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Practical Wisdom

Practical Wisdom from The Ancient OnesThis is the currently growing archive of Practical Wisdom from The Ancient Ones, channeled by Stacey Stephens since 2021, in support of awakening a United Humanity. The Ancient Ones took questions from subscribers from 2019-2020. Visit the "Answers" page here >The Ancient Ones shared foundational messages from 2010-2018. Visit the Messages page here >  [...]

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Pray Highest Good and Well-Being

  Pray Highest Good and Well-Being When you stand in the prayer of Highest Good, you allow everything necessary to occur to bring it about. Sometimes this means sacrifice on your part. When you stand in the prayer of Well-Being, specifically your own, you improve your life. And, when you combine the two together, a [...]

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Life as a Spiritual Game

LIFE AS A SPIRITUAL GAME We would like to share with you our favorite game to play here on Earth. We have found that when people understand and apply these practices and principles, their lives improve dramatically. There are a few ‘buzz words’ that we would like to set into motion within your consciousness [...]

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