Does any of this sound familiar?

You’re exhausted from running on the hamster-wheel of life, frustrated that you’re never going to reach your goals.

You’re feeling hopeless. You thought if you just worked harder you’d get off the hamster-wheel – but you don’t. You’re more worn out than ever and are still struggling with money.

You long for a loving relationship and are tired of repeating old patterns that leave you feeling unfulfilled.

There’s something holding you back from really enjoying your life and having what you want. You feel like something is wrong with you. You doubt that you can ever really be happy.

You sense this struggle is connected to your past trauma. Although you’ve already done a lot of work to overcome it, it’s still haunting you and you’re sick of it.

You’ve never found anyone who could help you get to the root of your pain. Your friends don’t have what it takes and you’re hypersensitive about who you’ll trust. But you’re done with having your old wound limit your life.

I know how painful this is for you. I get it. And I’m so glad you’re here. There is so much more for you in life – real connection, intimacy, happiness, money flow. I would be honored to help you get off the hamster wheel, get beyond your past and create a life you love.

Imagine being able to get to the core of your struggle so that you can honestly say:

You’re really proud of the transformation you’ve made and are confident and excited about the forward direction of your life.

Your work is invigorating and inspired, and having clarity and consistent cash flow is making life fun again.

You’re in a true partnership with someone who replenishes your well and makes you laugh.

You’re finally free from the pain of your past and you’re creating and living the life you desire.

You’re amazed at how much better you feel. You wake up in the morning feeling excited about your life. You are truly happy.

All of this began to change when you found someone you could trust, who helped you move beyond your struggle and into greater fulfillment in all areas of your life.

I can help you create this transformation. I’ve assisted thousands of people from around the world and would be honored to support you. ~ Jack

What my clients are saying about me…


I have more confidence for going for what I desire

It is amazing to me the shifts that have occurred in my life and business over the past two months through my work with Jack. I started working with him to clear out the old residue from my past trauma. Even though I had done a lot of work in this area already, I knew there was more possible in my life and that that was holding me back. Jack’s capacity to listen, tune in and gently guide me in unraveling old patterns and opening up space for new, healthier patterns is astounding. I know we’re doing deep work and yet there are times when it feels like shifts are occurring “as if by magic.” I’m clearer about what I desire. I’m setting firmer boundaries where required. As a result I have more confidence for going for what I desire. My client and cash flow have increased, too, which is a bonus! I’m grateful for Jack’s steady, consistent, kind presence and wisdom. Working with him is a true gift.

Megan Walrod Boulder, Colorado

I felt transformation deeply in my Soul

I struggle when I try to describe my experience with Jack because it was interactive, transforming, and life altering. I felt transformation deeply in my soul – healing both mental thought processes and issues held in the cells of my body. I have been functioning from a higher level of clarity ever since.

Suz Aird Eugene, Oregon

A Game Changer

I have known Jack for many years and can say from experience, both past and present, that working with him is a game changer! If you are someone with a desire to rise above your current conundrum and are ready for a loving, gentle and powerful assist you just landed in safe hands! I cannot recommend him enough!

Misty Stone Medford, Oregon

Opened up my perception

Before I met Jack I had struggled groping my way toward an understanding for a reason of my own existence for so many years. Although I had received much guidance from spiritual teachers, healers, and medical intuitives, my appetite for the knowledge was not quite satisfied. A couple of days after my first private session with Jack I noticed there was a shift that had occurred inside of me. It was quiet yet fundamental. The shift was that my awareness finally started waking up out of a long doze. This change has opened up my perception. With support from Jack I’m reaching to my life long desire to become a whole person to fulfill my destiny.

Saemi N. Tokyo, Japan

Balanced Masculine-Feminine

Jack has done so much of his own inner work, it is obvious that both the masculine and feminine energies have integrated and allow him to hold such a loving, holistic space for others to become their greatest selves.

Donna Stevens Austin, Texas

I invite you to apply for 1:1 coaching if you’re ready to move beyond struggle. By the end of our first conversation you’ll have a better sense for my style and approach, and I will have a clear window into your healing needs.

1:1 Coaching

In the first 60 minute 1:1 conversation you will:

  • Identify your biggest struggle
  • Gain clarity on what’s at the root of your situation
  • Tap into your true desires to see what’s possible for you beyond the pain
  • Receive an honest assessment of what it will take to close the gap between where you are and where you desire to be
  • Get recommendations for next steps

You’ll also experience compassion and non-judgment. How long has it been since you’ve received undivided attention like this? This kind of connection in and of itself carries with it the potential for healing and transformation (even in just an initial call).

In the second 60 minute 1:1 conversation you will:

  • Reduce your sense of struggle
  • Expand your clarity for forward movement
  • Deepen your inner communication skills
  • Receive an honest assessment of what it will take to build forward momentum
  • Strengthen your ability to remain in balance

You’ll also experience greater trust in your Self and your life path

Going forward, we’ll follow Spirit’s guidance as you move more fully into living as your Soul Self.

I would love to help you move beyond struggle to create the healthy, vibrant, and rewarding life you truly desire.

Please complete the application below. If based on your responses I believe I can help you and that we might be a match, I’ll let you know. If I cannot help you, I will do my best to refer you to someone who can. I look forward to connecting with you.