Your Recovery Starts Here

Whether you are facing a physical illness or injury, suffering from emotional trauma, seeking mental clarity, or desiring energetic or spiritual support for your well-being, you don’t need to struggle on your own any more.

I offer an energy healing service which I call a Channeled Vibrational Healing Intensive:

  • Channeled, because I work with The Ancient Ones, a council of three non-physical beings, who work through me to perform healings.
  • Vibrational, because the healings are done remotely, over the telephone, using vibration. In short, I become the vibration of well-being that matches your blueprint to help your energetic system return to health. You can think of this like having your computer’s operating system restored or updated.
  • Healing, whether your issue is physical, mental, emotional, energetic, or spiritual, the Intensive can help you return to your natural state of well-being.
  • Intensive, because the energy is highly focused and powerful. Most Intensives require a period of rest, integration and acclimation afterward.

Restoring Your Energy = Restoring Your Health

A Channeled Vibrational Healing Intensive can be compared to dissolving a blockage in a clogged pipe. Once the block is removed, the water can flow. A plumbing system that is free of blockages can function properly. This is also true for your energetic system, which is the natural way you express yourself in health and well-being.

When your energetic system is open and your energy is flowing naturally you will experience health and well-being. Restrictions or blockages in your energetic system cause imbalance, illness, and disease. The natural healthy energies of your body can be negatively affected by:

  • your beliefs
  • your reactions to experiences
  • unbalanced energies of others who, consciously or unconsciously, energetically interfere with your well-being
  • toxins in the environment
  • “residue” from your past lives that may express as phobias or persistent/repetitive injuries or illnesses

Most of my work consists of helping you find and remove the blocks that are in your way to achieving your optimal well-being and all that is for your highest good.

I am able to feel and see restrictions, blockages, and damage in your body. My work can be described as energetic surgery where your energy channels are cleaned, repaired, reconstructed, and restored back to the wholeness of your blueprint. This will open up your energy flow, which brings well-being no matter what your state of health.

After a serious injury or medical surgery, especially when parts of your body have been severely damaged or removed, my focus is on reconstruction of your energetic system by building energetic bridges to help you recover function.

I can also identify the origin of the imbalance in your system, whether mental, emotional, dietary, or from environmental exposure or interference from others, and advise you of additional measures you can take to aid in your own healing after your Intensive.

In my experience, there are only two reasons why a person is not receiving what they want:

  1. Sometimes it is not for their highest good
  2. Usually they are blocking it somehow

I can help you gain clarity on whether something is for your highest good, and assist you to clear the blocks that may be limiting your experience.

You will find there is much more to a Channeled Vibrational Healing Intensive than the correction of your physical symptoms, depending on your interest and genuine need. There are many other subjects and modes of healing that I work with in addition to physical recovery.

Your first Channeled Vibrational Healing Intensive is only $1000 and follow-up Intensives are only $500. This is far less than many other conventional and alternative approaches to your health.

I am here to be of Service. If your current budget cannot absorb my rate, please contact me and let me know. Payment plans and scholarships are available.

I provide an option for your healing that can save you thousands of dollars and free you from suffering so you can feel good about life again. If I can assist you to recover your health, well-being, and sense of purpose, I would be honored to support you. ~ Stacey Stephens

Stacey Stephens

Partnership for Your Healing

This is a team effort. Your Channeled Vibrational Healing Intensive will be a collaboration between The Ancient Ones, me, and you. The Ancient Ones work through me to assist people like you to Awaken to your Soul’s guidance. It is imperative that you remember that you are the most important one in this partnership. All of your answers are within you. I am here to facilitate and create the space necessary for you to reveal yourself to you.

The Process

It has taken over 29 years for The Ancient Ones to prepare my body to be an instrument through which they heal the energetic disruptions that cause physical and mental illness. It’s not an easy thing for me to do. It’s quite challenging for me to hold frequencies that are right for you but not natural to my system.

As with most first visits with a healing practitioner, the first Channeled Vibrational Healing Intensive is more involved than a follow-up Intensive. This is why it is more expensive. There is a lot of preparation that goes into working with a person the first time. During your first Intensive I will do the bulk of the energy cleaning, which is heavy duty work. Follow up Intensives are less expensive because I will have become familiar with your energy and it will be (relatively) easier for me to work with you.

In your first Intensive, I will begin with the foundation, which is working with your main pranic channel. Within the main pranic channel there are three distinct channels in which I work. I will be clearing out the blocks in all these energy channels, as well as repairing and reconstructing the ones that need it.

