The Senses

The Senses

Do you appreciate the deliciousness of your senses? It is God’s greatest gift to Earth. How well do you savor the intoxicating fragrance of a flower? Do their enriching colors enliven a felt sense of beauty? What about the flavor of a scrumptious peach or a juicy ripe blackberry? Does the melodic sound of birds chirping awaken your delight in nature? And, have you ever felt high from touching the exquisitely soft texture of a baby rabbit’s fur?

These bountiful blessings of sensual pleasure are available to everyone for their enjoyment. Life can become an enchanted adventure when pleasure of the senses is freely experienced. Such wholesome amusement breathes life into our body temples.

Human beings share this ability to revel in nature’s majesty. Invite your brothers and sisters to partake in the sensual pleasures that are designed specifically for them. Together, overcome any false notion that to feel good is wrong. How could that be true?

Awaken your inner knowing of the rightfulness of experiencing and expressing joy. Click To Tweet Become intimate with nature and all that she offers. Receive fully without restriction. Become an advocate for God’s riches. Encourage others to relish in this planet’s plentiful gifts. Show the way to real satisfaction and fulfillment. Life is abundantly gratifying.

How well do you reflect Earth’s glory with your honored reception?

~ The Ancient Ones



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This message was channeled by Stacey Stephens, Healing Channel for The Ancient Ones.