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Another ANSWER from The Ancient Ones

Another Answer from The Ancient Ones

This is an ever-growing archive of answers from The Ancient Ones, channeled by Stacey Stephens, given to questions submitted by our subscribers. You can subscribe here to ask a question and receive the new Q & A email each week. 

Who am I becoming 10,000 years from now – how can I accept the invitation to receive from the ancient ones? I am ready to heal the world; I seek guidance to shed my veil and fully receive the invocation.2019-11-02T15:16:29-07:00

Your enthusiasm is enlivening. Our wish for you is that you remember who you are. We know you as the Angelic Being that you truly are. Sometimes, even Angels forget themselves during their incarnation here on Earth.

Your invitation for us to assist you is all we need to help you uncover your reason for returning to this Earth plane. And, we can bring you even closer to your goal with a few Channeled Vibrational Healing Intensives.

There is a lot of current information that we have shared through our Channel, Stacey. We recommend that you read everything on the Soul Self Living website. This very act will help you to dissolve the veil of this ego-mind world.

When you are ready, please reach out to us by setting an appointment to speak with us (through our Channel). We have a lot to share with you. You are blessed.

I’m struggling with my separated husband right now. We are trying to get back together but we just don’t agree on so many things, it is so hard, we have an 8 year old daughter and we disagree on how we bring her up amongst so many other things, but I think this is the one that’s driving us apart. Have you any parenting guides for parents with different views?2019-10-31T15:46:00-07:00

Yes, our parental guidelines are simple: Love, patience and acceptance.

Remember that “love covers a multitude of sins.” And, “love is patient.” Also, acceptance of another’s view, even when you disagree, shows respect for them.

Can you step back far enough to untwist from the “power struggle” that you have co-created together from your arguments? This tension wreaks havoc in any relationship. The very act of trying to change another’s opinion, or way of being, is a sign that self-righteousness is in play here. This is not a loving behavior that invites cooperation.

Instead, are you willing to release your judgements against your husband and allow him to choose for himself how he personally wishes to treat his daughter? With that said, are you able to stand firm in your own resolve to bring up your child in the best way you know how?

Whether you stay together, or live separate lives, the raising of your child is of utmost importance. What do you want her to learn from you?

Children are resilient, especially when they feel loved and accepted. Can you teach her to be loving towards others, accepting of other people’s differing views, while making up her own mind as to what is right for her? This will help her to mature more gracefully.

Are you willing to be patient with the whole process? Communicating your desires in a loving way can help ease tensions. Patience is wisdom in action. Acceptance shows respect for another. And, love fills in the gaps.

What is the best method for me to use to strengthen my body after surgery?2019-10-20T09:37:53-07:00

We would say the best methods would be as NATURAL as possible.

Juicing fresh produce, especially kale, will assist you on every level.

Utilizing Nature’s pain reliever, sleep aid and meditation booster – cannabis can help create a more soothing experience for recovery.

And, most importantly, we would recommend MEDITATION to assist you to clear out the intruding forces obtained during the operation and to help complete the grieving stage set up by the trauma of the surgery.

Acupuncture can help speed the recovery time.

And, of course, a Vibrational Healing Intensive with us can help you get back into your body and back on your feet, physically, energetically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Remember to keep your spirits up with positive, uplifting reading material, music, videos, etc.

Joy acts like an elixir for the body, so surround yourself with those who bring you such wonderful healing energy.

Prayer, conversations with God, and positive intention can give you a strength that hastens the healing process.

These are just a few of the many natural healing aids that can make your recovery a more pleasant experience.

How should I respond to a former colleague who is now reaching out to me months after ignoring my request to meet?2019-09-09T15:38:11-07:00

Original question: “What does this mean in the universe or how should I respond in this situation… I reach out to a professional work colleague through social media to connect/meet for coffee or lunch, and they do not respond. Soon thereafter, an event occurred where we no longer work together anymore. I eventually withdraw my request through the social media network. Life goes on. Several months later, the same now former work colleague now reaches out to me via social media to connect/meet for coffee or lunch.

Is it an opportunity for me to meet with them and forgive any unresolved issues for me, for them, for both of us? I want to focus on highest and best of intentions. I am unsure why this has happened and now it has happened twice in the past few days! Perhaps I am overthinking it. My tendency is to connect with them, but I am unresolved about them declining to connect when I had reached out initially.”

Answer: “Life has become so fast paced that many opportunities are lost or fall through the cracks. Sometimes life seems like a race to get it all done. In this hurried world of mankind, people may find it difficult to take a break long enough to get together with friends, colleagues or even family members.

There can be so many reasons why a person doesn’t get back to you. They may have never seen your request. A family member may be ill. Stress may have caused forgetfulness. Whatever the reason, can you give them a chance to make it up to you?

What does the Universe have in store for the two of you? Meeting up would help to answer that question.” ~ The Ancient Ones

In the totality of life on Earth thus far, how are we (humans) doing as a species?2019-09-09T13:54:22-07:00

We could say that you are excelling in many ways due to technology. Information is available to the masses. People can be brought together from around the globe to communicate their ideas, so that decisions can be made to benefit all of life.

And, we could also declare that you are falling behind in many ways due to technology. A lot of inventions that have been implemented to date have caused great harm to the health and well-being of humanity and all other life on Earth.

When you, as a species, choose to combine the natural laws of the Universe with technology you will master harmony with all.

There have been numerous attempts to do this from spirit-guided individuals throughout the ages. But greed still has too strong a hold on the purse strings of those in authority.

The time is coming when masses of people will awaken to their Soul’s inner guidance. This will be the answer that will inspire people to care more deeply for Earth’s needs. Seek to know your truth, your Soul’s wisdom. And, shower your love to all.

My greatest worry is that people now tend to get mixed up with sex and gender. And many young people medicate themselves with cross-sex hormones in order to look like the opposite sex. I’m not sure if they understand that we all contain both feminine and masculine qualities, and that the best is to find balance. It’s very worrying that young people become addicted to hormone injections at a very young age due to this gender-confusion. What do you think about this?2020-01-23T10:54:34-08:00

We hear your concern for the well-being of our youth. It is fascinating how through the eons of time people have gravitated towards self-altering procedures to change their appearance and reformulate their image. Because it is up to each individual to choose for themselves how to live their lives, there will most likely be these kinds of practices for all eternity.

With that said, we hope that in time people will come to understand that individuality is more of an expression from within. When a person can truly accept their body, male or female, and express themselves freely, they will no longer feel the need to make these physical alterations. We watch and observe.

Judgment from others tends to create exaggerated demonstrations from those seeking freedom of expression, until acceptance or tolerance has been attained. Once this occurs people tend to mellow and behave in a more balanced way. And, as people age, they tend to find their own rhythm, no longer needing the approval of their peers and others.

Phases come and go. What is popular now will fall by the wayside as something else takes its place. The key is to choose wisely for oneself.

Eventually, people naturally come to accept themselves. When they do, their quest for world-approval turns into a celebration of self-approval. How this comes about changes with the times. The big picture here is the attainment of SELF-APPROVAL.

