How involved are you in the development of the human world? Are you playing the full game? Or, are you living by default, under the creation of others? Do you hold yourself accountable for the life that you are co-creating with others, and for yourself? Do you expect your life experience to change for the better without your involvement? If so, why, and, for that matter, how?

Change happens when we choose differently. Our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions create our experience. Where are you creating from? Is the power of your Soul involved? Utilize this immense, powerful, spiritual aspect of yourself to open the doors of highest good for all, synchronicity, and positive outcome. You will be amazed at just how simple it is to design life from this space of divinity.

Awaken your true Self, and become a total participant in the evolution of mankind. Make a difference with your attentiveness and leadership. Design within your mind a better world for all to thrive, and then be the first one to live that way. Click To Tweet Others will eventually follow, sooner if real passion is expressed.

We are responsible for our future, and the continuation of our species. Let each of us be accountable, act with wisdom, and co-create a prosperous future for all, with excitement and enthusiasm. Ignite your passion!

~ The Ancient Ones



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This message was channeled by Stacey Stephens, Healing Channel for The Ancient Ones.