Messages from The Ancient Ones: Year Four (Oct 2013 – Oct 2014)

From the Preface by Author Stacey Stephens:

It has been my honor to work in collaboration with this very fine council who are lovingly known as, The Ancient Ones. The Ancient Ones also work within a larger council of which I am a part.

I have been in communication with them throughout my entire life. My earliest recollection of a disagreement is at about age 6. It took me awhile to understand that they only desired my highest good. When I tried to tell my mother about them she denied that they were real. So, I continued learning from them and developing a strong trusting relationship in private.They had told me that I was being prepared to act on their behalf to assist humanity to ‘wake up’ to their own divine nature. My job is to understand spiritual truth, speak out with courage, assist those interested, act on my guidance, and trust in the timing of everything.

The Ancient Ones have been helping me prepare my body to transmit Universal frequencies to awaken each person’s individual Blueprint (their Soul’s design for their current incarnation). When people become aware of their PURPOSE for this life, they will ignite their passion and become full participants in designing a greater expression of life.

The ego-mind has run rampant for too long. The ego is a tool for the Soul, as is the body. When our Soul is in charge of our life, with the mind and body in full cooperation, we will then know what it is to fully live. It is my true desire to assist humanity into this New Era of DIVINITY.


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“With its short well organized topics I found this book easy to digest, yet felt inspired to read on to the next topic and the next. The thought provoking messages raised my awareness and acted as a gentle reminder for practices which I can become distracted from. I found this book to be positive and inspiring. A sense of reassurance that all is well and nothing needs to be sought after but rather to look within. I see this as a little book that can be kept handy and dipped into at times of contemplation. Open it up at any section will have a message that is relevant! I am pleased to have this in my book collection.” ~ Marléne Rose Shaw, Counseling Therapist

“When you read this book it gives you many special gifts. Beautiful pictures and inspiring messages take you on an uplifting journey at any moment of your day. Wherever you open this book it will speak to your heart and soul. Nourish yourself with this book as part of your spiritual practise. I absolutely loved reading this book thank you Stacey.” ~ Mary Llewellyn, EFT Founding Master

“If you’re a fan of the Abraham/Esther Hicks channeled books, you will enjoy Messages from the Ancient Ones by Stacey Stephens. Well organized by topics such as Compassion, Empowerment, Relationships, Integrity, etc., the ideas presented are upbeat and almost utopian. If everyone took the advice to live by the ideals in this book, it would be a better place indeed.” ~ Dana Taylor, Author of Supernal Living

These masters share transformative truths about:

• Self Mastery • Prosperity • Health and Energy • Creativity • Life Purpose

“Wake up from the slumber that this ego-dominated world has put you in. Take charge of your life, and participate with humanity to overthrow the prison of your mind. Become an activist for a future where life is celebrated, real love is shared, and individuality is encouraged within the entirety of the whole. True expression is found within your heart. Open wide.” – The Ancient Ones

Book Sections:
Introduction: The Ancient Ones
The Messages:
1 – Creation
2 – Interpretation
3 – Congruence
4 – YOU Have Created Your Circumstance
5 – Free Yourself
6 – Worship
7 – Nutrition
8 – Natural Shelter
9 – Future
10 – Multidimensional
11 – Resilience
12 – Natural Teachers
13 – Goodness
14 – Healing Trauma
15 – Love is Natural
16 – Divine Ecstasy
17 – Presence
18 – Regenerative Sustainability
19 – Honest Appraisal
20 – Restoration
21 – Caring for Animals
22 – Food
23 – Compassionate Listening
24 – Transformation
25 – Natural Living
26 – Practical Spirituality
27 – Allow
28 – Manifest
29 – Mother
30 – Appreciation
31 – Anticipation
32 – Results
33 – Group Consciousness
34 – Father
35 – Variety
36 – True Joy
37 – Share Love
38 – Design or Default?
39 – Now
40 – Become the Change
41 – Magic
42 – Natural Order
43 – Harmony
44 – Believe
45 – Positive Vibration
46 – Who Says?
47 – Do Not Judge
48 – The Powers That Be
49 – Heart Center
Afterword by The Ancient Ones

This book contains the foundational wisdom to create a life of direction, purpose and meaning. It is my honor to share these messages with you.

Stacey Stephens


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