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How should I respond to a former colleague who is now reaching out to me months after ignoring my request to meet?

Original question: “What does this mean in the universe or how should I respond in this situation... I reach out to a professional work colleague through social media to connect/meet for coffee or lunch, and they do not respond. Soon thereafter, an event occurred where we no longer work together anymore. I eventually withdraw my [...]

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How can we improve this world?

When people gather together in like-mindedness, there is a camaraderie that naturally develops amongst one another. Sharing in similar ideas creates bonds of trust. Action is easier to take when unity is strong. All alliances are made through the process of agreements. Choose wisely what you yourself agree to and be sure to include the [...]

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Can a person manifest anything they wish?

LOVE is the word that describes how the Universe works. Yet, even the best of us cannot always live in and as pure LOVE. We may spend some precious moments there in each of our incarnations, but most people do not know the degree to which LOVE actually is. God is LOVE. Humans are made [...]

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