Does any of this sound familiar?

You’ve been on the same path for a long time. You’re feeling restless. You’re bored. You’re ready for something new.

But as much as you want to evolve, you’re afraid to lose what you’ve already built. What if you change things and lose all that success?

And, it’s not just that. You’re unclear of what’s next. You don’t know what your Soul is asking of you.

You’re also frustrated that your tools are no longer effective. You’re not tapping into your brilliance like you used to. You know you have more to offer yet are unable to access it.

You’re not sure who to go to for support. You need someone to consult with from a deeper / higher / Soul-inspired place.

I know you’re good at what you do and yet you’re ready for more. The good news is that all of the above are signs you’re at a crossroads. I know how important it is for you to move forward from a guided place. I would be honored to help you tap into your deepest wisdom, your Soul Blueprint, so you can move forward with clarity, accuracy, and confidence.

Imagine receiving the support you desire so that you can honestly say:

You love the new path you’re taking and are excited about your future. Your inner vision is pulling you forward and you feel powerful and graceful, like you’re dancing through the next level of your evolution. You’re inspired to share with others. Life is fun and fulfilling again.

You’re so grateful that you’ve been able to keep building upon what’s already working for you. You now see that this new work is a natural and successful extension of what you were doing before.

You’ve connected with your Soul Blueprint, and you’re clear about where your deep intuition is leading you. Your visioning and manifesting skills are stronger than ever.

You’re delighted that all those tools you’ve collected over the years are working for you in ways you hadn’t even realized were possible and you’re experiencing true mastery.

All of this began to change when you found a true partner in your evolution, someone you could trust to help you tap into your innermost knowing and bring forth the wisdom of your Soul.

I can help you create this new chapter of your life. I’ve helped thousands of people from around the world and would be honored to support you. ~ Jack Stephens

What my clients are saying about me…


Raising My Own Vibration

The most exciting thing happened while working with Jack: I fell in love with me. I now have incredibly insightful and delight-filled conversations with the part of me that is connected to Source. I no longer have to stay stuck in my own muck as Jack taught me how to raise my own vibration so that I can move in a way that is in my best and highest good….and if it is in my best and highest good, it is in the best and highest good of all. I rarely get caught up in other people’s drama, nor my own. On the rare occasions I find myself being pulled down, I catch it quickly and make a different choice. I love Jack’s gentle guidance and uplifting energy. I hope you do too!

Forrest Samnik, LCSW Palm Harbor, Florida

A Consciousness Tool Kit

I felt initially that during our session I would receive clear, cut and dry answers to questions of my life’s direction. What I took away from that meeting, however, was something much more meaningful and transformative: A “consciousness tool kit” that not only would help me with what I am facing currently, but with any situation I may encounter. Within the next few days, I completely let go of worry about decisions I felt I had to make soon, and instead began to focus on being present, recognizing and confronting my ego, and taking full responsibility for my life and relationships. Out of that inner work has come very clear signs and answers…exciting changes that my gut and heart will not allow me to question! Thank you so very much!

Justin Huhn Ojai, California

Clearing self-limiting illusions about myself

I have repeatedly experienced a deeper clarity when looking at self-limiting thoughts and habits when Jack was present to hold an open and clear spacial reference with me. He has an unusual gift of being able to facilitate with ease and gentleness the opening into expanded Self Awareness. It is accomplished in such a subtle way that it seems effortless and yet profoundly revealing. I have treasured my time with Jack, clearing self-limiting illusions about myself.

Chikur Heart Springfield, Oregon

Jack magically unfolds my best

Jack has an innate sense of creative spirit that harnesses the well intent of others, and magically unfolds their best. In a world where many are quick to speak, it is a pleasure to know a genuine, humble soul that listens. He is a top notch professional.

Brian Coia Albuquerue, New Mexico

A Gifted Guide

Jack is a gifted guide who leads with respect and compassion. He is able to balance emotional intensity with a great sense of humor. I have only felt supportive intention from Jack in our work together, and rely on our work together to experience my own highest intentions.

Mike C. Los Angeles, California

Big Changes

Working with Jack is fucking my world up.. in a good way! I'm becoming more and more in tune with my heart, disconnecting from my mind.. Big changes.

Jackson Hardin Los Angeles, California

I invite you to apply for 1:1 coaching if you’re ready to move beyond struggle. By the end of our first conversation you’ll have a better sense for my style and approach, and I will have a clear window into your healing needs.

New Clients – 2 for 1

For new clients, I offer the first two sessions for the price of one (only $250)

In the first 60 minute 1:1 conversation you will:

  • Identify your biggest struggle
  • Gain clarity on what’s at the root of your situation
  • Tap into your true desires to see what’s possible for you beyond the pain
  • Receive an honest assessment of what it will take to close the gap between where you are and where you desire to be
  • Get recommendations for next steps

You’ll also experience compassion and non-judgment. How long has it been since you’ve received undivided attention like this? This kind of connection in and of itself carries with it the potential for healing and transformation (even in just an initial call).

In the second 60 minute 1:1 conversation you will:

  • Reduce your sense of struggle
  • Expand your clarity for forward movement
  • Deepen your inner communication skills
  • Receive an honest assessment of what it will take to build forward momentum
  • Strengthen your ability to remain in balance

You’ll also experience greater trust in your Self and your life path

I would love to help you move beyond struggle to create the healthy, vibrant, and rewarding life you truly desire.

Please complete the application below. If based on your responses I believe I can help you and that we might be a match, I’ll let you know. If I cannot help you, I will do my best to refer you to someone who can. I look forward to connecting with you.