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Soul Self: How to Tame Your Mind, Uncover Your Blueprint, and Live Your Soul Purpose

  • Learn to distinguishing between your ego-mind and Soul
  • Accurately interpret your intuitive guidance
  • Take wise action with confidence

Soul Self is an outstanding primer on living a soul-directed life. It should be required reading for every student in high school and college. If I had been given this book at that age, I would have saved decades of searching, seeking, and experimenting to find my own soul path.” ~ Lion Goodman

Express As YOU: Celebrate Your Uniqueness

Express As YOU: Celebrate Your Uniqueness

  • Transition from judgment to discernment
  • Connect to your Soul’s wisdom
  • Raise your consciousness

Messages From The Ancient Ones: The First Five Years

Messages From The Ancient Ones: The First Five Years

  • Stimulate your Soul’s awareness
  • Develop your Divine inner guidance
  • Focus upon a humanity that is once again sacred and connected as One

“The Ancient Ones really ‘spoke to me’ on a level not many books do. Reading the words touched me physically as if a spark inside of me was recognised, acknowledged, held and understood. The messages shared within take you to a place where you are able to open your heart and mind. The Ancient Ones teach us that acceptance is the key to gaining mastery in life, as is compassion, wisdom and service. It’s up to us to make our mark in this time and space.” ~ Wendy Fry

Messages from The Ancient Ones

“When you read this book it gives you many special gifts. Beautiful pictures and inspiring messages take you on an uplifting journey at any moment of your day. Wherever you open this book it will speak to your heart and soul. Nourish yourself with this book as part of your spiritual practise. I absolutely loved reading this book thank you Stacey.” ~ Mary Llewellyn, EFT Founding Master

“I used the chapters as a daily devotional in the mornings. There are pictures to set the tone for each chapter, which is a creative way to utilize the freedoms of digital publishing. The messages are reminiscent of A Course in Miracles, talking about ego-based thinking and urging readers to breakthrough to an era of Divinity.” ~ Dana Taylor, author of Supernal Living

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