Mankind is in need of assistance with their Awakening process. The illusion of SEPARATION from the Whole of existence has become very powerful in our current worldview, due to the many judgments made within our ego-minds.

As a Soul Awakener, Stacey Stephens has developed her Self – body/mind/Soul, to be an instrument for the purpose of dispelling this illusion. She formulates numerous energy frequency recipes for the Awakening and healing of humanity. These combinations create a force that actually dissolves lower, limiting energetic patterns within a person or group. With the disappearance of these restrictions that block life-force energy from flowing, the body and mind can come to rest in the Awakening of their Soul’s authority.

Our Souls are connected to Source energy at all times. It is only the ego-mind aspect of us that can prevent this life-giving flow from pulsating through our bodies, thereby, causing dis-ease. We are entering a time of great Awakening to our full responsibility as participants; co-creators of our life experience. We must raise our consciousness higher to envelop a grander understanding of our true Power as human beings.

Changing our perspectives is imperative to our evolution and well-being, and to the continuation of all species on planet Earth. There are many avenues available to assist us in this endeavor. We suggest that you utilize whatever form feels right for you. IT IS ALL GOD. Therefore, all roads will eventually lead to Wholeness, although some may be faster than others.

Wow - Many Doors Opened

I wasn't thinking I was struggling with anything but when I met Jack and learned about Stacey too, I felt a strong instinct to schedule an Intensive with Stacey. I thought I might learn which direction to go with my ideas, or unblock some money issues, but oh my, it was bigger than that.

When I met with Stacey, I could right away feel her thoughtfulness and her deep knowing. She explained what she saw in me and that she could clear some blocks that would have ripple effects in all areas of my life.