Coming to Our Senses

We are coming back to our natural senses, our natural way of Being. As a people, we are finding that the detour that we have taken from Nature, God’s way, has caused us much harm. I trust in Nature. It is, after all, the way that this Universe and planet Earth operate. Who are we to think that we are wiser than Nature itself? I think we have proven otherwise. It’s now time to come back to our senses and regain our balance.

This is actually easier than one may think. For eons of time Nature has been in charge and doing very well. It has only been the last few centuries that man’s scientific way has wreaked havoc with God’s creation. We need only STOP continuing in our folly. Then, it would be just a matter of time for balance to return naturally.

Regaining Our Trust in Nature

We can utilize our technological advancements for the clean-up of our ignorant mess. Why not use our knowledge to promote Nature’s organic way? Why not assist Nature back into well-being? I have decided to do my part. I am bringing myself back into the natural flow of the Universe. I am opening to my natural flow as a human being. I will no longer prevent life-force energy from naturally flowing through my body, mind or emotions.

I have found that as I Awaken further into my core, my Soul, I am able to feel what is for my well-being. I am able to know what is right for me for my highest good, and I am getting better at sensing what is positive and uplifting for my fellow brothers and sisters and all inhabitants of Earth. We all need basically the same things: clean air, living water, nutrient rich soil, organic food, loving companionship, cooperative community and trust in Nature – which is God’s way for the well-being of all living creatures. It is very simple when you think about it.