Express As YOU: Celebrate Your Uniqueness

From the Preface by Author Stacey Stephens:

This book is a very personal one, in that I wrote it for myself, for my own evolutionary process. It is quite dense, which is why it is not very long, because this is how the Teacher in me teaches myself. I could unpack each paragraph to fill numerous pages, making it a larger book, but I do not wish to think for you. Rather, I desire for you to think for yourself; to learn to rely on your Soul to work with your psyche to unfold from within it what is right for you at the time. This way the book can be reread, each time gaining new insights from within; similar to the way some Master Teachers teach in parables or poems.

Although this book only has twelve pages, it is filled with positive thoughts and energy on how to believe and trust in being the person who you truly are. If you have any negative thoughts about the current state of humanity and the world, then this little gem helps to put another perspective on life that is really uplifting. If you want to learn to be unique rather than a copy of someone else, then this is a good place to begin…

Angela James, Author of The Golden Moonbeam

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Express As YOU