Where Are You Creating From?

Where Are You Creating From?

How is your soil? Is it nutrient rich? How deep is it? How large is your field? Check within to decipher how well you are receiving and giving unconditional love, wisdom, joy and compassion. Examine your life to see how you are experiencing and expressing these qualities. Improve your soil and you will improve the harvest.

Are you receptive to spiritual wealth? Have you developed a strong line of communication with your Soul? Do you radiate a positive attitude and share it with others? “By their fruits you will recognize them” is a saying that shows just how well our lives can be compared to growing a garden. How spiritually rich is the soil of your consciousness?

Spirituality is not the same as religious. It matters not whether you belong to a form of religion. Everyone is spiritual according to the degree of their developed consciousness. Some have developed a stronger degree than others. Yet, all are spiritual because we all originate from spirit. How strong have you developed yourself up to now? Are you pleased? Or, do you desire to grow more?

Your life is created by your level of consciousness. Where are you creating from? Click To Tweet Do you endeavor to force what you want through control over others? Realize that this is a lower frequency that eventually will back-fire because the ego-mind is too limited to bring forth any real fulfillment in life. Do you use tactics of manipulation to coerce others into giving to you out of pity? This ego-mind drama is short-lived, as people will tire of your victim consciousness.

Or, have you matured yourself to the point of realization that you are here to fulfill the purpose of your Soul’s incarnation? This is where true success lies. Your Soul is the spiritual aspect of your being. It is already of high vibration because it is solely connected to Source. As you become more of your true essence, you grow into living your Soul Self life. Creating from here is what the masters have been teaching for years.

Check your soil to see how fertile your consciousness is for cultivating a life that ripens into fulfillment. Always be aware of where you are creating from. Deepen your understanding, widen your expanse and increase your spiritual loving nature. Become a nutrient rich soil capable of growing a spiritually abundant life.

~ The Ancient Ones



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