Soul Self: How to Tame Your Mind, Uncover Your Blueprint and Live Your Soul Purpose

Soul Self Amazon Bestseller

In Soul Self: How to Tame Your Mind, Uncover Your Blueprint & Live Your Soul Purpose, transformation coach Jack Stephens explains, with crystal clarity, how to bring your Soul, ego-mind and body into balance and alignment, and gives wisdom seekers practical tools to make lasting change for a brighter life.

Divided into three clear sections, Distinguishing Between the Ego and Soul, Finding Your True Voice, and Being Your Self: Acting On Your Soul’s Direction, Soul Self offers valuable insight into how to access and embody higher states of awareness, turn knowledge into wisdom, and shift from ego-driven to Soul-guided living, creating greater happiness and prosperity.

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A Message Your Soul Will Hear

I read Soul Self cover to cover in one sitting, which is no small accomplishment and a compliment to the author. Jack Stephens’ Soul Self engaged me with wisdom I found throughout the pages. He starts off with a wonderful and instructional analogy about a horse and it’s rider (as it relates to your personal journey through life). Then a few pages later you get to “Pebbles: A Fable.” This simple, powerful story is worth the price of admission alone. The wisdom in just these three pages will do wonders for your spiritual journey if practiced!

Soul Self contains very important lessons and simple yet essential practices on “what to do” when you experience conflict between the ego mind and your real Self. I agree that we all have a self-chosen reason for being here on this planet at this time. I know firsthand of the importance of getting in touch with your Soul or Self.

If you’re looking for guidance about your Soul’s Blueprint, or just need a reminder, you’ll find helpful, confirming, and inspiring answers in Soul Self. Jack, thanks for getting your message out to a world in need of such a message.

Ken Obermeyer author of The Journey To Joy: Reconnecting with the Real You

Should be required reading for every student in high school and college

Soul Self is an outstanding primer on living a soul-directed life. It should be required reading for every student in high school and college. If I had been given this book at that age, I would have saved decades of searching, seeking, and experimenting to find my own soul path. Jack Stephens has taken one of Life’s Big Questions – “How shall I live?” – and offered a step-by-step manual for finding the answer. His key? Quiet the mind and listen to your soul’s guidance. Establish a direct dialogue with the most objective and spiritual part of yourself. You can’t go wrong. When your soul is in charge of your life, rather than your ego, you can achieve what you really want. This book is a great beginning for your quest for a better life.