What flower grown on Earth do you believe to be worthy of extinction? Which edible fruit would you like to banish from life’s garden forever? Do you have the gall to dictate which crop you think should be prevented from thriving? Are you presumptuous enough to deny your neighbor of figs, just because you do not like their taste, or the mess that the fig tree produces? Or, can you tolerate your neighbor’s messy fig tree and appreciate their delight in its fruit? Would you be pleased if your neighbor tried to ban your favorite fruit tree?

There is a bounty of fruits and vegetables available to choose from. You do not necessarily have to eat something that is distasteful to you. You can choose to enjoy those foods that better suit your personal taste.

You can apply this simple analogy to everything in life that is a matter of preference.

Tolerance allows for diversity to coexist side by side. Color and texture bring enjoyment to the senses. If the world was only made up of three colors and two textures it would become monotonous and boring. Be grateful for the endless varieties to experience and enjoy. Learn to appreciate another’s preference, even when it differs from your own. Click To Tweet

Life is meant to be experienced with great joy and wonder. Allow everyone on Earth to choose what will be their own personal preference and life can be truly shared in peace.

~ The Ancient Ones



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This message was channeled by Stacey Stephens, Healing Channel for The Ancient Ones.