Our Vision of the New Era of DIVINITY

Our Soul is divine. It is the true authority in our life. As we awaken to the understanding that everything we experience is created first within from our level of consciousness, our belief systems handed down to us generation after generation, we will gain the necessary courage to change the beliefs that cause our demise. It is in our becoming accountable for every detail that will bring us closer to our true identity as human beings, that we are divine Souls with enormous power for good, capable of redesigning our future to include all of the wisdom from our Soul’s knowing. Nature’s way is the way of divinity. We must learn from this great wisdom and apply its understanding in all areas of our lives.

A person’s fate is determined by their highest consciousness. Our Soul created our blueprint from a very high level of consciousness prior to our embodiment. We must raise ourselves high enough to embody it. And, as we raise our consciousness, we can also expand our blueprint to include greater opportunities in our lifetime.

By raising the frequency of our consciousness we will dissolve the barriers of separation. The concept of punishment will then be replaced with the encouragement of integrity. Rather than needing rules put upon us, order shall be desired and agreed upon by all. We will live by restorative justice rather than punitive. If we cause damage, we will restore what was damaged and improve upon it.

Unity will replace the separation of the clergy class, politicians, corporate empires, and caste systems in any form.

We will develop a deeper, more connected relationship with nature at every level of society – personal, family, community, and global.

Experiential Education
Children will be taught through example, and inclusion in the experiences of the family, home, community and larger society. Rather than spending most of their time away from home in school, they will spend three years learning reading, writing, and arithmetic, two days a week. To expand their experience they can attend specialty schools, concentrating further when they discover their vocation. The focus of schooling will shift from gaining knowledge to gaining experience that leads to wisdom.

The new generations being born will exemplify living in integrity

Separation based upon race or culture will dissolve as we recognize our equivalence to every other human being. We will see ourselves as one species with a variety of expressions, rather than different races.

We will shift from an economy-based world into a consciousness-based world.

We will create our society with values based upon that which is life-affirming, uplifting, and wholesome – i.e. nature, relationship, right partnership, positive parenting, and co-creative community.

We will encourage living from the Soul rather than the Ego-Mind

Nature flows forward, creating new life What is man-made becomes stagnant, old, moving backwards into decaying death
Old becomes newNew becomes old
Life-affirming, positive, reward, passion Dis-ease-causing, negative, punishment, obligation
Divinity, equivalence, unity, harmony Sinners, caste system, separation, discord
Interconnectedness & interdependenceIsolation & codependence

Evolution is a string of adaptations over time. Nature adapts continuously to the changing conditions of earth’s climate and environment. As natural human beings, we too can adapt to life’s changing circumstances. By letting go of attachment to a particular way of achieving a desired outcome, and maintaining an intention to fulfill the highest good, the infinite range of possibilities remain alive for manifestation. As we pay attention to the possibilities, adapting to change gracefully and gratefully, we increase the likelihood of the best outcome of the situation for all.

First, decide on the outcome. Then, allow the unfoldment to occur while acting upon your Soul’s guidance. Greater clarity reveals more detail.

  • Imagine – Plant the Seed: Every thought becomes a thing
  • Act – Cultivate: What we focus on grows
  • Experience – Harvest: We reap what we have sown and cultivated

Appreciation for Our Bodies, the Earth, and Life.
While we live, we have an amazing body to use as a vehicle to fulfill our purpose on this physical plane of existence. We appreciate our bodies by raising our consciousness to care for them properly, receiving proper nutrition and ensuring that we bring the food we eat into energetic alignment. We appreciate the earth by returning our bodies to nature to be utilized, honoring the cycle of life. We appreciate life by leaving land available for future generations, rather than building monuments to the dead. It is best to honor life, rather than death.

Some children will be born with highly developed gifts. Some with amazing healing abilities to assist humanity into health, others with proven manifesting skills to help people create their true desires, and still others with a supreme talent in the musical arts, combining uplifting melodies with inspiring lyrics to aid in the transformation into higher consciousness.

