We have found that agreements are REALLY important to us. Both keeping them, and changing them.

Recently, we added a new book to our list of favorites and recommendations, Mastery of Self by Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr. In it, Ruiz writes about how we become “domesticated humans.” All of us grew up in a sea of conscious and unconscious agreements. From the religious and political views of our childhood homes, to the schools we attended, the communities we were part of, and social organizations we belonged to… we make a LOT of agreements in a lifetime.

Sometimes agreements get so old they become invisible to us until we notice ourselves acting out of habit rather than conviction. Changing them is a deeply personal process.

Honest Assessment

We’ve both left the religions of our earlier lives. Jack changed his political affiliation in his 20’s. Stacey left a successful career with a nutritional supplement company in her 30’s when they changed the formulas to become more profitable but included ingredients most people found harmful to their bodies. None of these decisions were easy to make. Yet, they required us to take a clear and honest look at what we really desired in our lives.

Signs to Revisit Your Agreements

We have found that when an old agreement is affecting us, we can feel it. Different agreements bring up different feelings. You can feel frustrated by a lack of progress when you’re trying to honor an old agreement that limits your ability to move into a new opportunity. You can feel resistant about leavi