How Are You Expressing Your Soul?

In my last article I expounded on the idea of God being energy, consciousness, everything. With that concept it is easy to perceive that you too are of God. You are divine. Your Soul essence is made of the invisible spirit of God. Your mind is connected to universal consciousness, or the mind of God. Your body is made from the materials of Nature which is created and sustained by God. Everything about you lives within God. You are the one who chooses how to express God as YOU. So, how are you expressing God? Does your concept of God show compassion for all living beings? You will know the answer to this question by your very own actions. Does your idea of God serve the well-being of humanity, all creatures, plants, and the Earth? Again, you will know your true answer by how you serve others.

Restorative or Punitive Justice?

If your conceptualization of God agrees with restorative justice rather than punitive justice, you will know because you will help to bring about the restoration of one’s true character, the love within them, after a harmful action on their part, instead of penalizing them with punishment. This involves using discernment for restoring their integrity and love, rather than judging them with a punitive sentence that only fuels more negativity through humiliation. Do you hear what I am saying here? Can you feel the difference between the positive restoration of character and the negative punitive sentence of judgment? How does punishment and public humiliation positively change one’s character? How can it? Judgment is in opposition to love, and it is love that heals all ills.

Our Divine Nature

Our divine nature is unconditional love. Compassion is the expression of our Soul. We are capable of great acts of service for the benefit of humanity. It is in our hands to show who we perceive our concept of God to be. May we all examine our current understanding by observing our behavior in order to make the necessary adjustments to increase the true essence of our divinity in our actions, so we may improve the quality of our lives by aligning with our Soul essence to live a divine Soul Self life.