We see people relaxing their judgmental ways in order to allow our youth to accept their own individual expression. When people are free to love themselves and others as they choose, peace ensues, and then balance can be achieved.

How can I remain nonjudgmental towards bullies?2020-01-23T10:42:23-08:00

We suggest you see beyond the veil of this ego-mind world and pierce into the spiritual realm where they too are Souls, like you. Try viewing them as their natural spiritual self, who may possibly be stuck behind their ego’s dominance, or crushed within their ego’s hatred, or blocked by their ego’s emotional pain, or pushed back by their ego’s fear of failure, or detached by their ego’s misperceptions of superiority, competition, separation, etc.

Can you find within yourself the fellow-feeling for these dear Souls who have been compromised by their own ego-minds which have temporarily taken control? They, themselves, have lost their Soul’s direction and are therefore operating without this wise guidance.

Bullying is a form of ego-bravado. Harmful acts are not desirable, and yet, a person’s ego may choose to do strange things based upon what they believe.

Those of us in Spirit do not judge people because we know there is nothing to judge. No one, including us, is superior to another. In the totality of God, there are no acts too great or too horrible. Everything is forgivable and forgiven, eventually. This is the great thing about karma and reincarnation. But, why wait to forgive another who has upset you?

Free yourself now.

Why are babies born with defects? Is it because of the toxic environment that we have created here on Earth? Or, is it because of their past life issues needing to be worked through?2019-08-11T08:55:05-07:00

The answer varies from infant to infant. Some powerful Souls do bring with them issues they wish to overcome. These, however, are less frequent.

Most defects are produced from the toxicity in the environment. Man-made chemicals of all kinds have permeated the air, water and soil, causing issues all over the planet. People need to bring the Earth back into wellness before they bring about their own extinction.

Because of years of pollution, genetic defects are on the rise. These defects mutate from parent to child causing multiple new issues. Again, this planet needs to be cleaned up from the ignorant harmful actions of humans.

One of the greatest threats to humanity is the use of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and the like. People are not designed to live on chemicals. And yet, these invasive drugs have become common place even among our youth.

Another issue that needs to be addressed is the mindset of the parents, especially that of the mother-to-be. During pregnancy, while a baby develops in the womb, it is affected by EVERYTHING that the mother encounters. Stressful situations, angry outbursts from others, jealousy and envy from those less fortunate, the unbalanced energy of visiting friends and relatives, etc.

If the energy of the mother becomes blocked somehow, it also may be blocked within the unborn. Growing a child in the womb is one of the greatest accomplishments a woman’s body can achieve. More care needs to be given during this time of development.

Besides a toxic environment, genetic defects, the unbalanced energy of others, and a mother undergoing stress, a child within the womb can also be negatively affected by the energy currents of technology that pervade the atmosphere. This technological age has brought with it some very harmful effects that can be eliminated through the proper use of technology. Humans have their work cut out for them to ensure the preservation and continuation of their species.

How can I release the grudges I hold towards those who have harmed me either on purpose or inadvertently?2019-08-03T13:09:53-07:00

“Forgive them for they know not what they do” is a wise saying. It explains how the ego-mind, distanced from the Soul, can at times harm another. And, it is your own ego-mind that is holding on to your grudges.

Souls incarnate for many reasons. Some come to work things out with other Souls from their past. Others arrive to overcome their own errors of their past. Each Soul shines bright when they awaken to their purpose.

When you allow your ego-mind to block your Soul’s love for another you remain stuck in the negative loop of blame. Rise above the fault-finding. Bring your consciousness into alignment with the true power of your Soul, which is LOVE for all.

Act like a boat on water and allow your Soul to move forward in LOVE merrily down the stream of life. Flow over and around the ego obstacles. Do not permit your ego-mind to waste time on grudges.

Yesterday is the past. Today is the present and tomorrow is your future. Leave the past behind so you can create a better future. Grudges only slow you down.

What does it mean to be a natural human being in this time?2019-07-27T16:25:52-07:00

Human thinking has shifted throughout the passage of time. There have been several eras where peace has resided among humans and the natural world. This ideal expression creates a natural interdependency among all of life, supporting wholeness and allowing the natural rhythm of the cosmos to do its magic in the lives of the people who flow with it.

This natural rhythm remains relatively steady, allowing everyone to plug into it whenever they choose to slow down long enough to experience it. Many people feel the need to unplug from the world of mankind from time to time in order to recharge in Nature. Humans yearn to connect with the majesty of this beautiful planet.

Life seems to unwind during vacations. Imagine living closer to the planet’s natural rhythm each and every day of your life. Stress would dissolve. Clarity of mind would ensue. And, the body would relax into its natural state.

To be a natural human being at this time means that a person would have to make an effort to come back to their natural rhythm with all of the cosmos. Are you willing to slow your life down enough to enjoy life the way a human is designed to live? Endeavor each day to bring your thoughts into harmony with the natural world and see for yourself just how in sync your life can become.

My sister doesn’t believe that a Healer should charge money for their services. How can I help her to see a different perspective?2019-07-19T13:04:28-07:00

Throughout the ages there have been many differing ideas concerning whether a person should be paid to minister to or heal another. In many cases, where it is agreed upon that a person with a gift of healing be paid, compensation is given in exchange for the practitioner’s time and expertise, very similar to that of a doctor.

We recommend to everyone that they seek to uncover the gifts that their Soul has come to share with the world and share lavishly. Whether their gifts are that of a healing nature or something else, all gifts are from God. We put no restrictions on how a person shares their special gifts. Being of service is key, as is remaining balanced in caring for oneself while also caring for another.

Why do religions and other institutions put so many restrictions on people’s behavior?2019-06-20T14:23:13-07:00

There are two ways to obtain a person’s agreement. Either through encouragement and invitation or through intimidation and coercion. One is of Spirit, the other is used by the ego-mind.

Whenever force is used, it is most likely an idea of the ego-mind in order to control the situation. Spirit prefers to allow people to come into agreement through proper spiritual education and the inner inspiration of their own Soul.

Controlling a person’s behavior by means of humiliation and punishment is a technique often used by institutions endeavoring to manage large groups. It creates an illusory sense of safety among fearful people.

LOVE and spiritual inspiration assist people in a more positive direction towards a greater universal approach. When people realize their own God-given ability to co-create through uplifting encouragement, they will then act from a deeper wellspring within them, namely, their Soul.

God creates. Fearful ego-minds tend to control. Spirit uplifts and inspires. Fearful ego-minds are likely to demand and punish. LOVE encourages. Fearful ego-minds are inclined to manipulate and coerce.

It is up to you to choose how you will allow yourself to be treated and to choose how you will treat others. We suggest you seek out the understanding of your Soul. Remember, God is LOVE.

How can we improve this world?2019-06-08T15:20:30-07:00

When people gather together in like-mindedness, there is a camaraderie that naturally develops amongst one another. Sharing in similar ideas creates bonds of trust. Action is easier to take when unity is strong.

All alliances are made through the process of agreements. Choose wisely what you yourself agree to and be sure to include the well-being of all in your decision-making process.

A world united in the desire for peace, prosperity and well-being for ALL will surely attain its goal.

