Our Story

Jack and Stacey StephensWhen we met in the Spring of 2010 we both knew that we had finally found our Soulmate. Years before, Stacey had been directed from within by The Ancient Ones, whom she channels, what Jack would look like, where he’d be when they first laid eyes on each other, and even the 90-day window when they would meet. Jack had been cultivating his intuitive guidance and heard Stacey’s call. He traveled nearly 3,000 miles and crossed an ocean to reach her.

The day we met, we sat for hours together laughing about how good we felt together, and talking about our shared passion for mysticism, magic, serendipity, and synchronicity. We meditated together on the question of why we felt so immediately at home with each other. Floods of visions came to both of us as we recalled past lives together, each of us with different pieces that fit together perfectly as well as overlapping ones that confirmed each other’s stories.

We had visions of our future together that excited and inspired us. We felt wonderment, awe, inspiration, fun, excitement and attraction!

We founded Soul Self Living later that year and were married on the last day of Summer in 2011.

Today we are grateful to apply the wisdom of The Ancient Ones in our lives together and to assist others to become the embodiment of their Soul’s blueprint.