Opening up your energy channels will activate your blueprint, your brilliance and the reason that you’re here, and it will take time for all of that to unfold. You can think of this as me clearing out irrigation lines in a garden that have been blocked or damaged. After your intensive, life-force energy will be coming back to those areas fed by those energy channels.

I am able to do Channeled Vibrational Healing Intensives from any distance with a phone conversation. I’ve worked with clients around the world because this type of healing doesn’t require that we be in person.

Your Intensive will include:

  • A powerful energetic attunement to assist you in healing your acute or chronic issue, or as an energy cleanse for preventative care.
  • A Full Body Tune-up for returning clientele (Recommended quarterly).
  • Some Intensives include a written personal message from The Ancient Ones which will be given to you a few days after the Intensive. Occasionally, an Intensive will include a personal message from The Ancient Ones spoken to you through me, which I will assist you in clarifying.

Here’s how to move forward with scheduling an Intensive with me:

Step 1: Complete the form below.

Step 2: I will review your information and we will respond to you by email within 48 hours (usually sooner). The email will include instructions for making your payment and scheduling your Intensive. (If I cannot help you, I will give you my recommendations for other forms of support.)

Step 3: Once you have paid and are on my schedule, we will confirm your appointment and email you instructions for what you will need to do to prepare for the Intensive. I will begin preparing with The Ancient Ones in advance of your Intensive. This may require a few days and is as vital to the success of your healing as the Intensive itself.

Step 4: The intensive, which will last approximately one hour.

Step 5: Period of rest, integration and acclimation. I will give you instructions for what you will need to do as you adjust to the healing. The Ancient Ones and I will be tuning you energetically until you stabilize, which can take a week and sometimes longer. As time goes on, all that your Soul wants for you will start coming to you – whether it’s health, finances, Soulmates, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Channeled Vibrational Healing Intensives held in person or over the phone?

As mentioned above, I am able to do Intensives from any distance with a phone conversation. I’ve worked with clients around the world because this type of healing doesn’t require that we be in person.

Can I be healed right away or does it take time?

It depends. Some of my clients have come to me with a specific issue they want to heal and I can help them with that issue immediately. Sometimes, it is not the right time to address it. Their Soul dictates what must be done, and when.

I know the patterns of healthy energy flow for women and men. In the first Intensive, I can help you establish a healthy foundational energy pattern. Follow up Intensives (every 3-6 months) can help you build upon the good foundation.

It is like building or remodeling a house. You cannot do certain things until others have been accomplished first. You cannot decorate the bedroom before the walls are up. You can’t put in the new kitchen until the old one is removed, and so on. When it comes to rebuilding a life, things must be healed in proper order. There is a natural progression. A strong foundation needs to be built first.

One client wanted to heal a growth on her foot. I checked the energy and found it was not something I could affect at that time. I told her this and then asked if there was anything else she wanted in her life. She confessed to a goal of being the most successful person in her field of work. At the time, she was struggling. I told her I could help her with this, and I did. Within three months she became the most sought-after practitioner in her area. In the process I was also able to ‘see’ and describe a future mate coming her way. She has been with him now for over 19 years. To this day she is very successful in her business. Healing comes in many forms. (And, eventually her foot healed, too!)

Can you help me heal the root cause of my condition?

I take people very deep. My focus is on the root cause, rather than merely treating symptoms.

Most people are unhappy because they are not doing what they came to do. Everyone is born at a specific time, in a specific body, with a specific purpose for their life. What is it? Finding clarity about this is what my best work is all about.

Ask me what you really need in order to become who you really are, and that is something I can answer and work with. In most people there is a lot of interference between them and their goal. The work I do helps clear this away.

Healing is not just about the body. It is about becoming the true expression of who you are, your Soul Self, which is your body, ego-mind, and Soul working in harmony for the highest good of all. There is little happiness outside of this. Many problems of body, ego-mind, Soul, and sphere of activity in this world are born of the pain of not expressing who you truly are in this incarnation.

The blueprint of who you are meant to be is innate within your Soul. I can read this spiritual blueprint and guide you back to being in alignment with it. When you do this your body and outward life will follow. What are you to do with your life? Are you on the right track? And if you are, how can you make it turn out its absolute best? Are you associating with the right people? Sometimes it will be very easy to make adjustments to your life, and other times you will be challenged to pursue your happiness. I am here to support you.

Will the healing affect other areas of my life?

Yes. Have you ever seen one of those biology textbooks where the human body is illustrated using layers of transparent pages, with each page describing a different system within the body? One page illustrates the skeletal system, and you can lay over it another page which illustrates the circulatory system, another that illustrates the nervous system, and so on. As the layers stack up you can see each of these systems packed together inside the body. In truth, each of the systems is interdependent upon, and affected by, the others.

