To create is the purpose of all beings. Each person automatically creates from every thought and feeling that are combined. This is why thinking positive thoughts and feeling positive emotions are necessary for creating positive outcomes. Attention is needed to tend to the proper creations in order to bring forth desirable results. It is also necessary to abandon harmful ways so that there will be no delays or obstructions to ones desires. Consciousness creates through thought and feeling, so it is up to each one to be diligent in themselves to create peace, harmony and love for all of humanity. Click To Tweet

It is the Soul of each individual that is concerned with the well-being of all. An ego-driven world concerns itself with power, prestige and profit. To create a world where all of humanity can share with all of nature in cooperation, harmony and peace, people will need to raise their consciousness to the level of the Soul, where wisdom and unconditional love abide.

Because human beings create all before it appears in materialized form, they should be able to know in advance the makings of their minds. They can use their ability to “see” their future endeavors coming into fruition for everything, including their health, wealth and relationships. One must remove all negative thought patterns by disowning them. Realizing that time is fluid, it will therefore come according to each individual’s conviction. And, it can be sped up with certainty.

~ The Ancient Ones



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This message was channeled by Stacey Stephens, Healing Channel for The Ancient Ones.