Life as a Spiritual Game

LIFE AS A SPIRITUAL GAME We would like to share with you our favorite game to play here on Earth. We have found that when people understand and apply these practices and principles, their lives improve dramatically. There are a few ‘buzz words’ that we would like to set into motion within your consciousness [...]

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Masculine-Feminine Balance

What do Yoda, Shuri, Mary Poppins, and Dumbledore have in common? Besides all being heroes and heroines in movies, they have each mastered their masculine-feminine balance. They combine the qualities of strength and caring. They are powerful, loving and wise. They inspire us to be the best version of ourselves. The Key to Health [...]

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Mastering Your Energy with the Help of Animals

The author collecting a wild swarm of honeybees Years ago when Stacey and I were caretaking a ranch, I expanded my focus from gardening to include working with animals. A menagerie of bees, chickens, turkeys, peacocks, goats, sheep, llamas, cows, horses, dogs, and a half-wild barn cat fell into my care. I loved [...]

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Refugee Support: Please Help the Vera Family

We are donating half of all proceeds from the sale of our online course, A Year to Awaken Your Soul, to charitable initiatives; most immediately, to the Vera family. CLICK HERE TO DONATE DIRECTLY TO THE VERA FAMILY. Recently, one of our Weekly Message subscribers, a man named Rafael Vera, reached out to us for help. [...]

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Aligned Organizations: The Harrison House

We are very excited to announce a new Soul Self Living charitable initiative. Beginning this week, half of all proceeds from our online course, A Year to Awaken Your Soul, will go to support an aligned charitable organization, to benefit a family in our community that is in hardship, or toward a scholarship for those [...]

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Wounded Introverts

Every Soul comes to Earth to share their love, to serve in some capacity. Some serve in the limelight, others serve behind the scenes. Introversion is a very positive trait that is held by many people who enjoy being of service (in differing ways than extroverts). Whether they be monks, healers, spiritual teachers, gurus or [...]

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New Course – A Year to Awaken Your Soul

We are REALLY EXCITED to introduce you to our brand new course, A Year to Awaken Your Soul. (Below, you can give this course as a Christmas Gift). We've compiled over 7 years of Messages into this 365-day online, self-paced course to help you expand and express your true power. The course provides a daily [...]

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What is Yours to Do?

In our years as spiritual seekers and teachers we have come to know through and through that God is LOVE. We love feeling close to God, and we’ve figured out that to be close to God is to BE LOVE. It is Up to Each One of Us to Bring Forth Our Divinity [...]

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Don’t Give Up

This post is for those of you who are going through difficult times. It’s for those of you who are struggling with injustice and hardship and seeking a way to remain in love and in the flow of your Soul’s wisdom. We’ve been there and we made it through. You can too. There is great [...]

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Positivity: Spiritual Bypass or True Expression?

Positivity sometimes gets a bad rap. For good reason. It's often seen as the forced persona of someone who is afraid of their shadow. Most of us probably agree that... And, given that many people seek coaching and healing as a means to move up out of depression or despair, I find that [...]

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True Connection

What would your life be like if each of your relationships was rooted in true connection? How would your family function? Your work? How engaged would you be in your community? Can you imagine? True connection, Soul to Soul, has a pure intention. There is no hidden agenda to take from another, or [...]

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