Just as everything in your body is interconnected, everything in your life is interconnected. Clients who come to me for physical healing also often experience greater financial success, improvement in their relationships, and sense of freedom and fulfillment in their life overall. Everything is connected.

Who can you help?

I’ve helped people recover from heart disease, cancer, genetic diseases, infertility, sexual dysfunction, chronic pain, severe allergies, brain trauma, coma, and many other types of injuries and illnesses. As well as non-physical issues such as relationship difficulties, financial setbacks, recurring patterns of failure, etc.

Here are some examples of physical healings my clients have experienced:

  • I was called to aid a four-year-old boy confined to a wheel chair since birth due to muscular dystrophy. I touched him and within five minutes he stood up for the first time.
  • A man in his 60’s diagnosed with a 100% clogged artery was denied surgery due to the high risk of stroke. One month after an intensive with me he was re-diagnosed with 100% clear arteries. The doctors called it a miracle.

  • A woman, 39, could not become pregnant, even with doctor’s assistance. After three Intensives with me she conceived and gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

  • A woman on disability for eight years had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia by her doctor. After three Intensives she was back to work and no longer needed her prescribed pain medication.

  • A woman in her late 70’s was in the hospital in a coma. The doctors held out no hope. With my assistance, she recovered and enjoyed another thirteen years of healthy living.
  • I was called to assist a young man to come out of a four-month coma, after he fell down a 150-foot cliff, and broke most of the bones in his body. The doctors held out no hope for him awakening, recommended that he be taken off life-support, and warned his family that even if he did eventually wake up he would be a ‘vegetable’. He awoke thirteen days after my Intensive with him, just as Spirit had told me he would. He remembered everything, was talkative and engaging, and was released from the hospital two months later.

  • I worked with a man in his 40’s who had been shot three times, including the head, and had muddled brain function and severe insomnia. He was hooked up to a Brain State Technologies machine and we watched his brain activity shift into the more ‘normal’ range as I held his head in my hands. The machine operator was in awe as he watched the change happen in less than 8 minutes. He confessed that it would have taken him several months of daily work to get these kinds of results. Following the healing, the man was able to sleep soundly for the first time since the shooting.
  • A woman in her early 70’s fell in the shower and banged her head. Afterwards she could not speak, read or walk without assistance. After months without change, her husband contacted me. After our 1st Intensive she walked across the room unassisted. After our 2nd Intensive she spoke and even made a phone call. The day after our 3rd Intensive she read the morning newspaper.

  • I aided an older man in dissolving a cancerous tumor in his prostate one week before his scheduled surgery. When the operation was performed, the doctors confirmed that the tumor was no longer there.
  • A man in his 70’s had a PSA number of 5.5 and every doctor he saw told him he had prostate cancer. After an Intensive with me he was retested with a PSA number of 1.3, even lower than it had been when he was tested years earlier with a 1.9. He continues to be cancer-free.

  • I attended a community barbecue where a young man was stung by a bee. He was severely allergic and without an epipen. In the past he had been rushed to the hospital on numerous occasions (more than he could remember) and he was scared for his life. I held my hand on him for three minutes and his swelling and panic subsided. There was no need to go to the hospital this time. A week later he was stung again and had no allergic reaction.

Can you help me with emotional support or spiritual direction?

Yes. There are many areas of life where I can help with insight and wise guidance. Whether the problem pertains to work, health, relationships, or understanding your purpose, all topics are available. The only parameters are those established by your Soul for what is appropriate at the time of the Intensive. I will be shown what I need to impart to you

Can you help me awaken my Soul?

This is my forte, my purpose in this life. I delight in assisting people’s Souls to ‘pop’; to Awaken within them, so they may uncover their purpose. I can do this one-on-one, or in small groups. The frequencies that I radiate assist the Soul to break through the blocks from false beliefs. A person can actually feel this experience as a type of energetic popping within them. Check out my video demonstration: How To Awaken Your Soul

How To Awaken Your Soul

Can you help me connect to my life purpose and manifest my Soul’s desires?

Yes. There is a blueprint for your life. Your Soul purpose is not something imposed on you, but created by you to accomplish what your Soul desires. As we progress in restoring your Soul connection to wellness, and your body to health, we will uncover and begin the process of establishing the Soul Self life you came to live – and enjoy!

