Earth Ecology

Earth Ecology

As more people awaken to their inner knowing, they will once again remember their connection to all of life that coexists on Earth. Nature accepts everything as is and adapts to change. Some man-made ideas have caused our mother Earth to readjust herself in order to bring back a state of balance. Other issues have shown themselves to be quite destructive to our biosphere, and the reorganization necessary to regain equilibrium may take many years.

With the awakening of our innate nature, we will bring about less destruction, and repair the damage through cooperation with Earth’s ecological needs. Although time repairs many damages, certain resources and species may vanish forever. Yet, there is always another way to continue life’s process.

Prevention and preservation are key elements to the continuation of natural resources. The animal kingdom and plant world will prosper with our focused attention. It is time to take into consideration ALL life forms, diminishing none. Click To Tweet

People really do care about promoting well-being for all of Earth’s inhabitants. Inviting each person to play a role in Earth’s sustainability is the goal of many environmental groups. Let us join with them in their endeavor to assist every human being to take up an active role in supporting life on this beautiful, abundant globe.

Search your heart to find your true desire to belong to this amazing, life-sustaining planet. See yourself as a fellow being among your many, and diverse, brothers and sisters. Humanity is in charge of maintaining and furthering Earth’s evolution towards a united global family.

~ The Ancient Ones



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This message was channeled by Stacey Stephens, Healing Channel for The Ancient Ones.