Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

We are pleased to share with you another gentle reminder of who you really are – LOVE. This means compassion, acceptance and sharing. This is natural to your very BEING. To express less than this is a choice. Are you choosing to express your full divine nature?

It is natural to assist others in need. It is innate within each person to care for another. When one is experiencing joyful passion, all in their presence are positively affected. It is a person’s divine nature, their Soul, which shares freely with other Souls.

Where are you holding back your love? What causes you to stop the natural flow of joy? Who prevents you from expressing your passionate nature? Do you permit anything or anyone to interfere with your true loving expression? You are always at choice.

Can you accept your own divine nature? As Spirit, do you realize your worth? Is love your true expression? Click To Tweet Does joy permeate your life experience? Is your presence uplifting to others? Do you choose to express your positive feelings freely? Do you wait for someone else to share first? Or, will you share your highest truth, your Self openly? Are you ready to express your true Soul Self?

Have you been able to discern the difference between real, unconditional love and sentimentality? Real love is generated within the heart area (4th chakra). Sentimentality erupts from the belly (3rd chakra). And, lust forms within the sacral area (2nd chakra).

Real Love - 4th ChakraSentimentality - 3rd ChakraLust - 2nd Chakra
Highest GoodSelfish DemandsPhysical Gratification

Do you desire the highest good for yourself and others? Is sharing with another your ideal? Do you remain current with those you love? Is your love unconditional? So many people fall into the category of sentimentality and use controlling, manipulative ways to guilt or shame others into doing what they want. This false syrupy type of behavior destroys trust and true friendship. Beware of these demeaning tactics.

Cultivate real love in your lives and enjoy the bounty of true camaraderie. We invite you to fearlessly love yourself and others. We encourage you to share with all, authentically, as your true Soul Self.

~ The Ancient Ones



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This message was channeled by Stacey Stephens, Healing Channel for The Ancient Ones.