Does any of this sound familiar?

You’re afraid. You’ve recently been diagnosed.

You’re worried about what will happen to you and your family as a result of your illness.

You’re having a hard time coping with the pain. It’s exhausting. You really need some relief.

You’re frustrated and embarrassed by your body and the way it’s breaking down

You don’t trust the medical establishment. You’re open to trying an alternative. You want to do all you can to get better.

You’ve tried everything else and nothing is working. You need a miracle.

I know how challenging this is for you. I understand. I’ve helped hundreds of people like you make it through this journey. And I’m so glad you’re here. I know how important it is for you to recover your health. I would be honored to help you.

Imagine receiving the support you desire so that you can honestly say:

You’re so grateful to no longer be afraid about your health.

You have confidence in your future.

You’re relieved to be out of pain and happy to have energy again.

You feel good about your body and are delighted that you can trust it again.

You’re happy to have found an alternative to the medical establishment that honors you as a complete human being. You feel supported in ways you never knew were possible.

You’re glad you didn’t give up hope and are thankful to have found something that actually works. Miracles do happen.

All of this began to change when you found someone who was a true healer, who partnered with you to restore your health and well-being.

I work with those who I am certain I can help. I provide an option for your recovery that can save you thousands of dollars, free you from suffering, and support you to feel good about life again. If I can assist you to recover your health, I would be honored to support you. ~ Stacey

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can you help?

I’ve helped people recover from heart disease, cancer, muscular dystrophy, infertility, erectile dysfunction, fibromyalgia, brain trauma, coma, and many other types of injuries and illnesses. As well as non-physical issues such as relationship difficulties, financial setbacks, recurring patterns of failure, etc.

How do you work with clients?

In my practice, I’ve found that the majority of problems and health related issues come from energetic blockages within one’s energy field, preventing a person from sustaining health.

My body is an instrument which The Ancient Ones use to do healings. These healings can be described as energetic surgery where your energy channels are cleaned, repaired, reconstructed, and restored.

This opens up your energy flow so you experience greater physical health, mental clarity, emotional balance, energy, creativity, financial well-being, and spiritual fulfillment. You can enjoy improvement in every area of your life.

Would our session be in person or over the phone?

I am able to do sessions from any distance with a phone conversation. I’ve worked with clients around the world because this type of healing doesn’t require that we be in person.

What my clients are saying about me…


Marvelous Healer

My son Chad, age 21, fell down a 150 foot cliff. He was in a coma for four months when Stacey began to work with him. Within two weeks he began talking and could remember everyone. His mind and body continue to improve daily. We are so grateful to have found this marvelous healer.

Mindy Lippmeier Chicago, Illinois

Deep Personal Transformation

Stacey is a gifted healer. When she holds a session, she becomes a clear channel for the appropriate energy frequencies that shift awareness into a deep place of healing. At the same time she receives intuitive information that is supportive and nurturing. I highly recommend her for deep personal transformation.

B.H. Reiki Master, Boise, Idaho

Wow - Many Doors Opened

I wasn't thinking I was struggling with anything but when I met Jack and learned about Stacey too, I felt a strong instinct to schedule an Intensive with Stacey. I thought I might learn which direction to go with my ideas, or unblock some money issues, but oh my, it was bigger than that.

When I met with Stacey, I could right away feel her thoughtfulness and her deep knowing. She explained what she saw in me and that she could clear some blocks that would have ripple effects in all areas of my life. She explained how it would feel during and after the Intensive. And while I didn't always understand the specifics of how she works, I could feel the resonance and the effect of it, both during and after. I could feel my heart saying yes. In the first Intensive, she affirmed some things that helped me let go of some "shoulds" and that has remained very freeing.

I decided to schedule more Intensives based on our conversation about the possibilities. I'm glad I trusted my instincts to do that. Stacey told me at the end of each session what I would notice after that, and she was always right. I could feel a deepening level of inner trust happening that I didn't even know was missing. The more I let myself live from this soul-level trust, the more rewards I receive in my work and personal life. Life feels easier than I thought it could be. I was already doing other things that supported my personal growth but I know this chapter with Stacey has been a key piece in the journey. We did a total of four Intensives. At the fourth one, she said new and wonderful opportunities would start to open up easily in love and business now that we'd completed some important work. I'm not exaggerating when I say that within days of that Intensive, I met someone that I believe is my Soulmate. Wow. It's been unbelievably easy, unlike any relationship I've ever known. And that was only one of many doors opening.