Why do bad things happen to good people?2019-06-08T15:19:07-07:00

When a person believes in good and bad, it can be challenging to explain another concept that they can grasp because belief systems are strong and difficult to overcome. When a belief system is challenged many people feel discomfort with the process of figuring out what is best in the moment for all.

We call it being triggered. That is, the belief system is being challenged. We call belief systems programs. So, when a program is triggered a person may act out in a fearful way. This can look like anger, hatred, jealousy, judgment, hurt feelings, or withdrawal.

Everyone desires to feel safe. Trust helps to build a good foundation for the rest of the building blocks. Yet, it is challenging to build trust in a world that thrives on independence, rather than interdependence.

As a species, the human race has the potential to uncover the bedrock of how this Universe works. For too long people have tried the game of separation. That is, ego-mind verses Soul authority. This has set up the programs that teach good vs bad, this vs that.

When a person can open their mind to allow the experience of the interconnectedness of the Universe, they will then be able to comprehend that everything that occurs in one’s life is drawn to them by their own vibratory understanding of life.

This is why we have volunteered to assist humanity back into wholeness where their Soul guides all interactions. From here you will see a great change in your life. We invite you to delve into the amazing library that we have provided thus far. And, stay tuned to the Universal frequencies of life, love and oneness. Eventually, all will come to understand the universal language of LOVE.

How do I best express my masculine energy?2019-06-08T15:17:00-07:00

Care more deeply about what is YOURS. Masculine energy is active towards all that one desires for oneself. So, endeavor to include everything that is important to you. When you care deeply about your own well-being, you will choose better solutions for yourself.

When you care deeply about your family, you will choose more wisely how you provide for their well-being. And, when you include every living creature in your deep caring, you will act upon the well-being of all. So, care more deeply about everyone and everything in your life experience.

Then, you will be expressing your God-given masculine energy in the best possible ways for all to prosper.

How can I recall my purpose, and why did I choose my parents?2019-06-02T11:04:23-07:00

We would be happy to assist you in whatever way we can. There are many ways to recall your purpose for this incarnation. Meditation is the tool that most people use to uncover their truth. We suggest that you begin by spending time alone with your Soul. As you feel into the beauty of your Soul’s love, you may get to know yourself in a way that allows your Soul to ‘show’ you what is most important for you in this lifetime. This process can take decades or minutes, depending on how well you can move into love with your BEING.

We have reading material available on the Soul Self Living website that can aid you in this. Once you can bring your consciousness into accepting that it is love that wants to express through, and as you, you will awaken your true purpose.

We also work through our Channel, Stacey, to help people awaken their Soul’s purpose. When you feel ready you may wish to set up an appointment. Or, you could look for assistance from a spiritual teacher that you trust. The key is to relax your ego-mind and allow your Soul’s knowing to come forth.

Your parents are most likely Soul’s that you have unfinished business with from another time. And, because love is the Soul’s main purpose, you may find that when you awaken this love from deep within, your relationship with your parents may improve.

Our greatest teaching is LOVE. When you can see through the eyes of love, you will be seeing through the eyes of your Soul. Awaken to love, and you will awaken your Soul purpose.

Can a person manifest anything they wish?2019-05-30T14:22:53-07:00

LOVE is the word that describes how the Universe works. Yet, even the best of us cannot always live in and as pure LOVE. We may spend some precious moments there in each of our incarnations, but most people do not know the degree to which LOVE actually is.

God is LOVE. Humans are made in God’s image. Which is why they are to use LOVE as a tool in their co-creations. And, LOVE is creative. So, let LOVE create through, and as YOU.

LOVE holds no judgment. People who open their hearts fully cannot help but LOVE as God LOVES.


LOVE completely without restrictions. Then, you will KNOW LOVE.

From there a person may manifest anything they truly desire.

What can I do to obtain my spiritual equilibrium?2019-05-21T15:14:29-07:00

We have found that it can be helpful to remember how uplifting it felt when you experienced your heart open through acts of kindness and compassion. When you can set aside judgment and allow yourself to continue caring with your full heart, you will find a peace within that surpasses all understanding.

Balance comes when you can love and care for yourself, along with all of God’s creatures. Self-care makes you strong. Caring for others brings balance to your life. Love opens the way.

Whatever you decide to do in your life, open your heart wide, then act. Your Soul knows what you are to do. Rely upon your Soul’s knowing.

You will feel blessed as you bless others with kindness. Love is always the best answer.

Shouldn’t people be punished for wrongdoing?2019-05-14T14:51:15-07:00

In the ego-mind realm people believe that ‘wrongdoers’ should be punished. However, in the Spirit dimension we know a higher truth and, therefore, we say that GOD does not punish. Rather, when someone has done something that is considered harmful, we suggest that they be shown the correct way and be given the opportunity to make amends. This way the world becomes a better place to live and not a huge prison cell.

Ask yourself why you would feel the need to punish someone. Would you not rather have the offence corrected? How could putting someone behind bars help fix the issue unless that person can be taught or rehabilitated during a short stay in a rehabilitation center?

Caging a human being can turn even the innocent into criminals due to the harsh treatment. And, it can be very difficult to find work once released from imprisonment.

We prefer to assist people back into love. We hope you too will seek to help offenders by showing them that love prevails.

What happens to us when we die?2019-05-07T08:40:33-07:00

We would like to put your mind at ease by saying that death is a transition from living within a physical body to moving freely as a spiritual entity, or Soul as we like to call it. Your Soul does not die. Only your temporary material body dies.

Because life on this planet calls for humans to participate as co-creators, most people like to come back to Earth through the process of reincarnation. It can take many lifetimes to complete the Soul’s agenda.

Sometimes, a Soul may choose to stay in their spiritual form in order to assist their loved ones from the vantage point of Spirit. Guidance from Spirit can be very useful, as there are no time/space boundaries. We, ourselves, enjoy helping people from this magical place.

When a person has had a difficult time correcting their negative behavior, they may need more time working things out in a school type atmosphere provided in the spiritual dimension. It can be easier to adjust one’s false notions in Spirit before re-entering this Earth plane that is filled with great temptations.

Life everywhere is about LOVE. How well one is able to love all of life is the sole purpose of living. So, please enjoy your days here and complete your Soul’s mission to love, love, love.

I would like to ask about extramarital affairs and karmic account. Why do extramarital affairs happen? Is it some past life connection between those two people? And is an extramarital affair wrong? Because the definition of right and wrong is subjective. And if yes then why can’t we help it when it happens (even though we know it’s wrong)? What are the karmic implications of an extramarital affair?2019-04-30T08:20:04-07:00

We are pleased to address such a sensitive subject. As ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ are ego-mind definitions, we must claim a higher version of truth. IT IS ALL GOD; therefore, it is all good in the spiritual sense of the word.

Many wonderful creations have come forth through extramarital affairs. Our dear Channel is living proof of this. And, because she was raised without a father, she learned to rely on spiritual advisors, like ourselves, to help guide her through her life. We are pleased that her mother chose to keep her.

