Soul Self: How to Tame Your Mind, Uncover Your Blueprint and Live Your Soul Purpose

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In Soul Self: How to Tame Your Mind, Uncover Your Blueprint & Live Your Soul Purpose, transformation coach Jack Stephens explains, with crystal clarity, how to bring your Soul, ego-mind and body into balance and alignment, and gives wisdom seekers practical tools to make lasting change for a brighter life.

Divided into three clear sections, Distinguishing Between the Ego and Soul, Finding Your True Voice, and Being Your Self: Acting On Your Soul’s Direction, Soul Self offers valuable insight into how to access and embody higher states of awareness, turn knowledge into wisdom, and shift from ego-driven to Soul-guided living, creating greater happiness and prosperity.

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The exercises provided in this book are wonderful

Hi Jack! I just wanted to share with you that I started reading your book yesterday and it is profound! The analogy about the horse and rider was so delicious! I want to pass this book on to my clients, as I work with people with chronic pain and disease. A huge part of this work is reconnecting with their Soul. The exercises you’ve provided in this book are wonderful. I’m so excited to have this resource. Bless you!

Forrest Samnik Psychotherapist

Enlightening for Everyone Wanting More Time with Soul

A direct quote from Soul Self How to Tame Your Mind, Uncover Your Blueprint and Live Your Soul Purpose by Jack Stephens:

‘It takes courage to stand by your Soul’s guidance in the face of opposition. Ego-minds often have great difficulty with change. They prefer to hold on to the past, the way it was. But, as nature demonstrates, change and adaptation is constant in life – and necessary. This is the way of the Soul.’

I hope this quote will demonstrate the style of writing within this very valuable work by Jack Stephens et al. He shows compassion for all those who have dared, or are daring, to even consider making the life changing decision about living from their Soul / Heart.

He gently and honestly presents a succession of what I call “baby steps”, and includes encouraging explanations and short, valuable exercises. His metaphors and one fable attach to the mind comfortably, begging to be tools along one’s path.

For me, this is a book I’ll revisit often, knowing that each reread will spark an `ah-ha’ and a sense of `at-a-girl’ as I continue on this joyous path with Soul in charge. I encourage you to buy this book and then share a copy with others.

Carrie Louise Author of Life, Soul Being Soul

Important Self Help Book Plus Love Story

You might call Jack Stephens book SOUL SELF a self-help book. And it is that. A good one, with a Spirit and permaculture inspired set of basic exercises that can help you reorganize the garden of your personality around an organic relationship to your own soul. For some, this might be called your “higher self,” or “deeper self,” I guess. In Richard Schwartz’s book, Internal Family Systems Therapy, it’s called the “Self” (upper case “S”) or “Center”—as distinguished from various confused subpersonalities. Whatever we call it, it’s the part of you that conveys clear, connected guidance about how best to live a rich and fulfilling life.

You’ll notice I’ve said the exercises “can help you.” This is a book to DO, not just skim through. On the surface, some of what’s recommended looks too simple. It’s not until you pause, take the deeper breaths, and enact an exercise or two—that you start to get the message. It works if you work it, and when you do, it really IS simple. To help engage you in that essential pause, those moments of becoming present–Jack has some wonderful wisdom stories and analogies. Some are going to engage with deeper issues as they do this, and for them there may be more techniques that can help. But I believe Jack is covering those in a sequel or two.

Despite all this good stuff, SOUL SELF is not just a self-help book. In the background, woven through the pages, it’s also an unbashed, flat-out love story. Jack was an organized, outwardly focused, not-very-present guy until his life and awareness were turned upside down by a great love. It’s one that continues now in the form of his psychically gifted partner, Stacey, and the work they do together to help others on the path. What if, guided by your own soul, your path can be just as rich?

Micheal Reddy, Phd, CPC author of Health, Happiness, and Family Constellations

Should be required reading for every student in high school and college

Soul Self is an outstanding primer on living a soul-directed life. It should be required reading for every student in high school and college. If I had been given this book at that age, I would have saved decades of searching, seeking, and experimenting to find my own soul path. Jack Stephens has taken one of Life’s Big Questions – “How shall I live?” – and offered a step-by-step manual for finding the answer. His key? Quiet the mind and listen to your soul’s guidance. Establish a direct dialogue with the most objective and spiritual part of yourself. You can’t go wrong. When your soul is in charge of your life, rather than your ego, you can achieve what you really want. This book is a great beginning for your quest for a better life.

