Every Soul comes to Earth to share their love, to serve in some capacity. Some serve in the limelight, others serve behind the scenes.

Introversion is a very positive trait that is held by many people who enjoy being of service (in differing ways than extroverts). Whether they be monks, healers, spiritual teachers, gurus or you name it. In order to be of greater service to humanity, they frequently spend time alone communing with their Source in multitudes of ways, namely, meditation, prayer, yoga, contemplation, etc.

Many introverts live and breathe service, which is why they strive to better themselves. They are driven by a passion to be of the greatest service possible. Their obsession is to help change the world for the betterment of humanity. To do this they must build their energy to share with the world. Hence, the necessary alone time.

Wounded introverts can show signs of negative introversion and with very good reason. It is challenging for someone who has been emotionally and energetically wounded to be around other people. And so, they tend to shy away from human contact, fear crowds, avoid people in general, experience agoraphobia, etc.

Two Forms of Wounding

As a formerly wounded introvert and a Healer, my experience has been that there are two ways in which an introvert is wounded. (Knowing this can help one to heal. I suggest getting help from a healing practitioner of your choosing, because there is damage that needs to be repaired). The wound shows up in the energetic field at the back of the kidneys, on either side. A person could have any combination of one side or both sides damaged. The left-side signifies a tearing of the energetic field through psychic/emotional attack (causing a puncturing of the field). The right-side collapses when one has been humiliated beyond what they could bear.

The wonderful news is that one can be healed. This will not change a person into something that they are not, such as introvert into extrovert. It will just help them to express more accurately who they truly are. Most introverts enjoy connecting with others, especially trusted and loved ones. They just need more alone time than extroverts because they function differently.

When an Introvert is no longer damaged, they tend to seek out ways to assist others through some form of service. So, if you are not seeking to serve or you are having difficulty in public, ask yourself if, just maybe, you may have some wounding that needs mended. If so, by all means get to mending yourself so you can better enjoy your time here on Earth.

Next Steps

As an introvert myself, I love assisting those who need healing. This is my greatest form of serving. I understand where you’re coming from, and how to help you get to where you want to be.

If you’d like support in recovering your strength and well-being, please let me know. I am here to help.

EDIT/UPDATE: One of our subscribers asked this question of The Ancient Ones: “How do I support the healing of a wounded introvert that I love?” Read their answer here.