The main three issues we see with adultery are deceit, betrayal, and judgment. We will break these down: Deceit destroys trust. Betrayal hurts deeply. And, the judgment from the spouse and others can cause themselves to close their hearts, and sometimes cast curses by wishing ill of the offender.

The act of adultery itself usually comes from three reasons: Boredom in the relationship. Neglect from the spouse. Or, Soulmates reuniting. If boredom is the reason, then one may need to add more excitement and intimacy in the relationship. Neglect must be remedied, the couple possibly needing counselling. Soulmates finding each other can stir up such powerful past life connections that they may find it challenging to work through more appropriate ways that call for patience while dismantling their current marriage, before getting together.

Life is ever moving forward. Which means it can be messy at times. When two people come together in love and choose to marry, they make a promise to continue loving each other for the duration of their life together. Many are hopeful that this will continue until their old age and death. But most people end their relationship before then, creating a spiritual death of the marriage. Either way, whatever reason one gives for their break-up, it is all one’s own business.

We suggest that you examine your motives for an extramarital affair and weigh them to see whether it is worth the price of pain to all involved. Only you can decide for yourself what is best for you. GOD does not judge. Only humans make judgments. Your karma is created by what YOU think you deserve. Grace from GOD wipes all slates clean.

Why do people hurt each other?2019-04-27T15:04:00-07:00

It is an interesting phenomenon that when a person is hurting inside, they act out in a form of anger to pull others into their negativity. You could say that they want company, or they just can’t help themselves. We say, pain is like an infection that can spread like wildfire if it is not contained or extinguished.

When you find someone hurting inside, endeavor to be a calming influence for them while they work through their emotions. Remember that it is their pain that you are experiencing and not yours. This will allow you to help them without acting out yourself. The saying is, “when a blind person helps another blind one, they may both fall into a pit.” So, keep your center while you assist another to find theirs.

Emotional pain needs outlets. Endeavor to find healthy ways to express yourself when you are feeling down. Many people find upliftment while helping others who are in need. If you can, find ways to assist people who are less fortunate than yourself. When you see another going through harder times than yourself, you are better able to pick yourself up and out of your own unhappiness.

How do I open my heart more?2019-04-20T07:32:25-07:00

Our simple answer is to care more.

Care more about your own well-being. Care more about the well-being of your loved ones. Care more about the well-being of humanity. Care more about the well-being of the Earth and all its inhabitants.

When you care, your heart opens wide. Sometimes this can bring forth tears of joy for the beauty of life. And, at other times tears of pain for the suffering in life.

Caring is the greatest expression of one’s Soul. Every Soul comes to this planet to assist their fellow humans and all of creation. Seek out ways that feel good to you to show your care for God’s creatures.

There is no kind act too small. Every caring deed helps to uplift the spirits of those around them.

Remember how good it feels to LOVE.

I have been suffering from Cancer in a big way for 7 years. I’ve given up on practically everything. What can I do to help myself?2019-04-06T09:34:24-07:00

We suggest that you go deep inside yourself to your core where your Soul’s awareness resides. When you reach that place within you, you will know exactly what to do.

To get there, we recommend that you work with someone you trust who can assist you at this level. Remember the phrase, “Where two or more are gathered.”

Also, there is a great amount of elevating reading material that we have channeled that has been posted on the Soul Self Living website. This can help you to raise your vibration. It has been designed to enhance your connection with your Soul.

And, most importantly, we hope that you will take this time to mend your relationship with YOU. For this is your purpose for this incarnation.

How can I balance my masculine and feminine energy?2019-03-31T12:52:01-07:00

Balance is key to one’s well-being. Men and women have certain proclivities that may differ from each other. Uniqueness is also a factor. Therefore, balance is relative to each person.

A good rule of thumb is to choose that which would suit you best personally. Are you more inclined to be an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert? Do you prefer mental or physical activities? Are you one to speak out or remain silent? Do you take charge or follow?

When you examine your tendencies, be sure to allow for your own unique personality traits. People are not meant to be carbon copies. It is wonderful when you can figure out how to best maintain your equilibrium.

Masculine traits have more to do with taking care of oneself and one’s belongings. Feminine characteristics favor caring for others and the well-being of those less fortunate. When a person can balance these two, they become strong and caring people able to honor the value of both themselves and others.

Balance lies in being strong enough to care for oneself, family, and belongings and also caring enough to include the rest of humanity, the Earth and all of its inhabitants. Where do you stand in this mix? Do you need to strengthen your self-care, or do you need to improve your care for others?

Love is the power necessary to accomplish all that is needed to obtain true balance. Open your heart to love more. Awaken your Soul to express its natural care for all of creation. Seek out ways to assist and benefit the world. Mankind is in great need of loving, strong people.

How do I get departure from vibrations received from my ex-girlfriend…and how do I know that I am receiving vibrations?2019-03-27T11:05:40-07:00

Positive, loving vibrations shared between lovers is an exceptional way to build a strong relationship. When the time has come to part ways there is a brief period where neither one is feeling to share these good vibes. If you can overcome any negative thoughts or feelings toward your former beloved you will be able to bounce back in a short time.

If you feel that there are hurt feelings between you, we suggest that you take it into your meditation until you can forgive them and yourself for any uncaring thoughts, words or actions. Forgiveness releases all negative ties.

Once you have mastered within yourself the forgiveness necessary, nothing negative they send your way can affect you. All affects come from there being a match within your own energy field. So, if you hold a grudge for anyone, their own grudge towards you will be felt within you.

If you can bring yourself to feel only appreciation for your ex for all the time shared, you will be able to move forward in your life and draw to yourself another with whom you can share loving vibrations.

Many times, when a person gets together with someone else before they have truly completed their parting with their past lover, they will experience residue that may negatively affect their new relationship. It is much more pleasant for all parties involved to start fresh. Endeavor to take the time to release all angst you may still feel towards those with whom you have chosen to end a relationship.

You will know by how you feel if you are sharing positive or negative vibrations with others. You can only apply yourself, and yet, this is all that is needed for your life to blossom.

How can I bring back the spark that I had when I was younger?2019-03-23T09:54:20-07:00

The divine spark of your Soul is always with you. Sometimes it seems to get buried under all of the hardships that occur during a person’s lifetime. Seek to uncover this magnificent light within you. There are several approaches that can be useful. Try out each one that feels right to you:

REMEMBER: Endeavor to remember how you felt when you were shining brightly. Keep this memory in your mind until it fills you again with the beautiful energetics of your Soul’s knowing. Think of yourself as dissolving all that is between you and YOU. Do this often until you can keep this spark alit.

CARE: Open your heart to care for another. When your Soul comes to the spiritual assistance of someone, it will naturally illuminate itself in order to bring the necessary vibration to uplift those involved.

VOLUNTEER: Volunteer your time helping people and/or the planet. Choose an activity that really means something to you. This will ignite your passion. Seek to keep your focus on positive solutions.

WRITE: Spread the word. Allow your Soul to share positive, uplifting ideas with others. Writing from your Soul’s perspective can help to ease the tumultuous minds of those who have been overcome with despair.

DANCE: Body movement can help to awaken parts of your Being that have gone into slumber. Create the right space for yourself to unleash your vibrancy and feel your Soul moving through you.

