Do you feel the prompting to ask SPIRIT for assistance in your Awakening process?

If you believe in a higher power that is benevolent, you will gain much in your Channeled Vibrational Healing intensive with The Ancient Ones. They work through me, Stacey Stephens to assist mankind to Awaken to their Soul’s guidance.

There is a deeper knowing within one’s Self. We call this the Soul. When you Awaken to your Soul’s purpose, you join your ego-mind with your Soul to become your Soul Self. This is the original way humanity was designed to live their lives, bringing them true fulfillment.

When you are ready to make the leap we will qualify you to experience a session with them. You will find that your current life is in need of adjustment to bring forth the power of your Soul.

We have set up a $20 DISCOVERY SESSION designed to help you explore how to grow at the pace that is right for YOU. Please follow the guidance given to prepare your ego-mind to accept this special opportunity.

When the time is right you will enjoy a profound Soul Awakening experience that will catapult you into a way of life that is both spiritually fulfilling and emotionally enriching. Together we will soar into heights unimaginable. We look forward to our journey with you.

Stacey Stephens: Channeling The Ancient Ones

Hi, I’m Stacey Stephens, and it has been my honor to work in collaboration with this very fine council who are lovingly known as The Ancient Ones. My whole life, The Ancient Ones have been helping me prepare my body to transmit Universal frequencies to awaken each person’s individual Blueprint (their Soul’s design for their current incarnation). My body is an instrument and the unique energies of The Ancient Ones flow through me and, when combined with mine, form a frequency of healing.

Because everything is energy, I have found vibrational healing to be the most effective form of healing.

The Channeled Vibrational Healing Intensives:

A Channeled Vibrational Healing Intensive is conducted one-to-one via telephone. It includes:

  • A powerful energetic attunement to assist you in healing your acute or chronic issue, or as an energy cleanse for preventative care.
  • A Full Body Tune-up for returning clientele (Recommended quarterly).
  • Some Intensives include a personal message from The Ancient Ones spoken to you through Stacey. If this occurs, immediately after the channeling, Stacey will support you in clarifying the message.

In total, the session will last for approximately one hour.

Who I work with:

I assist those who have a true desire and are qualified by The Ancient Ones. My preference is to work with those who yearn for the connection to Spirit, and who desire to fulfill their Soul’s mission. One of my greatest joys is assisting those who assist others such as healers, therapists, doctors, etc.; enabling even more people to heal, awaken to their potential, and fulfill their Soul’s desires.

If you feel this offering is for you, please take us up on a $20 DISCOVERY SESSION.

Stacey StephensStacey Stephens Co-Founded Soul Self Living, Inc. with her Soulmate and husband, Jack. For nearly 30 years she has assisted people as an energy healer. Since 2010, she has been channeling messages from The Ancient Ones and making them publicly available on the Soul Self Living website, in a weekly email to our subscribers, and collected by year as an Amazon Top 10 Bestselling Book Series, along with her new paperback anthology Messages from The Ancient Ones: The First Five Years. She truly enjoys assisting people to uncover their purpose for this incarnation. Because her way of teaching is experiential, she has gained the reputation as a spiritual teacher who brings her students to a state of spiritual ecstasy through communion with their Divinity. Her purpose is to awaken humanity to the true understanding that we are all divine beings, capable of great acts, with everything we need to guide us toward fulfilling our missions.

“I have never experienced as devoted an adviser as Stacey. The depth of her preparation for our wholing work together exceeds that of any physician I have known. She combines several strikingly different intuitive dimensions and blends them for a surgical kind of precision that operates on the psychic body matrix. This is a dimension involving both the emotional blocks of any human lifetime with energetic release tools that engage her wide range of approaches. She is at heart a very crafty problem solver so like any dedicated practitioner she goes beyond the quick fix. As a human being she exudes a generosity of heart that has enough healing power alone to make the protocols themselves seem like they are free of charge. Don’t pass this one up!”
Jim Channon LTC, MA, MS, MMAS, Retired, USA
Stacey has not only assisted me in my spiritual journey, but has corrected many of my energetic problems (stemming from the experiences of my youth) that were effecting my well being and my perception of the present.

Results of her treatments have also strengthened me to become a better “healer” by building my confidence in my own intuitive abilities. The work that I received has made me more perceptive to my patients “real problems” and treat them more effectively. This tool has been a great insight for my clinical practice and is something that is really missing in most healthcare clinics today, alternative or otherwise.

John Moody III, DC, Las Vegas, NV
My son Chad, age 21, fell down a 150 foot cliff. He was in a coma for four months when Stacey began to work with him. Within two weeks he began talking and could remember everyone. His mind and body continue to improve daily. We are so grateful to have found this marvelous healer.
Mindy & Chad Lippmeier, Chicago, Illinois
Stacey is a gifted healer. When she holds a session, her personality energy matrix steps aside and she becomes a clear channel for the appropriate energy frequencies that shift awareness into a deep place of healing. At the same time she receives intuitive information that is supportive and nurturing. I highly recommend her for deep personal transformation.
B.H., Reiki Master, Boise, Idaho
I had an Amazing reading with Stacey! She is “right in there”.. what I mean by that is that you can actually “feel” her energy scan your whole body in a very gentle manner. She is connected by Heart to God… and she was to me/heart “by” God, and she Read. It was Awesome!
Julie Moon, Sedona, Arizona
Stacey is one of those special people who were born with the gift of extended sight. Her work has been very helpful and important to me on multiple levels and in many areas of my life. Having experience with a number of clairvoyants over the years, and having developed my own inner sight, I have reference points from which to base my opinion of Stacey’s work. I consider it to be excellent.
Al DiMarco, Tokyo, Japan
We should be truly honored to experience the presence of this enlightened spiritual being in our midst, whose only reason for sharing this dimensional experience is to help humanity to elevate itself to the light, and recognize that I AM that I AM in each one of us.
Rev. Holly Aurora MacDonald, M.H.H., Las Vegas, Nevada
It is truly remarkable the clarity that Stacey exhibits in her work. She is able to ‘see’ into a person with great accuracy and assist them in the transformation needed to create a healing. It is my honor to recommend her to you.
Marshall Calvert, M.A., L.M.T., R.Ht., St. Peters, Missouri

In accordance with the latest FTC guidelines, we want to make it perfectly clear that the client testimonials we have received are based on the unique experiences and circumstances of specific individuals. We cannot promise that you will experience similar benefits from using our products or services. The generally expected success of our clients due to our assistance, in regards to any specific disease or situation, has not been scientifically validated and we cannot and will not make any promises in regards to any miracle cures.