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Life as a Spiritual Game

LIFE AS A SPIRITUAL GAME We would like to share with you our favorite game to play here on Earth. We have found that when people understand and apply these practices and principles, their lives improve dramatically. There are a few ‘buzz words’ that we would like to set into motion within your consciousness [...]

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Refugee Support: Please Help the Vera Family

We are donating half of all proceeds from the sale of our online course, A Year to Awaken Your Soul, to charitable initiatives; most immediately, to the Vera family. CLICK HERE TO DONATE DIRECTLY TO THE VERA FAMILY. Recently, one of our Weekly Message subscribers, a man named Rafael Vera, reached out to us for help. [...]

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Masculine-Feminine Balance

What do Yoda, Shuri, Mary Poppins, and Dumbledore have in common? Besides all being heroes and heroines in movies, they have each mastered their masculine-feminine balance. They combine the qualities of strength and caring. They are powerful, loving and wise. They inspire us to be the best version of ourselves. The Key to Health [...]

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10 Keys to Raising Your Consciousness

Raising your consciousness is not as complicated as it may seem. By applying these 10 simple keys you can improve your self-awareness, intuition, and enjoy more peace and fulfillment in your life: 1. Acknowledge that You are DivineYou are here on this abundant planet, in this exceptional era, with your intelligence, physicality, and talents, [...]

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