Persistence Life-force energy is extremely persistent. It travels through every open channel, creating life abundant. We can increase our flow by opening ourselves to LIFE. Awaken to your Divinity. Call forth your Strength. Increase your Goodness. Fortify your Soul’s Power. Expand your Love. Express true Wisdom. And, embrace your Humanity. Persistently, patiently, evolve your Soul [...]

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Nature Life is forever regenerating itself. The cycles built into Nature are designed to provide continuation for every species on Earth. Learn to work with Mother Nature to build a positive and prosperous life for yourself and others. Plant your seeds and cultivate the land to feed your family. Uncover ancient wisdom held deep within [...]

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Mysticism Mystics, or, as some have called them, seers are those people who have allowed themselves to open their consciousness to levels that go beyond the ego-mind, affording them the opportunity to realize information at an experiential level. To experience knowing from within is really an ability that everyone can develop. It is our innate [...]

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