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Answers by The Ancient Ones

This is an ever-growing archive of answers from The Ancient Ones, channeled by Stacey Stephens, given to questions submitted by our subscribers. You can subscribe here to ask a question and receive the new Q & A email each week. 

How can I love people who choose to hurt others with their deception?2018-10-28T11:40:51+00:00

We would say, loving each Soul despite their ego’s misguided antics is a most honorable task. Think of a young child who out of fear of punishment tells a lie to avoid getting into trouble. Their focus is on deceiving rather than honesty due to the harsh consequences set up by those in authority. It’s not that they want to be dishonest. They just want to avoid being punished for their choices.

Most humans would like to be able to be completely honest with others. But when a condition is set upon them that would cause their own suffering if they were to speak their truth, they are most likely to find a way around it through deception.

Judgement often creates liars. Punishment can be the impetus to create criminals. Harsh criticism many times creates fearful people. And, when a person is afraid to be honest they may see no other way than to deceive.

Sometimes it is the judicial governing systems that are set into place that cause much of this heartache. How can you expect a person to be honest when they know they will be punished for it? Rather, why not remove the fear of judgement and punishment so that honesty can be restored and shared?

Until this occurs, we would suggest that you consider the reason behind the deception. Is the person trying to do harm to others or are they just trying to avoid experiencing harm themselves? Compassionate understanding can alleviate many hurt feelings.

And, if a person is truly desirous of causing harm then a loving approach to helping them restore their God-given care for others would be more ideal than punishing their misguided ways. Restorative justice can change this whole dynamic for the better, don’t you think?

Remember, God loves everyone. And, if a person wants to be more like God, LOVE is the answer.

I saw spirit guides during a healing. Were they here in respect to my client and allowed me to see them or was it somehow to do with me?2018-10-28T11:12:30+00:00

We are honored that you had the courage to ask us this personal question. We would like to share a bit about the role spiritual guides play in the lives of humans. There are at least 5 spirit guides per person throughout one’s life. Most people have these same helpers with them through their entire incarnation.

On occasion The Ancients will step in to assist, especially during a healing session. For, wherever two or more are gathered in the intention to restore love Spirit shows up in force. Ask and it is given, seek and you shall find, knock and the door is always open. You only need to walk through, listen within and accept the love that is always available. Spirit will answer the call.

Because you acted from love in your offer to assist another your call was answered. It was not one of us, but one of our colleagues who assisted you in your healing work. And, it was because of the both of you that they came to help.

WE, The Ancient Ones, are a council of three. We show up together during our interventions, and we primarily work through our human healing agent with whom you have contacted with your question. We have spent many years preparing Stacey’s body to be used as an instrument through which deep healing can occur. It has not been an easy journey for her. Most Healers have stories of discomfort, for their work is truly a sacrifice of love. It is not easy to use your body as a tool to clean, repair, activate and energize another person.

We applaud you for your diligence and dedication to assisting others back into love.

How does one fully comprehend the emotional attachment to the physical ailments our body speaks to us with?2018-10-26T06:47:35+00:00

Our answer is simple and yet complex at the same time. There is no real ailment within a body, only false beliefs that prevent the proper flow of life-force energy throughout one’s physical body.

The emotional attachment is just that, energy that needs to be in motion. When you understand the true meaning of life, which is love, your energy will flow without impediment. It is the belief systems set up within your psyche that restricts this natural flow.

For instance, some cancers are formed when a person has agreed to the false belief in a punishing deity. This sets up a restrictive barrier to one’s well-being. We would like for people to comprehend the true meaning of LOVE, which is flow.

Arthritis can be a result of blocked energy flow due to a false belief in selfishness. How can one be considered selfish if they endeavor to fulfill their innate desire to be creative? Creativity is a divine pursuit.

And, ulcers can form when a person denies themselves of the tranquility necessary for proper well-being. To slow down one’s life to a pace that is emotionally suitable to their well-being is challenging for many. And yet, health practitioners have been counseling people for years about the harmful effects of stress on the body.

