In our years as spiritual seekers and teachers we have come to know through and through that God is LOVE.

We love feeling close to God, and we’ve figured out that to be close to God is to BE LOVE.

We are all born from Source, we are all children of God. Each of us is a human with a Soul. In the drama and tumult of the ego-world we sometimes forget this truth. Yet, the truth of our Divine origin remains. Click To Tweet

It is Up to Each One of Us to Bring Forth Our Divinity

How can we do this? Non-judgment is a good place to start.

Non-judgment is essential because it dissolves the illusion of superiority. We have found that judgment can be obvious and subtle, conscious and unconscious.

It helps to examine where you’re coming from. Are you caring? Are you kind? Are you helping to bring people together in love? Or, are you perpetuating “us vs. them”, even arguing with your friends?

Are you acting against what you don’t want, or promoting what you do want? One is rooted in fear, the other in love.

Mother Teresa, illustrated this well when she said, “I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.

When you join with others in support of a cause, are you following your Soul’s guidance or being driven by a (conscious or unconscious) ego belief? Be careful about joining into mob mentality and getting caught up in the ego game.

When people are fighting over concepts, they’ve made the idea more important than the person. This is a strong indication that they likely have judgments to dissolve.

Remember Love

Most of us at one time or another have been caught up in a storm of politics, religion, or popular opinion. If you are feeling caught up in the storm, raise your vibration. Remember that love is the answer.

Focus on the good in people. Find the deeper beauty around you. Lift your spirits so that you can lift the spirits of others. Bring your attention back to your Soul.

Our Souls always remain in the eye of the storm where love resides. To get there, be still. Open your heart and listen carefully. You’ll know it when you’ve made it back to your center when you feel crystal clear and at peace. Then, you can wisely respond with what is needed in the moment from the conviction of your Soul’s knowing.

Learn from the Good Examples of Others

Some ask, “What would Jesus do?” Jesus had a great mission. He taught and awakened Souls, chose to BE LOVE and, eventually, to surrender his life. He understood what was his to do, and he did it.

You can see how other leaders, even in modern times, remained in the eye of the storm to fulfill their role. Leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the 14th Dalai Lama each helped to raise the consciousness of millions of people through variations of non-violent, loving, persistent action for highest good.

Each of these leaders were and are different from each other, with different cultures and causes. What makes them similar is their dedication to their unique role in the unfoldment of highest good.

Most of us do not have a role that requires the kind of prominent leadership of these people. Yet, we all are here to contribute to the best of our ability. Every one of us is needed.

What is Yours to Do?

Each of us has a Divine part to play, a Divine contribution to the unfoldment of life’s beauty. It is up to you to find and fulfill your role.

What is your Divine guidance from your Soul? We encourage you to find out what it is and do that!

You can find great peace in knowing that when you act on your Divine guidance you naturally contribute to highest good. This means everyone “wins” because highest good is always of benefit to all, including you and those who love you, as well as those who have left love and are acting from fear. This is one way to “bless those who curse you.”

Become clear about what is yours to do. When you do, you will be pulled by a vision that is aligned in love and find the courage to do what is needed.

May you find the clarity you need to remain in love. May that love pull you forward into your unique, Divine role. May you know your part.

Next Steps

My wife Stacey and I are clear on our part. We are here to assist others, to awaken Souls, so that they will know what is theirs to do.

If you want support in finding or confirming your Divine guidance, please let us know. We are here to help.