Your Life’s Garden

Have you accepted your divine role in your life? Are you ready to listen within to the guidance of your Soul to create all that you are capable of? Have you begun aligning your ego-mind with your Soul’s knowing? Is your relationship with your Self improving?

Life is like a field ready to be planted with your desires. It is up to you to cultivate the ground, your mind, and plant the seeds that will bring you what you most desire to experience. Click To Tweet Be sure to weed out what does not belong. Water what you want to grow and nourish each idea you lovingly plant.

If you change your mind and desire something different, then dig up what you no longer want and plant what you do. It is, after all, your garden, your life. What brings you joy? Your life is yours to do with however you choose. And, if you do not make conscious choices, then your life’s garden will grow by default. This may include numerous weeds, or even poisonous plants. Your soil may even become barren with only rocks for landscape.

How do you prevent a desolate life? By taking command of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. By infusing your mind with inspiration from your Soul. By listening within to the nourishing ideas of your own truth, your purpose blueprint. Everyone has been born with a Soul and a blueprint (design) for their current incarnation. This valuable information can be retrieved by communicating with your Soul. Listen deeply to the still small voice within. It is your guiding light.

Cultivate a powerful relationship with your Self – body, ego-mind and Soul. Become your true Self. We call this the Soul Self. As you erase the false programs that interfere with your creativity, you will unleash the power of spirit within to your awakened divinity.

What goals are you cultivating in your life’s garden? Have you planned out the entire season or maybe even the next 10 years? Remember, you will only harvest that which you plant and cultivate. (Default is less than desirable.)

Are you utilizing everything in Nature to bring forth a prosperous harvest? Is your soil fertile? Does your garden receive enough water? Is the irrigation system working well? Do you have a back-up water supply? Do you use high quality natural fertilizer? Is there enough sunshine to accelerate growth? Are you removing the weeds that suck the life away from your vegetation?

Seeds – Thoughts, ideas, beliefs
Soil – Mind
Water – Positive emotion, feeling, desire
Irrigation – Discipline, patience and certainty
Back-up Water Supply – Key desires that are backed with passion
Fertilizer – Inspiration, positive information
Sunshine – Passion, enthusiasm, dedication, diligence, conviction
Weeds – That which chokes, covers over or interferes with positive growth and expression (false beliefs, negative thoughts, manipulative people, etc.)

Now that you have become a gardener of your life, will you diligently take care of your field? Will you plant high quality seeds? Will you weed regularly? Will you grow organic, wholesome vegetation? Are you prepared to complete the harvest once your ideas have come to fruition? Do you have enough people and resources to fully reap the bounty of your flourishing harvest? Be prepared. “You reap what you sow.”

~ The Ancient Ones



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This message was channeled by Stacey Stephens, Healing Channel for The Ancient Ones.