GIVE: Whatever you can give to another will keep you in the flow of generosity. Generosity is a sign of spiritual well-being.

TRUST: Trust in the goodness of life. Everything that happens occurs because someone has set it into motion. Trust your Soul to show you what is yours to do. If you feel fully alive, ecstatic, passionate or even hopeful your Soul is shining through.

How do you know when to stay and speak up about dysfunctional systems and when it’s time to walk away because the organization is too far gone? Another way to say that might be: How do you know when your role in a situation matters enough to stay even if you wonder if it’s like staying in an abusive relationship? Or even if it is abusive, how do you know when it’s redeemable? Part of me just wants permission to leave, and part of me thinks that is a cop-out in a world full of problems. When I think about leaving, I feel relief. When I think about staying, I feel drained and hopeless much of the time, although other times I realize I’m learning a lot. I wish I could land somewhere. Maybe life is just messy at best.2019-03-23T09:28:35-07:00

Your feeling nature is your best guide. Trust the relief that you feel. Even if the organization is redeemable, it may not be ideal for YOU to participate any longer. There are plenty of qualified people who can be useful in turning a negative situation around. The key is for them to feel the excitement within them of it being their purpose to do so.

Whenever life gets too much for the nervous system to handle it is a clue that it no longer suits that person to continue giving it their attention. Trust your intuition. Rely on how you feel towards each endeavor. Give yourself permission to help where you feel pulled to do so.

Life is meant to thrill you, to fill you with splendor and a wonderful sense of accomplishment. Seek out all the ways that you can help to raise the vibration and consciousness of people without burning yourself out. A life well lived is a happy life.

What do you have to say about reincarnation?2019-03-09T09:17:09-08:00

Life is never ending. As a Soul, one comes into this physical plane as often as desired. There are few restrictions as to who can enter this Earthly plane of existence. Because LOVE is the energy of the Soul, each child born gets to embark on a new life journey. Whether they stay true to their Soul’s agenda or give in to the ego-mind ways of the personality is up to them.

Each Soul carries within it the information of their past incarnations. Sometimes there are things that the Soul must work through to get itself back on course. Everyone’s course is connected to Source’s course, which is WELL-BEING for all.

When we bring our ego-mind into alignment with Source we become instruments through which life can unfold naturally and harmoniously. Everything and everyone are interconnected. When people realize this spiritual truth, they will be more apt to help their fellow humans.

Life is about continually starting over. Each day is a new day. Each incarnation is a new beginning. Endeavor to start fresh each and every morning. A new day will dawn until all are well.

Is it true that crystals can help people to raise their vibrations?2019-03-02T11:53:46-08:00

For millennia people have used crystals, minerals and stones to enhance their energy bodies. Each one has its own type of frequency that can aid in shifting one’s vibration, especially when touched, held or worn.

These marvelous “rocks” carry within them a steady vibration that can help to alter the frequencies around them. When used properly, they act as catalysts to help launch certain creations. And, when several are used together, their combined frequencies can also enhance one’s own energy body by filling in the gaps where certain frequencies may be missing.

We like to treat each piece like an individual, where some work better together than others. Because these fine tools carry subtle frequencies, one must FEEL their way while attempting to build a grid. A good rule of thumb is if you feel better when around them keep them close. But, if you feel that the combination you are using causes an uneasy feeling, then by all means change the arrangement.

When combined, crystals, like any other vibrating matter, can create a harmonious experience or a feeling of discord.

How can I heal emotionally and spiritually from all the trauma of dealing with cancer and its treatment?2019-02-16T08:01:18-08:00

We send you peace in this difficult time.

We would like to suggest that you spend all your focus at this time on your mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. You have beautiful guides to assist you to recover your trust in your Soul’s path.

LOVE is the energy of the Cosmos. Therefore, dwell in LOVE. Bathe your cells in the intoxicating joy of Spirit. Uncover your memory of this spiritual truth.

When you can allow Spirit to direct your life, peace will wash over you. When you can trust in your Soul’s agenda, your anxiety will subside. When you can accept what is, what was, and what will be, you will heal from all the trauma that you have endured.

Whatever your journey may entail, know that to live in loving acceptance of your Soul’s path is the greatest thing you can do at this time. All will be well with your Soul.

How can I find my Soulmate?2019-02-14T11:03:06-08:00

Many people have asked this very question and we are happy to give our input. First, there are numerous types of Soulmates for each person. A Soulmate is a Soul that has agreed to be in your life to assist you in your expansion of consciousness. They may take the shape of your children, siblings, parents, friends, teachers, business partners, lovers, marriage partners, etc.

Not everyone has set up for themselves a romantic Soulmate to share their life. Instead, they may have chosen to experience their life as a free spirit, or maybe as a dedicated single spiritual teacher or monk, or a focused activist, etc.

For those who do have a romantic partner as a Soulmate, know that each one is seeking the other. The ‘pull’ can become quite strong. We suggest that each person focus their attention on becoming their true selves before seeking the other. For, when your Soul is radiating your truth it acts like a beacon of light that attracts to itself all that is for its well-being. This attraction can pull people together who may be oceans apart. Spirit moves in mysterious ways. Endeavor to follow your Soul’s promptings. This will bring you together faster than anything your ego-mind may conjure up.

I stand to inherit my emotionally abusive father’s business. I love the work and feel it is my calling, but the environment gets very toxic when he is in an outrage and I feel it may be harming my health. How do I maintain my center and well-being while working with him before he retires?2020-01-22T09:57:38-08:00

We understand the predicament that you find yourself in. First, we commend you for knowing your calling. This alone will give you the fortitude to withstand the many winds of change that you may experience during this period.

Also, it may be easier to accept emotional outbursts from a family member than from a non-related boss. Family members can sometimes seek a free pass when it comes to expressing their emotions. This does not excuse the abusiveness, it only shows the common experience that many people endeavor to endure.

When you understand that your father has an issue with his emotional temperament you can help to alleviate much of his stress by cooperating as best as you can to avoid creating the circumstances that may cause his outbursts. This will help all involved to have a more pleasant working environment.

Your spiritual and emotional center is dependent upon your own sense of self-worth. Strengthen your knowing of your worthiness and you will be better able to tolerate your father’s lack of self-control.

Care for yourself well during this stage of your life with plenty of rest and recuperation, and try to see your father through loving eyes. How you treat him is just as important as how he treats you. Show him that you have what it takes to keep your cool even when he cannot.

When you hold your center during these trying times, you show yourself responsibly mature and well-equipped to take over the family business when the time comes for you to inherit it.

How we treat others is a sign of how we are doing personally. Keep an eye on yourself that you continue to respect others the way you wish to be respected. In time you will reap a good harvest for all your efforts.

I feed and care for feral cats on a farm. I am in constant worry over them. What can I do to stop this worrying and stop this situation from taking over my life?2019-01-30T09:56:52-08:00

There are two ways to look at a situation. One is to worry that things will not turn out well. The other is to experience the situation, in its completed form, where everything works out for the highest good of all (including yourself).

