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World Changes

World Changes

How well are you coping with the new changes taking affect in the world? Do you look for ways in which you can improve life for all? What role do you play in creating a happy life for yourself and others? Do you take into consideration the well-being of everyone?

We live in a world that is always changing. These changes occur with your permission, your involvement, or your allowing. How involved are you in co-creating the world that you live in? Do you make your voice heard?

Keep in mind that there is only love to express or repress. Can you open your heart to express more love? Can you accept your life the way that you have allowed it to develop? Or, do you need to make some changes within and apply them without?

You have more control than you are aware. Make a difference if you feel guided. Help whomever you feel drawn to assist. Everything you do makes a difference for someone. Choose wisely.

~ The Ancient Ones



When you feel good, you are aligning with the truth of your Being. Alignment is easy when you have no preconceived judgments. Holding any judgment will block the natural flow of energy, thereby causing distress and discomfort within your psyche.

You can release your judgments by transforming them into discernment. Discernment is a useful tool to use for oneself. It cannot be used for another. Each person must discern for themselves what is right for them.

Keep your thoughts clear and avoid mucking up the waters of emotion with outdated ideas formed from prior judgments. Endeavor to keep your energy moving without restrictions.