Your Part

Your Part Each person has it within their ability to complete what is their part in the equation of life. These five precepts can assist you in determining what that may be for years to come: Express Love Share Your Gifts Act with Kindness Judge Nothing Forgive All ~ The Ancient Ones     More [...]

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Give Thanks

Give Thanks Give thanks daily for all your provisions. Gratitude opens the doors to further attainment. Share your wealth with others and feel how deep your sense of fulfillment can grow. We are here to help each other express and experience God's love. ~ The Ancient Ones     More Practical Wisdom from The Ancient [...]

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Share Your Soul

Share Your Soul When you understand the meaning of life, which is to express your Soul’s joy, you will naturally uncover why you are here. Everyone, without exception, is here to accomplish their Soul’s true desire to be of assistance in co-creating a future that is of benefit to every living being on this planet. [...]

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