where harmony reigns over all, and life prospers for eons to come. It is in our hands to join the ranks with others who are choosing to live from their Soul space to co-create a world of peace.

~ The Ancient Ones



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