Don't Give Up
This post is for those of you who are going through difficult times. It’s for those of you who are struggling with injustice and hardship and seeking a way to remain in love and in the flow of your Soul’s wisdom.

We’ve been there and we made it through.

You can too.

There is great peace at the center of your being. There is a source of love and beauty, grace and wisdom, intelligence and determination that is inherent to you. This is your Soul. You can rely upon it above all else.

Don’t Give Up

We understand the challenge of finding and maintaining your center in the midst of hardship.

Years ago, when we were going through a very tough time, it was hard not to be angry with God and the world.

Yet, we understood that the only way to make it through with our hearts intact was to keep them open.

We had done our best in the situation, done what we felt what was highest good, and still we suffered at the hands of others. It was hard not to blame them.

It was hard not to be disappointed in humanity when we sought help and were turned away again and again.

Focus on Beauty

To keep our spirits up we kept our eyes on beauty. The loveliness of a park by the river. The friendliness of a stranger. The laughter of children.

Yes, we were gravely disappointed in those who did not help, especially those who had offered and then disappeared when we needed them most.

We kept reminding ourselves of the goodness of life, and when a door shut, to keep seeking an open one.

The smallest assistance became large to us; a small loan, a shared meal, a safe place to sleep, a shower, a toilet. The gratitude we felt for those small acts of generosity that made such a big difference to us still resonate in our hearts today.

We bumped into many invisible boundaries through this journey. People showed us what they were willing to do before it became too uncomfortable for them. Some became irritated, mean, and then embarrassed by their unkindness.

We discovered the strength of our character as well as our weaknesses. We used the experience to strengthen ourselves.

We held strong to the knowing that it is the ego that harms another, either by cowardice or aggression.

Keep Your Soul In Charge

Soul’s love. So, we kept our Soul in charge. We treasured the examples of those who had made it through injustice and hardship with their hearts open. We remembered the stories of Job, Jesus, Gandhi, Dr. King and the civil rights movement, and Mandela. We reminded each other that if they could love in the face of hatred, so could we. It was not easy but we did it.

We saw firsthand how the hatred of those that cursed us made their energy ugly, mean, and angry. We realized that to feel hatred towards them would only harm us. Then, what good could we do?

We knew the truth and the truth set us free from all hatred.

We experienced the dark night of the Soul when we felt all hope was gone. We thought we just might perish. We held strong. We kept our integrity.

We decided that we would rather die with open hearts full of love for life, for God, and for others rather than shut down and act against love’s interest; to turn dark and abrasive in order to survive.

We are grateful that we made it through and are still alive!

We had to suffer for a time until the positivity of our consciousness was enough to get us over the hump of the hardship. We suffered for two long years before we experienced relief and overcame the injustice and pain. But our hearts did not give out.

We have never found any reason, no matter how dire our situation, to curse another, life, or God. We took full responsibility for the lessons that we needed to go through. They were OUR lessons to learn.

We grew wiser and stronger. We kept going.

Keep working and praying

A lot of people do not know about the hardship we’ve gone through because we don’t advertise the pain. We don’t like to dwell on and publicly spread the negativity.

Stacey kept channeling messages from The Ancient Ones including one called “Hands of God” that reminded us that we human beings are the hands of God helping each other in the physical.

We continued to help others to the best of our ability. We cared for children, cleaned houses, provided spiritual support, brought neighbors together in a common cause, and continued to stand up for justice so others in the future wouldn’t be harmed as we had been.

We published two books during this time. The sales didn’t provide us much money but we didn’t stop working.

And, we never stopped praying. We learned to stand strong in the vision of our future well-being and relied on the inner guidance that helped us navigate our way through.

Understanding Brings Compassion

We sought to understand why people are the way they are, why they do what they do. We found that understanding strengthens compassion.

Today, we have deep compassion for those who are struggling and suffering. In seeing the effect of injustice on all sides of conflict we also strengthened our compassion for those caught up in the bitterness of hatred and cowardice.

We have experienced how life loses its sweetness in the ego’s struggle for dominance and survival.

We have experienced the struggle to keep the sweetness of the Soul flowing through us when our minds and bodies want relief from the pain.

Our prayer is that we each remember the strength of our Soul, the love that is our very essence. Click To Tweet

Our prayer is that we each discover the strength in love.

Remain in the Eye of the Storm

The responsibility for keeping our hearts open is ours, each one of us. It’s up to us to enter the eye of the storm where God resides.

The fury may rage around you. While it can touch you and even harm you, it cannot kill the love inside you if you protect your heart and remain in love. This most essential job is yours and yours alone.

Let the blame game stop with you. Stop blaming yourself and others and focus on what is yours to do. Keep your attention on your attitude in the present moment and your vision moving forward. Look to what is needed now and what is needed next. Listen within for your Soul’s guidance then follow it.

People will fail you. They will disappoint you. Don’t get stuck with blaming them. Move on.

Some people will surprise you with their kindness and generosity. Be grateful. Reciprocate and pay it forward.

Keep Your Heart Open

Press on. You’ll make it through this.

You can do it! Don’t give up.

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