We, as a consciously aware group, both in body and non-physical form, communicate at all times with the present level of consciousness in any given moment. Words are a small portion of relating with another, gestures even smaller. Actions may be loud, but energy, or PRESENCE, is an even greater force that is felt by all.

You cannot hide your consciousness behind a mask for very long. Time reveals the accuracy of your state of consciousness. There is no way to convince someone of your intention if your energy does not match your words or actions. Lies can be felt quite easily when you are clear enough within yourself to distinguish between the energies.

We are entering a time when people are becoming more tuned in to themselves through their intuition and inner-feeling guidance system. There will be little room left for the “con”, when society awakens to their innate knowing. It is just a matter of time before the world of humanity, once again, opens its doors to good, old-fashioned common sense and intuition.

Choosing wisely for oneself will again become the natural state of each individual. This will unite all who are honest and inspired to build their future with those of like mind and open heart. Community will prevail once more, and the camaraderie of all will create a unity of peace, trust, acceptance, respect and love.

Soul mates will be drawn to each other without the interference of the misguided ego drama. Families will build their future with dignity based on respect for individuality and full self expression. Spiritual communities will be founded upon diversity and the celebration of life.

Become your true identity, your Soul Self, and join with others to create a world of joyful expression, of laughter and love, of divinity in human form. Click To Tweet

~ The Ancient Ones



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This message was channeled by Stacey Stephens, Healing Channel for The Ancient Ones.