I can help you connect to the reason you are here. True happiness lies within this path. What your Soul wants for you does not come from outside of who you are. Your Soul is your truth. Soul Self Living is founded on this truth, on what you were designed for, down to the last detail. Your body, talents, way of thinking, way of learning, your astrology, your true interests, what excites your passion – all come out of this design. When you know your purpose you can discover and fulfill all your dreams.

Can you remove energetic blocks?

Yes. In my practice, I have found that the majority of problems, and health related issues come from energetic blockages within one’s energy field, preventing a person from sustaining homeostasis. I have the ability to ‘see’ where the energy is not flowing properly, and I am able to assist the person in removing the blocks. This, in itself, relieves the problems encountered by the majority of people. In time the body will heal itself, once the blocks no longer restrict the natural energetic flow. Proper energy flow nourishes the body, even more so than proper nutrition.

Can you help me to rid myself of negative energy that isn’t mine?

Yes. Rage is usually the accumulation of energetic thought forms that have found lodging within their host. These energy balls do not belong to anyone, yet they are passed on to others like a virus. They are in fact, energy seeking motion, “emotion.” The key is to NOT identify with it, or take ownership of it. This will only lead to outbursts that then infect others. There is a safe way to release these negative “energy viruses” with the help of a skilled Healer. I am well-versed in this type of healing. I am happy to assist you in clearing yourself of these debilitating hitchhikers.

Can you remove energetic interference from others?

Yes. There are people in our lives who, consciously or unconsciously, energetically interfere with our well-being. This can range from very harmful psychic invasions and curses, to simple energetic attachments, which can drain part of your vitality and deter your awakening. I can aid you in removing such interference and open the path to greater healing.

Can you repair damage to my energetic field?

Yes. It follows that the incidents we suffer in life cause damage. The energetic field of your consciousness, which includes the multidimensional aura, chakras, meridian system and more, retains injuries from both psychic and physical traumas and illness, even those carried over from past lives. I will remove the blocks, correct the energetic flow and establish the healing process on the energetic level where all wellness originates.

Can you help me strengthen my protective energy field?

Yes. There are many layers to your natural protective shield, a part of your auric system that insulates you from random energies in life, similar to the skin on your body. Most people have little left of this energetic seal. As part of this healing process I will help you rebuild your shield system, which will make it easier for you to strengthen and maintain your vitality, and to progress in your Soul purpose. This is one reason why I recommend regular energetic-tune ups; to build up your system and keep it in good repair.

Can you help me break through unconscious beliefs / programs?

Yes. Many of the beliefs you have learned in this life will continue to control your behavior and recreate over and over again hazardous situations and encounters, similar to a magnet attracting iron filings. I am able to see where your patterns are coming from and guide you to make the “programming” changes so that your life can progress without this self-sabotage. As humans, we create, allow, or perpetuate everything that is occurring in our lives. It is therefore up to us to dispel our ignorance by becoming informed about proper mental, emotional and physical health. Understanding our role and responsibility in this process helps complete our healing.

Can you advise me about natural, healthy options of living?

Yes. We are designed to live in harmony with Nature. Everything we need to maintain a healthy body is provided for us by Nature. All of the elements that build our strong bodies are found in the wholeness of Life’s provisions. Tampering with our health through the use of chemical isolates, drugs, GMOs, and the like will only lead to physical breakdown. I am a firm believer in “Healing; The Gerson Way” where extensive documentation has been made to prove that much physical illness comes from toxicity and deficiency. Feed your body well with organic produce and experience the difference for yourself. Healthy living is not just about what you put into your body. It’s about everything that you bring into your consciousness including books, movies, music, media, etc. I will help you learn practical and energetic skills to align more fully with Nature.

Can you help my spouse / relationship?

Yes. After an intensive with me, my clients usually experience changes in every area of their lives, including their primary relationships. I highly recommend that the spouses of my clients also have an intensive so that they can grow together and create and maintain harmony in the partnership.

Can you assist me in finding / attracting my Soulmate?

Yes. This is something I have done for many decades with great results. Soulmate matchmaking is one of my favorite endeavors! Also, there are some people who do not have a Soulmate agreement in this lifetime but could enjoy a better match. I love helping people remove what is preventing them from becoming a vibrational match (and beacon) for their Soulmate or good match relationship.

Do you offer Advanced Training Intensives for Advanced Healers?

Yes. I enjoy working with healers who wish to expand their abilities to aid others in unfolding their Soul’s purpose in life. If you feel called to explore this opportunity with me we can work in person or by phone.



Marvelous Healer

My son Chad, age 21, fell down a 150 foot cliff. He was in a coma for four months when Stacey bega