Life, love, energy flow, well-being, etc. all have one thing in common. They allow life-force energy to flow unimpeded, thereby maintaining health and well-being within the body.

You may want to ask yourself what false beliefs in lack, punishment and judgement you may foster as a result of your conditioning as a child. These beliefs usually begin at a very young age. You may even have changed your mind on many falsehoods. But, it is in changing your subconscious or stuck energy through emotion (energy in motion) that is needed to bring the energy flow up to speed.

When you make the truth (love) your own you will heal yourself, for LOVE (life-force energy) heals all.

When is it a positive action to stand up to bullies?2018-10-18T13:34:52+00:00

WE would like for you to see bullies as people lacking real care for others. They live in a small world where they feel alone and in competition with everyone else. This type of isolation is self-made. Bullies push away true friendships with their demands of compliance from others.

Can you feel truly cared for, peaceful or safe around people who want to dominate you? You are not alone in wanting to co-create a better life for yourself and others. Stand in your personal truth of well-being. Develop strong relationships with those of like-mind. Trust brings people together in a powerful way.

To remove a bully’s self-made power, we suggest you use a greater power that can only be found in numbers. Gather as many people together as you can to create the force necessary to dethrone them. When you act as a united group, your numbers speak volumes loud enough to create real change.

Remember, your power is in your numbers. Gather, gather, gather. Then, take action.

How do I keep my balance around ruthless people?2018-10-18T13:36:48+00:00

WE would say to you to see yourself as a character in their movie. You can always leave the scene. When someone is acting out in a manner that is harmful, uncaring or unethical you do not need to participate with them.

You also do not need to bring them into your movie. You create your adventure with every thought, feeling and desire that you focus your attention upon. Endeavor to focus on what is comforting, solution oriented and highest good for all.

When you realize that your power is in your attention and your intention, you will naturally release from your experience anyone or anything that does not meet the requirements for a positive and caring outcome.

When you stop playing victim roles in the scripts of bullies and instead formulate your own scripts that bring into focus the well-being of all, you will gain a valuable reputation that in time will lead you to a successful and fulfilling life path.

No one and no-thing can cause you lasting harm when you choose wisely to follow your Soul’s truth. Everything in your experience is there for you to decide how to respond. It is in your own response that your future is determined. Endeavor to respond with the wisdom of your Soul.

Your Soul is aware of the ‘long-game’ that eventually shows you where you are at in your life, whether you are balanced or off-kilter. Take your cues from how centered you feel when you are deciding on what action to take. Wisdom considers the long-lasting effects of any decision. Balance is maintained by walking carefully upon this Earth.

How do I keep myself flowing with life-force energy?2018-10-05T15:55:47+00:00

WE would offer this simple recommendation; JUDGE NOTHING.

You see, judgement is a man-made issue. There is no God in the heavens that rejects anybody. All are welcome. Everyone is here to co-create this ego-mind world.

When judgment enters the equation, restrictions are placed on the energy flow of the body. This eventually can cause withering, exhaustion and disease.

Judgment restricts the mind from perceiving all the good that life has to offer. And, in some cases, it can cause a person to develop a superiority complex where they value others as less than themselves. Self-judgment can create an inferiority complex where a person can value themselves as less than another.

Emotionally, judgment can create pockets of negative energy that stay within the body, causing all sorts of turmoil including withdrawal, loneliness and depression. Rage within an energy pocket can seem to have a mind of its own. When ‘triggered’ it can bring a person to do harmful acts against another. Sadness held for too long can suffocate the life out of people.

Remember to allow each person their God-given right to choose for themselves how they wish to express in their lives. Your role is to avoid harming or being harmed by others. This does not mean there should be no agreed upon codes of behavior, that is why people have designed governing systems that can be voted upon by the public. Every rule is man-made. Therefore, choose wisely which ones you wish to uphold and set out to change the ones that are not serving the well-being of all life on this lovely planet.