Lion Goodman author of Transform Your Beliefs: Unleash Your Magnificence and Change Your World

A Message Your Soul Will Hear

I read Soul Self cover to cover in one sitting, which is no small accomplishment and a compliment to the author. Jack Stephens’ Soul Self engaged me with wisdom I found throughout the pages. He starts off with a wonderful and instructional analogy about a horse and it’s rider (as it relates to your personal journey through life). Then a few pages later you get to “Pebbles: A Fable.” This simple, powerful story is worth the price of admission alone. The wisdom in just these three pages will do wonders for your spiritual journey if practiced!

Soul Self contains very important lessons and simple yet essential practices on “what to do” when you experience conflict between the ego mind and your real Self. I agree that we all have a self-chosen reason for being here on this planet at this time. I know firsthand of the importance of getting in touch with your Soul or Self.

If you’re looking for guidance about your Soul’s Blueprint, or just need a reminder, you’ll find helpful, confirming, and inspiring answers in Soul Self. Jack, thanks for getting your message out to a world in need of such a message.

Ken Obermeyer author of The Journey To Joy: Reconnecting with the Real You

Clear and engaging lesson on how exactly to live from the heart

Soul Self is an engaging and succinct lesson (like only a masterful teacher can be). Using fantastic stories and metaphors that make the points come to life, the book makes the clear point about how to switch into a more heart-led/intuitive-led lifestyle that is so freeing! It's helping me stay in the zone more often. We can say we're heart-centered, but what does it really look like day to day? Here is the explanation of what it means and how to get there.

Val Nelson Soulful Business and Life Coach

Inspired Wisdom

Soul Self is a gentle, thoughtful, and inspiring reading. Anyone sensing a need to go deeper and higher will be blessed by this brief potent book.

Kirk B. Jones Author of Rest in the Storm: Self-Care Strategies for Clergy and Other Caregivers

A Wonderful Guide To Learn How To Discern Your Souls Messages

This is a wonderful book that guides you to look at yourself from a deeper spirit inspired place. When you read this book you will recognize you still small voice that has been calling you and understand the tools to communicate more clearly with your soul. Jack Stephens does a wonderful job of giving you the tools to communicate with your soul. He teaches you in a very concrete way how to discern the voice of your own inner wisdom and compassion. The answers are within you – within your very soul. You will not be disappointed with this book and guide.

Veronika Tracy-Smith, PhD author of Meditation Now: Your Guide to Building A Simple Practice

Thrive in life, as you were designed

“I have studied the works of over 30 spiritual masters, teachers and mentors for over 30 years and Jack Stephens has captured all of it in this short yet very profound book! If you are willing to start Thriving in life as you were designed to, then allow his words to open your Heart-Mind!”

Art Drentlau Spiritual Coach

It will change your life for the better!

.@organicjack - reading "Soul Self"- fabulous book, it will change your life for the better! Thank you Jack!


Soul Self Heals!

While reading Soul Self, I used the reflecting pool technique in the book. For a brief background, I've had an incredible amount of pain in my neck and shoulders for the last several years (probably due to a combination of my job and poor posture). I've tried numerous things to treat it, all of which are merely temporary solutions. Long story short: while using the reflecting pool technique, I felt a release of energy inside that I later came to recognize as healing energy. When I stood up, not only was all of my pain gone, but I had mobility in my head/neck that I haven't had in years (it had gotten so bad that I basically could no longer look up without extreme pain). Talk about unexpected outcomes!

Nat Russo Software Engineer


Excellent writing and effective exercises. Very glad to be practicing this work. I recommend follow up coaching to personalize the lessons.

David Lee Biologist

I recommend without reservation

I so appreciate Jack Stephens and his work and writings in Soul Self and elsewhere - he is a man of true Soul Grit, Heart and Wisdom. I recommend him without reservation.

William J. O'Mara, PhD author of The Way of the Corporate Shaman

Book Sections:

Kindle Version

This book contains processes and methods for creating a Soul-Guided Life. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

About the Author

Jack Stephens is Co-Founder and CEO of Soul Self Living, Inc. He is a permaculture designer with decades of experience in the sustainability movement as an organic gardener, natural builder, teacher, and organizer. An avid explorer of spiritual philosophies and wisdom traditions, his quest for spiritual fulfillment led him to the door of his Soulmate, now wife, the channel, healer and Soul Awakener, Stacey Stephens. An outdoor adventure leader in his youth, today his passion is to guide people toward their innate wisdom. Through his transformation coaching sessions he assists men and women to align their Soul / ego-mind / body, uncover their natural wisdom and fulfill their true desires. He and Stacey founded Soul Self Living to bring forward their vision of a healthy and regenerative human culture that supports and integrates with all of life.

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Spiritual coaching is a combination of shifting perception, clearing out limitations and learning effective skills that will help you to master your balance and your life.

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