Masculine-Feminine Balance

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What do Superman, Yoda, Mary Poppins and Dumbledore have in common? Besides all being heroes and heroines in movies, they have each mastered their masculine-feminine balance. They combine the qualities of strength and caring. They are powerful, loving and wise. They inspire us to be the best version of ourselves. The Key to Health [...]

Positivity: Spiritual Bypass or True Expression?

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Positivity sometimes gets a bad rap. For good reason. It's often seen as the forced persona of someone who is afraid of their shadow. Most of us probably agree that... And, given that many people seek coaching and healing as a means to move up out of depression or despair, I find that [...]

Spiritual Partners – The Magical Day We Met

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We all love to tell our "beginning story" - how we met and fell in love... the accidental meeting, the blind date set up by friends, the platonic friendship that became something more, that moment when our eyes first met... For us, it was the joyful recognition of finally finding the spiritual playmate we'd each [...]

How to Stay Positive During Political Campaigns

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We're often asked how we maintain a high vibration in regards to politics. Many people struggle with staying positive when there is so much promotion of the negative. We understand the difficulty. Here in the USA the campaign for President is underway. Given the contenders, the media, and the stream of opinions on social media, [...]

Natural Building – A Home that Embraces You

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The original home office of the Cob Cottage Company, on the cover of The Hand Sculpted House. "Oh my God! Oh Wow! This is amazing! Is it OK to come in?" The tiny woman standing outside my door was trembling with excitement and grinning from ear to ear. A few steps behind [...]