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This is an ever-growing archive of messages from The Ancient Ones, channeled by Stacey Stephens, in support of awakening a United Humanity. You can subscribe here to receive the new message each week. Buy the books here >

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Mother Earth

Mother Earth

Our beautiful planet Earth is a GEM of the Universe. We derive everything we need to live from its bountiful resources. Although people have consumed much of its reserves there will always be other forms of fuel to be utilized. When humans learn to regenerate rather than exploit there will be an endless supply.

It is time to restructure the way we currently manage Earth’s treasures. There is so much we can do to align ourselves with Nature. The ideas are in the ethers to download into our imaginations. Open your gift of intuition. Allow these regenerative ideas to percolate into your mind so you can share them with the world.

Everything a person needs can be created from this wellspring of abundance. Care for our mother Earth responsibly.

~ The Ancient Ones

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