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Stacey Stephens is a Soul Awakener, Healer, Channel for The Ancient Ones, and Author of the Bestselling series “Messages From The Ancient Ones” as well as “Express As YOU: Celebrate Your Uniqueness.” Whether clients seek accurate answers to pressing questions, a Soul Awakening experience, or Channeled Vibrational Healing, they consistently improve their well-being by utilizing Stacey’s proven gifts. Learn more...

Wounded Introverts

Every Soul comes to Earth to share their love, to serve in some capacity. Some serve in the limelight, others serve behind the scenes. Introversion is a very positive trait that is held by many people who enjoy being of service (in differing ways than extroverts). Whether they be monks, healers, spiritual teachers, gurus or [...]

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You Are Divine

How Are You Expressing Your Soul? In my last article I expounded on the idea of God being energy, consciousness, everything. With that concept it is easy to perceive that you too are of God. You are divine. Your Soul essence is made of the invisible spirit of God. Your mind is connected to universal [...]

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Ancient Wisdom – Soul Purpose Teachings

What is God?Our concept of God defines our reality. And, as co-creators of the collective experience, our limited definitions of God are the primary source of conflict in the ego world. Expanding our perception of God allows us to experience life with greater joy, fulfillment and peace. This process is well begun by asking an [...]

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The Ego Game

How to Leave the Ego Game & Reclaim Soul FreedomWhether we are praised, scorned or pitied, the vast majority of us are playing the ego game, and our participation is causing a real dilemma. Our health, wealth and happiness are at stake. Our relationships are challenged. Even the stability of the planet is affected. So [...]

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Energy Flow

Allowing Energy FlowIt is fascinating how energy flows wherever it is permitted. We are vessels for energy to flow within us and through us. It flows unimpeded within our Soul, the spiritual (non-physical) aspect of our Self. However, the physical aspect, our body, becomes constricted at times for numerous reasons. One reason is that we [...]

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Trust in Nature

Coming to Our Senses We are coming back to our natural senses, our natural way of Being. As a people, we are finding that the detour that we have taken from Nature, God’s way, has caused us much harm. I trust in Nature. It is, after all, the way that this Universe and planet Earth [...]

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Everything is Consciousness

It Is All God Consciousness is synonymous with God. What do I mean by this? Everything is consciousness. There is nothing outside of consciousness. Everything is God. There is nothing outside of God. Need I say more? Ok, I will expound. Can you actually describe God or consciousness in enough detail to understand its truth? [...]

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Personal Development – Discernment

Discernment or Judgment There are so many ways to look at life, to live and to be. How can we believe in ALL THAT IS – God, and yet still believe that some things are not God? Here is how I understand it. God is the entirety of everything. There is nothing that is not [...]

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Energy Healing

Energy Healing - Our Consciousness is Growing There are numerous ways to heal ourselves or to assist another in their healing process. Energy healing is becoming very popular again. It was used for centuries until it was banned and labeled as ‘witchery.’ People are waking up to the fact that everything is energy, therefore to [...]

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Psychic Medium

What is a Psychic Medium? Many would say that a psychic medium is a person who speaks with those who have died. Yes, this is true, and yet, this is only one description. A person who channels is also a Psychic who communicates with those who are no longer in body. The deceased have been [...]

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