As an individuation of pure spirit, or GOD, you are equipped to create your own life experience from your chosen belief systems, or consciousness. Human beings are designed to operate in physical form with a body that functions without much need for conscious involvement. Each individual is born with a mental/emotional capacity to think and discern what is right for them using their ego-mind personality. And, every incarnation is directed by its own divinity, the real authority of its existence, its Soul. Life force energy, or spirit, then animates each living person according to their level of reception, or consciousness.

There is no limit to spirit. A human being has the ability to open to ever greater levels of consciousness. It is in your hands to decide how much life force energy you wish to experience. With this understanding, are you ready to awaken your consciousness further to receive more life, love, energy?

Many belief systems dictate boundaries and limitations that actually create consequences that appear to prove their false notions as true. Belief is a powerful operating system that can bring ultimate joy, health, wealth and fulfillment or depression, illness, poverty and disappointment.

Wisdom utilizes physical instinct, mental logic, emotional feelings, and spiritual intuition of the Soul before considering which belief systems to choose. Have you examined your core beliefs lately? Are you in total alignment and agreement with them? Or, is there division within your thinking?

Are your beliefs based upon the idea of ONENESS or separation? Interconnected unity or disconnected isolation? Compassion or judgment? Brother/sisterhood or prejudice? Virtue or vice? Altruism or selfish greed? Unconditional love or hatred?

Whatever core beliefs you choose to live by will influence the quality of your life experience. Remember, every belief is a choice. Reality is GOD, ALL THAT IS, energy, love, consciousness. Use wisdom to discern for yourself which thoughts are worth cultivating.

~ The Ancient Ones



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This message was channeled by Stacey Stephens, Healing Channel for The Ancient Ones.