When you focus on the outcome that you want, you set into motion all the key ingredients for success. People and whatever is needed will either show up or become available to assist you in fulfilling your vision. When you hold the vibration of loving care for these critters, you attract to yourself the same from others who share in your affection. Gather to yourself all that is needed by holding strong and patient to your goal and take the proper action to fulfill your desire to care for these creatures. Many hands make for lighter work.

Train yourself to focus only on the good that you wish to accomplish, and you will alleviate much of the stress in your life. Also, realize that you are not alone in your desire. There are many people who will be glad to assist when you reach out to them. So, reach out often and by every means available. The world needs more caring humans like yourself.

Do you have any advice on how to unblock stuck emotions, or how I can love myself through this difficult time in my life?2019-01-19T11:01:00-08:00

To get energy into motion (emotion), we suggest that you first realize a truth that will help you to relax enough to allow the stuck energy to move. Fear creates a barrier that prevents energy from circulating through the system. By removing the fear-based blockage, you can naturally feel the movement that you are looking for.

This simple truth that LOVE is all that truly exists will help you to reshape your consciousness into a more free-flowing expression. The universe is always in motion, flowing steadily towards balance. Life is always seeking ways to recover its balance.

Balance is enhanced with loving kindness. You can find your balance more easily when you relax your mind and allow your Soul to guide you from your heart. Please know that there is no punishment coming to you from God, or Source. The only judgement and perhaps punishment that you need concern yourself with is that which is put upon you by mankind. For, it is the ego-mind separated from the heart that seeks to judge and punish another.

God loves you as you are, and this beautiful Source energy desires your well-being. Seek therefore to love yourself as God loves you. And, endeavor to relax your own judgement of yourself. As you do this you will find a peace that surpasses all understanding. For the ego-mind, at this time, seems to only understand judgement and punishment. Please realize that judgement does not come from God.

It will be a wonderful world when people finally understand that restorative justice can alleviate much of the pain and fearfulness that punitive measures create. Humanity will wake up eventually. You can start now.

~ The Ancient Ones

PS. Please check out the blog post – ‘You Are Divine’ to read about restorative justice.

How can we continue to heal ourselves and Mother Earth and more?2019-01-19T08:00:08-08:00

This world of mankind is made up of two factions of thought – that which is in tune with Nature (God’s way), and that which is out of balance with Nature. When a person or group of people endeavor to work within Nature’s balance, many wonderful things can be accomplished for the highest good of all, including planet Earth.

The issues at hand come from people not taking into consideration the effects of their behavior on the natural world. Thus, pollution, toxicity of all sorts, disease, stress, climate change, natural disasters and the like fill the Earth.

When choosing your lifestyle, endeavor to seek highest good for all. This will alleviate much of the harm done to yourself, others, and our beautiful Earth. As your choices advance to help clean-up that which is still causing harm, you will experience a sense of positive pride in your stewardship of this planet.

Health and well-being are achieved and maintained by living in balance with Nature. Seek, therefore, to balance yourself and to live upon Mother Earth in as natural a way as possible.

How do I know/recognize my past life karma with people and how do I finish/complete/balance my karmic account in this life?2018-12-20T10:45:47-08:00

It is not necessary to discover your past life karma with others in order to complete your account. If you endeavor to live your life in Love you will automatically balance your karmic account which is made up of past experiences where you had chosen fear, judgment or hatred.

We recommend to everyone that they first seek to know themselves before trying to know another. When you focus on your own expression of love and life, regardless of circumstances, you will have the opportunity to clean your slate with all.

Karma does not mean you owe someone else. Your karma is yours to work through and is not dependent on anyone else. You can clear your past karma in an instant of Divine Oneness where you recognize and become your Divine truth, your Soul Self.

Once you realize that you are here to love and uplift others you will create very little karma to correct. Remember, karma is formed when a choice is made to restrict, deny or destroy love/life. So, seek to stay in LOVE.

I have come to a slight stumbling block. What can The Ancient Ones help me with?2018-12-01T10:24:02-08:00

We are always honored to assist those who ask for our help. You could have a conversation with us through our chosen channel, Stacey. We could answer your questions and help you find your center. More importantly, you can work on your own to receive the answers from your Soul.

For many people, it is an overwhelming challenge to receive answers from their Soul. And yet, there is no greater reward than to dialog with the part of you that has all your answers. Don’t you agree?

We are delighted to help people connect with their Soul and uncover the purpose of their incarnation. Many get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily living. We understand. Yet, setting aside time to commune with the spiritual aspect of yourself can alleviate many issues.

You may start with asking your Soul these three simple questions: What brings me the greatest joy? Who can I serve during my stay here on Earth? And, how can I accomplish all that I came here to do?

The answers are within you. Stay focused for as long as you feel comfortable. Allow the answers to bubble up into your conscious mind. Your Soul may answer with words, pictures, mini movies, etc. You may feel the answer without the need for words. There are numerous ways that your Soul can communicate with you. Begin by asking. And then, allow the answers to formulate.

Sometimes there are many facets to an answer. Keep an openness about you. You will know you have the correct answers by the relief you feel once you gain the correct understanding. Persist until you feel the relief. Even if you must revisit your question on a daily basis until it is sufficiently answered.

And, in the process of receiving your answers, you get to develop a relationship with the most important person in your life – YOU.

How can I be loving and kind to others when I’m feeling tired, hurt, or upset?2018-12-01T11:40:14-08:00

There is a formula that works well once you get the hang of it. We will endeavor to explain this in a way that is easily understood.

The ego-mind is usually accustomed to reacting to stimuli. Whereas, the Soul knows how to respond. To avoid ego reaction, it is useful to pause for as long as it takes to come deeper into your Soul’s expression. And, if you cannot get there easily, we suggest that you remain silent until you do. Even if this means delaying your communication for another day.

It is far greater to avoid giving a negative reaction or attacking someone with uncaring words. For, once you participate in the unkind action, wounding occurs in the relationship which can take a lifetime to heal.

Practice responding from your Soul’s knowing. Retrain your ego-mind to wait for your Soul’s kind and compassionate response. Taking the time necessary to reply in love will save you countless hours of recovery.

How do I support the healing of a wounded introvert that I love?2018-12-01T11:40:30-08:00

Thank you for your beautiful question. Many times, people shy away from others because of past emotional abuse that has worn them down. To help them recover from this we offer a simple recipe: LOVE them back to their well-being.

This can be challenging with some people due to their distrust in others. But, with enough time and persistence your love can soften their hardened shell. As they realize your true affection, they will be more apt to allow you into their inner world.

As with any creature who has been wounded, time, loving persistence, and true connection can bring them back into their trusting nature. Remember that a wound must be soothed and cared for before a person can feel secure enough to trust another.

Once you have gained their trust, it is vital that you remain true to your word. Continue to be honest with them. This does not mean you go against your own inner truth to appease them. Rather, to build a strong relationship with anyone you must be true to yourself as well.

As you build the trust between you both, you will come to see just how wonderful a loving, honest, and caring relationship can become. Whether your relationship is a deep friendship or a romantic partnership, LOVE is the magical ingredient.

Loving-kindness can soften almost any armor.

