We Help You Get to the Heart of the Matter

You may be experiencing a health crisis, feeling held back by a past trauma, or confused about what’s next for you.

And, you desire a true healing to get to the core of what’s holding you back.

Are you ready for a breakthrough?


  • Having an unlimited supply of energy
  • Enjoying physical, mental, and emotional health
  • Experiencing the fulfillment of your deepest desires
  • Loving the richness and closeness of your relationships
  • Feeling invigorated and inspired by your work
  • Expressing yourself with clarity and confidence
  • Making a significant difference in the lives of others
  • Being truly happy and fulfilled
Jack and Stacey Stephens

Jack and Stacey Stephens, co-founders of Soul Self Living

Over the past 25 years we’ve helped thousands of people like you heal, recover and create the best versions of their lives. Along the way we’ve discovered three main pathways to well-being. Which one describes you?

Energy Healing

Recover Your Health & Well-Being

You’re struggling with acute or chronic pain and/or illness. You’re looking for preventative care. Or, you desire more energy for your well-being.

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Transformational Coaching

Move Beyond Struggle

You’re having a hard time freeing yourself from the pain of your past.

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Illuminate Your Soul Blueprint

Access Your Deepest Knowing

You know there’s more and you’re ready to step into mastery of your life.

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Transformative Spiritual Partnership

We offer a unique model of holistic healing and coaching as Soulmates working together as a husband and wife team. And, we are assisted by The Ancient Ones, non-physical beings who have guided us for many years. We teach people how to maintain connection with their Soul, make true connections with others, and increase their well-being. We help people remember what it means to be fully human: capable, creative, connected, and Divine. We empower people to live their Soul’s blueprint.

When I received the Prostate-specific Antigen (PSA) test results of a 7+, every doctor I saw told me I had cancer. Needless to say I was devastated. Really. When I was told about Stacey I was at a point that I kinda believed she could help. But to bring down that test result to a non-clinical level was not a probably in my thinking process. When I was tested again six weeks after our first Intensive, the value went from a 7+ to a 1.3, which was below the baseline of 1.7 of two years ago! Also, my urgency to urinate frequently has subsided. I was greatly relieved! I have also “changed” for the better in other ways since my three Intensives. I like people more, I get less flustered, have greater patience, my business has exploded and made me busier than I’ve ever been, and I feel happier overall. So, thank you. Beyond words, thank you.

Joe S., Florida