From The Ancient Ones:

The Ancient Ones

We are eternal beings of non-physical form. We make up a group of three, forming a council, for the guidance of Mankind, back to their original design as men and women. Our purpose is to assist everyone who is interested to develop their divine inner guidance, to direct themselves toward a humanity that is once again sacred and connected as One, in true camaraderie.

We welcome you to an experience with us. It is our desire to awaken the divine blueprint within each individual person to become their unique and passionate expression as designed by themselves before entering into this particular incarnation during this specific time period on planet Earth.

There is no reason to restrict the expression of who you are. There is no ‘judge’ out there to punish or reward. There is only you and your fellow humans making judgments on each other. The ALL, or as many like to call it, GOD, is all expression. Higher levels of the ALL bring forth greater expressions of joy, love and peace. Yet, it is all acceptable in the experience within the ALL. You are at choice to express whatever level of consciousness you desire. Take charge of your personal life experience.

Join us in our vision of humanity coming together as ONE united people sharing Earth with all living forms in harmony and prosperity. We will inform you of necessary changes for the evolution of mankind so you may make the shifts needed to bring forth the DIVINE PLAN that your Souls have agreed upon.

This World’s Dilemma - The Ancient OnesThis World’s Dilemma

We are aware of the many dilemmas facing humanity’s continued existence. We would like to invite each individual to examine their way of living and make a conscious choice to change that which is not serving the whole of existence here on Earth.

We entreat you to have a greater role in raising the consciousness of the entire collective of humanity. Are you ready, willing and able to become the change you desire to experience on this planet? It all begins with YOU.

A Better Way

Many people are fed up with the way this ego-world is operated by leaders who do not consider the equivalence of all life. For centuries there have been power hungry rulers, fortune seeking commercial organizations, fanatically controlling religions, and self-aggrandized individuals whose consciousness is based upon separation and control over another.

There is a better way. When the authority of the Soul of each person is given credence, the direction of humanity will shift from oppressive ego-based fear into empowered unity of goodwill towards all.

The Game of this Ego-World

Have you noticed that there are several ways to look at a situation? Within the family unit, there is the point of view of the husband/father, wife/mother, eldest child, middle children, and the youngest, s