How can I find out what my life purpose is, as this is why I am here, but I can’t figure out why and what it is?2018-12-15T12:49:17-08:00

We are pleased to answer this question for you. There are numerous ways to discover what it is that your Soul and ego-mind, along with your body, would like to accomplish in this incarnation. And, when you combine these three aspects of yourself you will come to know your own individual purpose.

Your body will show you what it is interested in doing by the way it gets excited about certain endeavors. You will feel strong and capable with an excess amount of energy to expend on the project that excites your energy field. Time will fly by while you are engrossed in that which fuels you. It may even feel instinctual to follow a certain path.

Your ego-mind will feel an ease when you touch upon a topic that stirs its fascination. An inner drive may take over, giving you all the focus you need on the subject. You will be intuitively drawn to that which is yours to uncover about yourself. And, it will not feel like work or a waste of time. Rather, you will desire to examine every nook and cranny until you master yourself within the subject.

Your Soul will give you clues throughout your life. Pay attention to how you feel at all times. When you feel a positive attraction to something, endeavor to check it out. Pay attention to when you experience an expansiveness within you. Your Soul gets excited when you participate in things that it wants to do. Joy is a good sign that you are expressing your truth. Seek out that which brings you to life. When your life-force energy is flowing well you can truly feel it.

And, when you feel bored, exhausted, or over-stressed, step back to see if what you are endeavoring to do is really for you. When you feel constriction, a lack of interest, or anxiety these may be symptoms showing you that it’s time to move in a different direction.

Some Souls come into this life with a mission to assist others in some way. Service drives them. Helping people improve their well-being becomes the center of their focus.

Others come here to complete certain karmic issues that may have gotten interrupted during former lifetimes. Or, they may have agreed to bring through certain Souls through their wombs, giving birth to and raising strong individuals who will fulfill a powerful mission.

Each Soul has its very own agenda for incarnating. Each person is born with a certain type of body and mind that is suited for their purpose. Learning who you are, why you are here, and what you have come to accomplish is your main role in life. Seek and you shall find.

WE would be happy to help you figure out your Soul’s calling. Ask and it is given. Spirit is always available to assist those who ask for help. Sometimes it can be extremely useful to work with someone who has devoted their life to helping others find their purpose.

How can I heal myself of the OCD behavior of cutting my hair that I’ve wrestled with for the past 20 years?2018-12-01T11:40:54-08:00

Many times, OCD is a behavior that stems from an overactive need to control one’s surroundings. This false sense of control brings relief in the moment, but then usually creates more stress due to the imbalance of behavior.

We see your question as an indication that you are ready to look underneath this issue to the real dilemma. And, when a person is ready the way is made possible.

Seek to understand your need to cut your hair. With a curious mind that keeps your heart open, ask yourself these questions: What does hair represent to me? What else is there in my life that can fill this desire to do this, maybe training to become a hair stylist? Is it possible for me to accept my hair style as a way of expressing my unique personality?

When you no longer judge yourself for these idiosyncrasies, you may be able to relate to their reasonings. And, when we can relate with ourselves in a loving and accepting manner we have the opportunity to heal our fears and foibles.

The nice thing about hair is it does grow back, giving ourselves plenty of time to dissolve our issue, or accept it as a quirkiness of our personality. Either way, try to see it as something that is showing you a need to love yourself more.

What intention should we put out when a person in the family has such disruptive negative energy that it affects everyone else in a very negative manner?2018-12-01T11:45:47-08:00

Family dynamics are an interesting subject that cannot be easily understood. Harmony is a most appealing energy within a family structure. Unity in a family creates a smooth feel to the group. When one or more members hold a differing view or disruptive energy it can cause an uncomfortable feeling among all.

For this we suggest using the intention of acceptance as a way of smoothing out the ripples. When you can accept a person’s differences it is easier to spend time with them. This does not mean you agree with their differences, only that you accept that it is their right to believe how they choose.

Non-judgment allows one to accept all the diversity in this world. When you can accept another without judgment you are better able to love them as a member of the family. Try to see past their disruptive ways to their reason for being there in the first place. If it is due to a marriage or alliance with a member in the birth family then it can take time before a new unity can be formed, if ever.

Sometimes it is useful to accept that your mother has chosen a man who is not someone you would have chosen for her to remarry. Can you allow her to live the way she chooses, even when it means you will have to deal with the disruptive behavior of her new partner? Can you love her enough to accept her partnering choice, even loving him for loving her?

Once you accept what is, you can work on your own energy and feelings toward him. You may never become bosom buddies, but you will be better able to tolerate his negativity. If his negativity is too disruptive to you and your own family unit it may be best to spend very little time in his presence. Only you can make the choice that is right for you.

Family gatherings, especially during the holidays, can be a source of immense growth for all involved. Seek to understand what is triggered in you and why. If your visit helps you to overcome judgments, you may appreciate the gift of the situation.

Remember, it is YOU and your ability to remain in your center during trying times that is your greatest concern. If you should falter, take the necessary time to pick yourself up and bring yourself back into the love that you know you are.

What is the next action(s) for me to take that would be for my highest good?2020-01-21T14:12:25-08:00

Your Soul is asking of you to bless yourself as you bless others. When you can include yourself in every equation of life then your service to others becomes a way of bringing joy and healing to yourself as well.

We like to share with people the great opportunity to bring well-being to all involved when a person includes themselves in their acts of kindness.

When there are no restrictions to the flow of energy the benefits are multiplied. This is why we advise people to SHARE, rather than just give. When you share with another you include yourself. And, when others share with you, rather than just giving, they too experience the blessing of this shared energy.

Seek to experience your loving service towards others as a beautiful tool that expands your gifts and talents to their fullness. We would like to add to the saying, “There is more happiness in giving than in receiving” this: “There is a blessing for all who share with one another.” For, sharing includes all parties.

So, to answer your question, your next action to take for your highest good, and the highest good of all is this: SHARE your love with yourself while you share it with others.

When a person takes advantage of someone in distress how can I help?2018-10-28T11:40:10-07:00

It is a sad event when someone chooses to be the cause of more stress in the life of another who is already struggling. This is what we call an uncaring act. Though you may not be able to change what has happened, you can help bring comfort to the ailing one.

Ask within what it is you can do personally. Maybe you can offer a shoulder to cry on. Can you help take some of the stress off them by offering to help them get back on their feet financially? Are you in a position to offer your time to assist them in accomplishing something?

Whatever you choose to do to help alleviate the suffering of another is a truly caring act. It is your human nature to assist one in need. Keep doing this and watch your life magically unfold. Spirit helps those who help others. We applaud you for your caring heart.

How can I love people who choose to hurt others with their deception?2018-10-28T11:40:51-07:00

We would say, loving each Soul despite their ego’s misguided antics is a most honorable task. Think of a young child who out of fear of punishment tells a lie to avoid getting into trouble. Their focus is on deceiving rather than honesty due to the harsh consequences set up by those in authority. It’s not that they want to be dishonest. They just want to avoid being punished for their choices.

Most humans would like to be able to be completely honest with others. But when a condition is set upon them that would cause their own suffering if they were to speak their truth, they are most likely to find a way around it through deception.

