Don't Give Up
This post is for those of you who are going through difficult times. It’s for those of you who are struggling with injustice and hardship and seeking a way to remain in love and in the flow of your Soul’s wisdom.

We’ve been there and we made it through.

You can too.

There is great peace at the center of your being. There is a source of love and beauty, grace and wisdom, intelligence and determination that is inherent to you. This is your Soul. You can rely upon it above all else.

Don’t Give Up

We understand the challenge of finding and maintaining your center in the midst of hardship.

Years ago, when we were going through a very tough time, it was hard not to be angry with God and the world.

Yet, we understood that the only way to make it through with our hearts intact was to keep them open.

We had done our best in the situation, done what we felt what was highest good, and still we suffered at the hands of others. It was hard not to blame them.

It was hard not to be disappointed in humanity when we sought help and were turned away again and again.

Focus on Beauty

To keep our spirits up we kept our eyes on beauty. The loveliness of a park by the river. The friendliness of a stranger. The laughte