Like other mammals, humans are created male and female. And, like some, we are designed to pair together to raise our young. Along with caring for children, we have an opportunity to provide heritage by co-creating our future with purpose.

Peace and fulfillment are the natural result of a harmonious match. Soulmates can create a successful union, acting as king and queen of their realm. Stronger still, one Soul divided into two incarnations (one male, and the other female) is a partnership that creates a united kingdom that cannot be divided.

Each successful coupling is a gift to mankind. With true partnership there is ease in the relationship, and longevity in their mission together. Each time a couple unites in LOVE and purpose, they open the way for humanity to reawaken their true design of Soul sovereignty, Soulmate union, strong family, grassroots community, and world-wide connection. Click To Tweet

Proper partnership eliminates trauma created by separation, divorce, broken homes, and neglected children. It creates a strong value system based on integrity to SELF first, then mate, children, community and finally, global family.

Each time a true partnership is made, a powerful energy emerges. This higher frequency also lifts others up to experience greater fulfillment. Each successful union strengthens the growing wave of people searching for their Soulmate. And, in time, humanity will experience a deeper sense of belonging, and a richer connection with everyone.

~ The Ancient Ones



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This message was channeled by Stacey Stephens, Healing Channel for The Ancient Ones.