We live in a world that uses the concept of time as a reference point from which to base our beliefs. This time factor is actually an illusion that seems very real to us. It keeps us ‘on track’ in this ego-mind world. When we enter the place within us where time does not exist, we call it Soul. Our Soul space is interconnected with ALL THAT IS in all time, or no time. From here we can ‘foresee’ multiple possibilities to choose from.

Once we make a decision, time collapses into that expression, and the game begins. That is, the game of creation. It all hinges on decision. When we do not make our own decision, then it falls to default, or the strongest belief within us.

When our underlying belief is ‘for us,’ we will fare well. When that belief is ‘against us,’ we will fare poorly. Many beliefs in this ego-mind world have turned us against ourselves, and each other, such as the belief in judgment, condemnation and punishment for actions that are contrary to what we believe at the time are correct. When we learn of the accuracy of a new belief (like the world is round) then we change our minds and no longer judge, condemn or punish people for their belief.

If we all were to remove judgment from our belief system, our world would progress extremely fast. Click To Tweet We would no longer act against ourselves or anyone else for trying new things. This is where we are heading; charting new territory for our creations.

Endeavor to go deep within yourself to the place where your Soul resides, outside of the concept of time, and allow yourself to enter non-judgment. From here, you will experience greater truth.

~ The Ancient Ones



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This message was channeled by Stacey Stephens, Healing Channel for The Ancient Ones.