What would your life be like if each of your relationships was rooted in true connection? How would your family function? Your work? How engaged would you be in your community? Can you imagine?

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True connection, Soul to Soul, has a pure intention. There is no hidden agenda to take from another, or to give in order to get. It’s about sharing.

Think deeply about this for a moment: When you communicate with your spouse, a family member, friend, or colleague, is there a motive behind it to serve yourself? Are you trying to take what you need from them? Are you giving them only enough to get what you want in return? If there was nothing in it for you, would you take the time or make the effort?

True Connection Practice

During my morning meditation, I ask within, “Who needs my assistance today?” and, “Who would be good to connect with today (for collaboration, cooperation, shared experience)?” Then, when I get a clear, intuitive answer, I’ll send an email or message and invite the person to have a conversation.

When we first connect, voice to voice or face to face, I’ll usually explain how I was Soul-guided to reach out to them. This is a really fun way to start a conversation, and soon we are both eagerly engaging with each other, unguarded, listening carefully, curious about what Spirit has in store for us, open to what this true connection will bring. When the insights come, the laughter is shared, and the ah-ha moments emerge, we celebrate! So much joy has been created from these connections!

Sharing is Fulfilling

To connect with another person with the intention of sharing love, life and friendship means that a true exchange is happening. Both of us are honored, valued, and enriched by what is shared. There’s no agenda, and often, when the connection is complete, nothing is expected from the other in the future. The sharing itself, Soul to Soul, is fulfilling, nourishing and enlivening. And yet, because the Soul will desire to collaborate, connect and create, we look for more ways to share.

I have found that while rich friendships are inevitably formed, business deals, new clients, and referrals have also come through these Soul-inspired conversations. These outcomes are always appreciated for what they are – beautiful byproducts of a deep connection, the answer to a prayer, the sharing of gifts.

This is an inherent paradox in true connection: when we truly share with another, more is exchanged than in the old models of giving to get. If you are looking for a way to shift out of scarcity consciousness and into abundance, this is a very reliable practice.

Next Steps

How often do you create true connection? It is easy to shift your focus from getting to sharing. Try it this week and experience the joy and fulfillment that it brings to you and those you connect with. Feel the satisfaction of authentically sharing yourself with another, and noticing the trust emerge between you. See for yourself how meaningful relationships are developed over time, in integrity and joy, Soul to Soul. This is true connection. And, it’s real love.

How has true connection enriched your life?

Rich Blessings, Jack (and Stacey)

One More Thing…

If you’d like to be supported in learning and practicing true connection, start with a spiritual coaching session. I’d be honored to help you.