Collective consciousness is most powerful when we share a singular vision, and utilize our unique qualities of perception, creating the vision of our collective Souls.

It is up to us to maintain our highest consciousness while reaching to ever grander expressions of ourselves with firm resolve, integrity, interconnectedness, oneness, camaraderie, united purpose, divinity, co-creation, and trust.

Our Vision - Body-Ego-Mind-Soul Empowerment

Body/Ego-Mind/Soul Empowerment
We must take full responsibility for our well-being. It is up to each one of us to procure for ourselves all that we can to ensure our health. Here are certain things we can do to maintain our equilibrium during the coming years of turmoil.

  • BODY: We can bring good nourishment into our bodies and avoid unnecessary toxins by growing our own organic food. Take full responsibility for your body’s health.
  • SOUL: Attain your true authority within, your divinity. Awaken your Soul’s knowing and follow its positive promptings. The wisdom of your Soul has been gained through many eons of living experience. Listen within to its unyielding wisdom.
  • EGO-MIND: Join in community with like-minded individuals over the Internet, in small neighboring groups and even joining or developing your own village. Community is vital for our continued well-being. We are created to be social creatures.


Humanity is entering into a new era of DIVINITY. The human potential is breaking free from the restraints put upon it by organized religion and government. When human beings seek their answers from within, they will gain insights into their true desires for a united global society where each individual may express their passion and purpose without fear of judgment, condemnation or punishment.

People are awakening to their innate goodness, that is, their natural desire to share Earth with every living being. Soon, camaraderie and united purpose to care for Earth’s inhabitants will inspire our choices and our actions. Motivation will come from the calling deep within our Soul.

LIFE will become the main focus. Nature holds the key to prosperity and the continual evolution of life. Earth thrives on certain principles that keep our home flourishing. As we emulate nature’s way, we will come to know wisdom, and applying this understanding will bring our planet into balance and well-being.

Everything matters. Every thought, feeling, and belief has an effect on consciousness. Our choices and actions create consequences, either constructive or destructive. Short-sighted plans need to harmonize with the long-term well-being of Earth and all life on it.

It is time to let go of antiquated ideas, rituals, customs, and traditions that cause separation, judgment, fear, hatred, and superstition. Open your heart to a higher understanding of interconnectedness, interdependence, unity, and compassion. Allow your spirit to soar in love and appreciation for all of life.

Nature adapts to what is in the now. It is continuously moving forward within every nook and cranny of the environment that may support it. Do your part to support life. Encourage true expression of unconditional love and united purpose for peace, harmony and well-being for all. Take your cues from nature, and move forward with life-affirming ideas.

Human beings are part of the natural process of life. Nature is LIFE proliferant. All of the elements conspire together to create more life. The universe conspires with life to bring forth more of itself. Humans have the natural ability to create life-affirming projects with the assistance of the natural elements, the universe and GOD, ALL THAT IS.

We are returning to the knowing of our distant ancestors held deep within our psyche. Open your mind to allow this innate knowing to assert itself in your life. You will be amazed at the proficiency of the natural process of LIFE.

Escape from the interference of the man-made world of ‘knowledge’ and enter back into the dynamic state of evolution, growth and higher consciousness.

Be accountable for the energy you emit from your level of consciousness, the signals you are sending out into the world. Continually raise your consciousness to ever higher levels of awareness. This will automatically lead to greater understandings of oneness, life force energy and human evolution.

Watch how simple life adapts to any circumstance. It neither complains nor begrudges, it simply moves forward. How adept are you at adaptation? Do you rise to the challenge? Do you see adversity as an opportunity to master your Self? Can you change your outlook to improve your attitude? Will you? Your individual reality is all in your mind. Improve it ‘in there’ to see the results ‘out there.’

Your Soul is awaiting your ego’s cooperation. Earth is awaiting your Soul’s wisdom. The universe is awaiting the awakening of a UNITED HUMANITY. Will you answer the call?