We have found, both in examining our own lives and in assisting many people over the years, that there is a strong correlation between how we treat ourselves and others and our deeply held beliefs about God.

Since she was a young child, Stacey has experienced God as love. And, people often tell me that they experience her as love. (I certainly do!)

I was raised to believe in a punishing God, whom I feared. I was taught to treat others with kindness and care, or else I would be judged, condemned, and punished.

Ironic, right?

It’s hard to truly love from the motivation of fear.

In my late teens, when I left the organized religion of my childhood and explored other faiths and philosophies, I was attracted to versions of God that were more loving and kind. After a few years, I consciously thought very differently than before.

It appeared that I had made the switch from fear to love.

However, the subconscious beliefs were still there. I consistently sabotaged my happiness. I still felt shame when I was less than “perfect”, secretly wished others harm when they hurt me, and felt unworthy of a good life. Not fun.

When I met Stacey, she worked with me to bring my thinking into alignment with her experience of God. She helped me shift my thinking very deeply, all the way to the level of the subconscious. Once I went deep enough, I could see the truth for myself…

God is Love.

This opened up an even more profound event of experiencing myself as love.

Take it from me, once you experience this truth, you will be set free from any restrictions on love.

Let us know if you’d like support with this. We’re here to help.

Rich Blessings, Jack (and Stacey)