Adapt to Change

Adapt to Change Life on Earth is changing due to the choices people have made that are not within the rhythm of NATURE. Certain technologies and scientific approaches that have been implemented by humans have caused a TEAR in the fabric of reality. The key to living in harmony with all life is BALANCE. Endeavor [...]

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Mother Earth

Mother Earth Our beautiful planet Earth is a GEM of the Universe. We derive everything we need to live from its bountiful resources. Although people have consumed much of its reserves there will always be other forms of fuel to be utilized. When humans learn to regenerate rather than exploit there will be an endless [...]

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Life as Beautiful

Life as Beautiful What do you do to raise your vibration? Do you think of the beauty of Nature? Do you spend time in the majestic outdoors? Do you recall past thrilling excursions in the wild? How about meditation? Do you envision yourself in God’s hands, safe and sound? Can you feel the trust that [...]

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