Judgement often creates liars. Punishment can be the impetus to create criminals. Harsh criticism many times creates fearful people. And, when a person is afraid to be honest they may see no other way than to deceive.

Sometimes it is the judicial governing systems that are set into place that cause much of this heartache. How can you expect a person to be honest when they know they will be punished for it? Rather, why not remove the fear of judgement and punishment so that honesty can be restored and shared?

Until this occurs, we would suggest that you consider the reason behind the deception. Is the person trying to do harm to others or are they just trying to avoid experiencing harm themselves? Compassionate understanding can alleviate many hurt feelings.

And, if a person is truly desirous of causing harm then a loving approach to helping them restore their God-given care for others would be more ideal than punishing their misguided ways. Restorative justice can change this whole dynamic for the better, don’t you think?

Remember, God loves everyone. And, if a person wants to be more like God, LOVE is the answer.

I saw spirit guides during a healing. Were they here in respect to my client and allowed me to see them or was it somehow to do with me?2018-10-28T11:12:30-07:00

We are honored that you had the courage to ask us this personal question. We would like to share a bit about the role spiritual guides play in the lives of humans. There are at least 5 spirit guides per person throughout one’s life. Most people have these same helpers with them through their entire incarnation.

On occasion The Ancients will step in to assist, especially during a healing session. For, wherever two or more are gathered in the intention to restore love Spirit shows up in force. Ask and it is given, seek and you shall find, knock and the door is always open. You only need to walk through, listen within and accept the love that is always available. Spirit will answer the call.

Because you acted from love in your offer to assist another your call was answered. It was not one of us, but one of our colleagues who assisted you in your healing work. And, it was because of the both of you that they came to help.

WE, The Ancient Ones, are a council of three. We show up together during our interventions, and we primarily work through our human healing agent with whom you have contacted with your question. We have spent many years preparing Stacey’s body to be used as an instrument through which deep healing can occur. It has not been an easy journey for her. Most Healers have stories of discomfort, for their work is truly a sacrifice of love. It is not easy to use your body as a tool to clean, repair, activate and energize another person.

We applaud you for your diligence and dedication to assisting others back into love.

How does one fully comprehend the emotional attachment to the physical ailments our body speaks to us with?2018-10-26T06:47:35-07:00

Our answer is simple and yet complex at the same time. There is no real ailment within a body, only false beliefs that prevent the proper flow of life-force energy throughout one’s physical body.

The emotional attachment is just that, energy that needs to be in motion. When you understand the true meaning of life, which is love, your energy will flow without impediment. It is the belief systems set up within your psyche that restricts this natural flow.

For instance, some cancers are formed when a person has agreed to the false belief in a punishing deity. This sets up a restrictive barrier to one’s well-being. We would like for people to comprehend the true meaning of LOVE, which is flow.

Arthritis can be a result of blocked energy flow due to a false belief in selfishness. How can one be considered selfish if they endeavor to fulfill their innate desire to be creative? Creativity is a divine pursuit.

And, ulcers can form when a person denies themselves of the tranquility necessary for proper well-being. To slow down one’s life to a pace that is emotionally suitable to their well-being is challenging for many. And yet, health practitioners have been counseling people for years about the harmful effects of stress on the body.

Life, love, energy flow, well-being, etc. all have one thing in common. They allow life-force energy to flow unimpeded, thereby maintaining health and well-being within the body.

You may want to ask yourself what false beliefs in lack, punishment and judgement you may foster as a result of your conditioning as a child. These beliefs usually begin at a very young age. You may even have changed your mind on many falsehoods. But, it is in changing your subconscious or stuck energy through emotion (energy in motion) that is needed to bring the energy flow up to speed.

When you make the truth (love) your own you will heal yourself, for LOVE (life-force energy) heals all.

When is it a positive action to stand up to bullies?2018-10-18T13:34:52-07:00

WE would like for you to see bullies as people lacking real care for others. They live in a small world where they feel alone and in competition with everyone else. This type of isolation is self-made. Bullies push away true friendships with their demands of compliance from others.

Can you feel truly cared for, peaceful or safe around people who want to dominate you? You are not alone in wanting to co-create a better life for yourself and others. Stand in your personal truth of well-being. Develop strong relationships with those of like-mind. Trust brings people together in a powerful way.

To remove a bully’s self-made power, we suggest you use a greater power that can only be found in numbers. Gather as many people together as you can to create the force necessary to dethrone them. When you act as a united group, your numbers speak volumes loud enough to create real change.

Remember, your power is in your numbers. Gather, gather, gather. Then, take action.

How do I keep my balance around ruthless people?2018-10-18T13:36:48-07:00

WE would say to you to see yourself as a character in their movie. You can always leave the scene. When someone is acting out in a manner that is harmful, uncaring or unethical you do not need to participate with them.

You also do not need to bring them into your movie. You create your adventure with every thought, feeling and desire that you focus your attention upon. Endeavor to focus on what is comforting, solution oriented and highest good for all.

When you realize that your power is in your attention and your intention, you will naturally release from your experience anyone or anything that does not meet the requirements for a positive and caring outcome.

When you stop playing victim roles in the scripts of bullies and instead formulate your own scripts that bring into focus the well-being of all, you will gain a valuable reputation that in time will lead you to a successful and fulfilling life path.

No one and no-thing can cause you lasting harm when you choose wisely to follow your Soul’s truth. Everything in your experience is there for you to decide how to respond. It is in your own response that your future is determined. Endeavor to respond with the wisdom of your Soul.

Your Soul is aware of the ‘long-game’ that eventually shows you where you are at in your life, whether you are balanced or off-kilter. Take your cues from how centered you feel when you are deciding on what action to take. Wisdom considers the long-lasting effects of any decision. Balance is maintained by walking carefully upon this Earth.

How do I keep myself flowing with life-force energy?2018-10-05T15:55:47-07:00

WE would offer this simple recommendation; JUDGE NOTHING.

You see, judgement is a man-made issue. There is no God in the heavens that rejects anybody. All are welcome. Everyone is here to co-create this ego-mind world.

When judgment enters the equation, restrictions are placed on the energy flow of the body. This eventually can cause withering, exhaustion and disease.

Judgment restricts the mind from perceiving all the good that life has to offer. And, in some cases, it can cause a person to develop a superiority complex where they value others as less than themselves. Self-judgment can create an inferiority complex where a person can value themselves as less than another.

Emotionally, judgment can create pockets of negative energy that stay within the body, causing all sorts of turmoil including withdrawal, loneliness and depression. Rage within an energy pocket can seem to have a mind of its own. When ‘triggered’ it can bring a person to do harmful acts against another. Sadness held for too long can suffocate the life out of people.

Remember to allow each person their God-given right to choose for themselves how they wish to express in their lives. Your role is to avoid harming or being harmed by others. This does not mean there should be no agreed upon codes of behavior, that is why people have designed governing systems that can be voted upon by the public. Every rule is man-made. Therefore, choose wisely which ones you wish to uphold and set out to change the ones that are not serving the well-being of all life on this lovely planet.