It is a fascinating experience to move from childhood to adulthood. In between the two comes a very awkward stage of development known as adolescence. Within this period of time, a youth has the opportunity to step out on his or her own, to decipher for themselves what they choose to accept in belief or action. Many times this stage brings with it harsh judgments from both adults and fellow peers. How does one stand firm, with resolve, to choose for themselves a way of expression that is right for them, even sometimes against all odds?

How many young adults are truly thinking for themselves? How many people, for that matter, are keeping their own counsel? Do you have the faith and courage to listen within to the directives of your Soul? Can you stand firm in your integrity amidst a myriad of opinions? Do you have the strength and diligence to show others a new way?

We are each endowed with whatever we need to know to make a wise decision. We all have our inner guidance from our Soul to show us our individual path. Everyone is capable of listening within and contemplating their own choices, their own direction. We need only remove the blinders from our eyes; the massive bombardment of society’s regulated codes of conduct that are crippling to one’s true nature.

Each young person is completely able to break free from the constraints of this antiquated way of living, to explore for themselves a higher pathway, a greater expression of life, a more fulfilled way of being. Click To Tweet Choose now to develop your divinely-authored good sense. And, show mankind the way through the current mess of ego domination, into the era of Soul inspired, co-creative participation in human living.

~ The Ancient Ones



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This message was channeled by Stacey Stephens, Healing Channel for The Ancient Ones.