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This is an ever-growing archive of messages from The Ancient Ones, channeled by Stacey Stephens, in support of awakening a United Humanity. You can subscribe here to receive the new message each week. Buy the books here >

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Shared Humanity


There was a time when people were gracious toward one another. In this hardened culture of war, many have taken to hiding themselves from the policing of judgmental fanatics. It is sad that people have turned on each other, perceiving their fellow comrades as enemies.

All people belong to the human race. We are all family, brothers and sisters. How can we bring back our shared humanity? When will we end our wars upon humankind? What will it take to open our hearts to love everyone? Why do we resist helping those in need?

Every religious institution has been founded on the principles of love, goodness, charity and kindness. Why then, are their parishioners withholding loving support toward both those within their community and those outside their fellowship? What does God’s love stand for to you?

~ The Ancient Ones

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