How to Leave the Ego Game & Reclaim Soul Freedom

Whether we are praised, scorned or pitied, the vast majority of us are playing the ego game, and our participation is causing a real dilemma. Our health, wealth and happiness are at stake. Our relationships are challenged. Even the stability of the planet is affected. So how do we succeed?

Recognize the Pattern

Have you discovered the underlying pattern of the game? It is quite simple when you take a step back from it and observe the three main character roles that make it up. Look closely and you will discover the ‘victim’, the ‘villain’ and the ‘savior.’ Every victim must have a villain in their life. Every villain needs a victim. The savior fights the villain to save the victim. Recognize the pattern? Let’s look at these roles in a few instances. Take the plot of the popular phrase, “Wait till your father gets home.” It has the child as the victim, father as the villain and mother as the savior. Just about every TV show and movie has this type of plot running. Have you noticed this? For example, in the movie, “Sybil”, the child is the victim, the mother is the villain and the therapist is savior? In the fable, Little Red Riding Hood plays the victim, the wolf is the villain and the huntsman is the savior. In the comic “Batman”, Bruce Wayne is the child victim and there are numerous villains, beginning with Joe Chill, who killed his parents. Later, the adult Mr. Wayne becomes Batman, the savior or hero.  And yet, to some, Batman is also perceived as a villain. Interesting, huh?

The Pattern Persists in Our Collective Stories Because it is the Pattern of the Ego World

Let’s bring this closer to home with the example of Hitler. In the 1930’s and 40’s he played the role of villain, and the Jews, Homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and many other groups were the victims. Those who put an end to the Holocaust were the saviors. Today, we have big corporations such as Monsanto playing villain by poisoning people who are their victims, and courageous activists coming to the rescue. Take the teenager who cries victim at the hands of his parents with whom he has labeled ‘villainous’ because of a personal disagreement. He may plead with his teachers at school to come to his rescue. If there is no real danger to the student, then this teen has become the villain to his parents by turning people against them unjustly. Interesting, isn’t it? What about you personally? When have you been the victim? When have you played the villain, even if only in someone else’s opinion? And, when did you come to the aide of another as savior? Can you see that if you are in the ego game, you are playing one, two, and most likely, all three roles, sometimes even simultaneously?

Leaving the Unwinnable Game

There comes a time when a person says, “enough!” to playing this game. This is when real ‘enlightenment’ can occur. This is when the aspirant reaches higher within their consciousness to perceive the game for what it is, and chooses to walk away from it. Have you come to this place within yourself? Have you awakened your higher purpose, or Soul blueprint? Do you commune with your Soul daily? Have you discovered your greatest teacher and friend within, your Soul? The congruent relationship between your ego-mind, body, and your Soul is what I like to call the Soul Self. The ego-mind can be labeled the conscious self. The body or subconscious mind unconsciously plays out the programs that it has been taught. The conscious mind is capable of making a decision whether or not to play out the program. When you bring all of you into congruency to work as a unified whole, then you can observe the programs that get triggered subconsciously, while at the same time consciously remaining in command of your choices of how you will act or behave. When you elevate your vibration to match your Soul’s wisdom, you will naturally make wiser choices. The Soul knows that it is connected to Source, which is EVERYTHING, for God is ALL THAT IS. Coming from this higher perspective, a person can actually see the makings of their own consciousness. What are you designing for yourself? Where are you coming from: your body’s subconscious reactive programs, your conscious decision making ego-mind, or your Soul’s wisdom?

Consciousness in Action

Make an effort to raise your awareness to understand your Soul’s purpose. Allow yourself to learn more from your Soul by meditating and communing with your higher essence. Become a unified being, and thereby, your Soul Self. Then, you can elevate your consciousness to the point that you stop playing the ego game. You will create from the place of true empowerment, which is your Soul’s strength. This is reclaiming Soul freedom!

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