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This is an ever-growing archive of messages from The Ancient Ones, channeled by Stacey Stephens, in support of awakening a United Humanity. You can subscribe here to receive the new message each week. Buy the books here >

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World-wide Family

World-wide Family

We have so many reasons to be happy and to feel blessed. However, many people are losing sight of the miraculous ways in which God provides for every need.

Instead, they have come to rely on other people to grow their food for them and ship it to a place close by for them to pick up so they can prepare a meal for their families. When the prices go up, or they are denied access to this food, they tend to blame God. But, God has provided this beautiful planet from which we can grow as much food as we decide. It is not God who has set up this state of affairs in which we find ourselves. It is people. So, when there is a problem why not go to the source of that problem, which in this case is people?

You can make the changes necessary to ensure proper food distribution to all, whether that be to grow your own, buy locally, or figure out a better way to ship it, etc. When you can step back and look at what needs improvement there is no need to blame God, the Earth, or Nature.

Why not set up a system that cares for everyone equally, the way Nature does? Then, you can be grateful for the raw materials that this Earth provides for humankind. And, if you can see a way to assist your brothers and sisters, then by all means speak up. Use your creative mind to invent new ways to better serve humanity.

Remember, we are all family here. And, family takes care of each member. What can you do to help your world-wide family?

~ The Ancient Ones

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