We’re often asked how we maintain a high vibration in regards to politics. Many people struggle with staying positive when there is so much promotion of the negative. We understand the difficulty.

Here in the USA the campaign for President is underway. Given the contenders, the media, and the stream of opinions on social media, we agree that it can be challenging to keep our vibration high while educating ourselves about the options.


We mentioned last week that we love to meditate together. This includes both the time we each spend in silent communication within and the conversation we have with each other afterwards. Over the past several months, we’ve often discussed politics.

We have found that it can be enlightening and inspiring to discuss the political situation with each other from a deeply connected place. This is a much different process than arguing merits of one candidate or policy over another with the idea of proving who’s right. Rather, we talk about the good feelings we’ve experienced when watching a video or reading the comments of a candidate. We discuss the merits of polic