Our Story

Jack and Stacey StephensWhen we met in the Spring of 2010 we both knew that we had finally found our Soulmate. Years before, Stacey had been directed from within by The Ancient Ones, whom she channels, what Jack would look like, where he’d be when they first laid eyes on each other, and even the 90-day window when they would meet. Jack had been cultivating his intuitive guidance and heard Stacey’s call. He traveled nearly 3,000 miles and crossed an ocean to reach her.

The day we met, we sat for hours together laughing about how good we felt together, and talking about our shared passion for mysticism, magic, serendipity, and synchronicity. We meditated together on the question of why we felt so immediately at home with each other. Floods of visions came to both of us as we recalled past lives together, each of us with different pieces that fit together perfectly as well as overlapping ones that confirmed each other’s stories.

We had visions of our future together that excited and inspired us. We felt wonderment, awe, inspiration, fun, excitement and attraction!

We founded Soul Self Living later that year and were married on the last day of Summer in 2011.

Today we are grateful to apply the wisdom of The Ancient Ones in our lives together and to assist others to become the embodiment of their Soul’s blueprint.

Jack’s Story

Jack Stephens

I grew up in a little town in the mountains of northern Arizona where rock climbing, backpacking, and long-distance cycling filled my days and nights. I always had a paper route, lawn mowing business or some other money-making enterprise going on.

While in college, I served in the highest elected youth position in the Boy Scouts, traveled the country speaking and teaching at leadership seminars and conferences, and was invited to present the annual report to the President at the White House. I married young, had a child and divorced, and was a single dad with full custody for many years.

Professionally, I managed both corporate and independent restaurants for about a decade but was not feeling quite fulfilled. I had all these business skills but I wanted something different so I started down the pathway of the sustainability movement, moved to intentional community, learned organic gardening, certified in permaculture, immersed myself in natural building, and sold home-grown and homemade products at farmer’s markets. I founded a global non-profit association of natural builders and was executive director for five years.

All that experience came together when I formed a consultancy to help small and mid-sized sustainable businesses such as organic farmers, food manufacturers, clothing designers and soap makers, and natural building contractors and educators.

Spirituality has always been important to me and, while I was raised in the Christian faith, I was also fascinated by the spirituality of the Apache, Hopi, Navajo and Tohono O’odham people I grew up with, as well as Taoist and Buddhist philosophy. I studied at a Christian Seminary for three years in my teens and was active in a Tibetan Buddhist sangha for another three years in my twenties. In my thirties I co-led a group of non-violent communication mediators. And, during another three year period, I apprenticed to a spiritual teacher who had healed himself from blindness. It was during this time that I transitioned from “business coach with a spiritual background” to “spiritual coach with a business background”.

In my forties, when I met Stacey, I went into a spiritual depth with her that was beyond anything I’d previously experienced. She’s a spiritual healer and she helped me connect to a more deeply intuitive kind of work that supports people to heal emotionally and psychologically. Where she’s the energy surgeon, I’m the energy equivalent of a physical therapist.

Some of my clients are in the sustainability movement and others are psychotherapists, coaches, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. I tend to attract people who are doing good work in the world one way or another and who want to do it from a more spiritually-centered, intuitive place. I help them connect more deeply to their Soul’s knowing, amplify that, and then go from there and create the good they’re doing in the world using more of their capacity.

In summary, I understand the unique challenges leaders and business owners face each day and am an experienced coach for those who wish to strengthen their intuitive abilities and align their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects for authentic congruence. I am uniquely qualified to support those who are working to protect and improve the environment, human rights, or alternative health practices. My deep spiritual roots, informed by many philosophies and traditions as well as my own relationship with Spirit, is at the heart of everything I do. My current work with the Ancient Ones has awakened my Soul’s knowing in such a way that it brings the whole of life into perspective. My Soul’s purpose is to assist others into wholeness.

Stacey’s Story

Stacey Stephens

I was born and raised in southern California and love sunshine, the ocean, and nature. During my childhood my inner life was rich but my outer life was difficult. My mother had three children, each by a different father, none of whom were involved in our lives, and we were raised in my grandparents home. My grandma liked to say that I was the white sheep in a family of black sheep.

I was a “natural” girl and most comfortable sitting with flowers and watching butterflies, as well as caring for animals. I raised every kind of creature my mother and grandmother would allow in our home. I loved children, enjoyed babysitting, and prepared carefully for a good life.

I married when I was ready and had children at the right time in my life. One of my greatest joys was raising my two wonderful daughters to be caring and capable women. I’m now a grandmother, and love watching my grandson’s journey through childhood.

When I was a little girl I found that I could communicate with spirit beings who guided me on how to live honestly and wisely, and how best to help others. It has been my honor to work in collaboration with the very fine council who are lovingly known as The Ancient Ones. I have been in communication with them throughout my entire life. My earliest recollection of a disagreement with them is at about age 6. It took me awhile to understand that they only desired my highest good. When I tried to tell my mother about them she denied that they were real. So, I continued learning from them and developing a strong trusting relationship in private.

From my mid teens to my mid twenties, I devoted myself to a Christian religion that did not approve of my communication with Spirit and so I stopped listening to The Ancient Ones. However, when I was 26 I suffered a severe head injury that left me unable to read for over a year, and The Ancient Ones let me know that I was to return my focus to my true spiritual life. They showed me my future so that I could plan and prepare for what was ahead for me. They told me that I was being prepared to act on their behalf to assist humanity to ‘wake up’ to their own divine nature. They assisted me to heal the tumor that formed in my brain after my injury and also to heal others who suffered from many kinds of injuries and illnesses. I traveled to many places as a healer, and people often came to me.

My marriage ended in my thirties when my husband demanded that I end my ‘woo-woo’ ways. I continued to raise my daughters on my own, and faced difficult challenges that many single mothers understand. However, while some of those challenges pushed me beyond the edge of what I thought I could handle, The Ancient Ones guided me through. I gained experiences that help me to relate with nearly anyone, and have grown strong in addition to the great care I’ve always felt to offer others.

My part is to understand spiritual truth, speak out with courage, assist those interested, act on my guidance, and trust in the timing of everything. In addition to channeled healing, The Ancient Ones have been helping me prepare my body to transmit Universal frequencies to awaken each person’s individual Blueprint (their Soul’s design for their current incarnation). When you choose to have a Channeled Vibrational Healing Intensive with me and The Ancient Ones, you will enjoy a profound Soul Awakening experience that will catapult you into a way of life that is both spiritually fulfilling and emotionally enriching. Together we will soar into heights unimaginable. We look forward to our journey with you.