Wisdom applied produces virtue. It is simple. It does not take genius or great intellect to live in virtue. Surprisingly, it is actually easier to live a virtuous life when good, old-fashioned common sense is applied.

How may you gain this attribute of being virtuous? Deep within your nature is all of the understanding necessary for living a wholesome and fulfilling life. Your Soul already knows what the wisest choice is at any given moment. Rely upon this inner voice and awaken your knowing.

Meditation is helpful to cultivate a reliable relationship with this spiritual aspect of yourself. A person who does not know how to read can excel in wisdom. People of any culture can make decisions that are for the highest good of all. It is a matter of desire.

Claim your true nature by taking the time to decide wisely for yourself, for all of humanity and every living being. This will open your vision to perceive a connective web of life where everyone is joined together, vibrating at a higher rate of frequency than that of physical matter.

Retrain yourself to see from a higher perspective. Reach inside to your innate Self. Share with others your true expression of compassion and understanding. Seek to find the positive interpretation of every experience. Live a virtuous life by choosing wisdom to motivate you. Click To Tweet

~ The Ancient Ones



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This message was channeled by Stacey Stephens, Healing Channel for The Ancient Ones.