Val Nelson Northampton, Massachussetts

My PSA went from a 7+ to a 1.3

When I received the Prostate-specific Antigen (PSA) test results of a 7+, every doctor I saw told me I had cancer. Needless to say I was devastated. Really. When I was told about Stacey I was at a point that I kinda believed she could help. But to bring down that test result to a non-clinical level was not a probably in my thinking process. When I was tested again six weeks after our first Intensive, the value went from a 7+ to a 1.3, which was below the baseline of 1.7 of two years ago! Also, my urgency to urinate frequently has subsided. I was greatly relieved! I have also “changed” for the better in other ways since my three Intensives. I like people more, I get less flustered, have greater patience, my business has exploded and made me busier than I’ve ever been, and I feel happier overall. So, thank you. Beyond words, thank you.

Joe S. Florida

Surgical Precision

I have never experienced as devoted an adviser as Stacey. The depth of her preparation exceeds that of any physician I have known. She combines several strikingly different intuitive dimensions and blends them for a surgical kind of precision. She is at heart a very crafty problem solver so like any dedicated practitioner she goes beyond the quick fix. As a human being she exudes a generosity of heart that has enough healing power alone to make the protocols themselves seem like they are free of charge. Don’t pass this one up!

Jim Channon LTC, MA, MS, MMAS Hawi, Hawaii

Strengthened Me to Become a Better Healer

Stacey has not only assisted me in my spiritual journey, but has corrected many of my energetic problems (stemming from the experiences of my youth) that were effecting my well being and my perception of the present. Results of her treatments have also strengthened me to become a better “healer” by building my confidence in my own intuitive abilities. The work that I received has made me more perceptive to my patients “real problems” and treat them more effectively. This tool has been a great insight for my clinical practice and is something that is really missing in most healthcare clinics today, alternative or otherwise.

John Moody, DC Las Vegas, Nevada

Deep Spiritual Journey

Before my Intensive with Stacey I felt a resistance or block to accessing my inner guidance. During our Intensive I was aware of energy moving. Since my Intensive, I’ve been on a deep, deep spiritual journey where I am discovering who I am not, and thus getting closer to discovering who I really am. I’m having deeper conversations with that “really me” part, and my ego is finally becoming convinced that when we follow our internal GPS we are never steered wrong, so there’s a lot less resistance. Many old beliefs are falling away organically as I experience evidence that they are false. Information is being presented to me to read or watch, mostly having to do with raising emotional frequencies. Channels seem to be flowing more with greater ease and at times I can actually feel a “buzz”, if that makes any sense. I’m more joyful and excited about where my life is headed.

Forrest Samnik, LCSW Palm Harbor, Florida

“Right in there”

I had an Amazing reading with Stacey! She is “right in there”. What I mean by that is that you can actually “feel” her energy scan your whole body in a very gentle manner. She is connected by Heart to God. It was Awesome!

Julie Moon Sedona, Arizona

Born With The Gift

Stacey is one of those special people who were born with the gift of extended sight. Her work has been very helpful and important to me on multiple levels and in many areas of my life.

Al DiMarco Tokyo, Japan

Enlightened Spiritual Being

We should be truly honored to experience the presence of this enlightened spiritual being in our midst, whose only reason for sharing this dimensional experience is to help humanity to elevate itself to the light, and recognize that I AM that I AM in each one of us.

Rev. Holly Aurora MacDonald, MHH Las Vegas, Nevada

Remarkable Clarity

It is truly remarkable the clarity that Stacey exhibits in her work. She is able to ‘see’ into a person with great accuracy and assist them in the transformation needed to create a healing. It is my honor to recommend her to you.

Marshall Calvert, MA, LMT, RHt St. Peters, Missouri

I desire you to be healthy and strong and will do all that I can to assist you. You don’t need to struggle with this on your own any more.

Complete the form below so I can assess your situation and see if we’re a match to work together. After submitting your form, if I can help you, we will contact you shortly at the email address you provide to schedule your session and take care of payment. If I cannot help you, we will do our best to refer you to someone who can. I look forward to connecting with you.